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  1. Another thing that helps me is that I try to think of the things I make him and his meals as "exposures" whether he eats the food or not. He's currently in a phase where he is less than enthused about most of the veggies I give him, and usually doesn't eat them if they aren't peas, olives, or sweet potatoes. But I still continue to put whatever other veggies I have made on his place and in his lunch. Even if he doesn't touch it, I think of it like, it's still teaching him that this food is a food we eat in our family, whether he chooses to eat it or not. I make an effort to never make a bi
  2. The great thing about them being so young is that if you stick with this way of eating they will adapt and not remember any other way if eating. All toddlers are prone to some degree of pickiness, but parents who feed their children exclusively junk and processed snacks STILL have issues with getting their toddler to eat, so I think if you can get them used to it, you will be doing yourself and them a big favor. Also remember that young kids don't have our food baggage. My husband and I like to watch this series about native Alaskans and I was struck my one scene where the little