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  1. One of the things I like to do to keep from getting bored with produce is get the occasional Misfit Market Box. It's one of those subscription services that sends you organic produce that would otherwise be discarded due to size, minor blemishes, or surplus at a discount. It would defeat the purpose of the box to waste food that's in it, so I end up having to find creative ways to use produce I either wouldn't normally select or even things I don't care for too much (soups/stews are really good for items that are a little more damaged, starting to turn, or ones I just don't like and need to hi
  2. Now if only we can get them to swap out the oil for the barbacoa. That's my favorite!
  3. The bulk bins at Whole Foods may have juice-sweetened cranberries.
  4. Another idea may be to come up with a compliant "muffin" recipe (one that uses all compliant ingredients). If you have young children in daycare, send a container with 1-2 muffins for each child to be stored in the FREEZER at their daycare. They can be pulled out and thawed at room temperature or in the microwave as an alternative snack if there's a class Birthday party. Sure, a paleo banana muffin isn't quite the same as a chocolate cupcake with neon blue frosting, but perhaps the idea that Sammy has a special treat for the party will make things a little easier. With some kids, gradual ch
  5. I know some people are more flexible with certain rules when it comes to toddlers and children. For example, while banana egg "pancakes" are not allowed on Whole30, they may make some for their young children; the focus is more on ingredients and less on the psychological effect of the foods. This may even translate into making a few Paleo banana muffins to be kept in the freezer at your child's daycare so he has a snack available if another child brings in cupcakes for a Birthday party. (This is something that parents of children with allergies will do: have a "safe" snack available for class
  6. They also have one that has yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots. That one looks really good.