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  1. bodlon

    Oops- Communion. Bread not wafer.

    I'm not Christian -- I practice ADF-style Druidry -- but my faith tradition tends to share a drink of wine, mead, or cider at religious ceremonies. My workaround was to bring my own meal (with enough to share), and to sub in a drink if we were using one as a group that I couldn't do. For me, that was a little bit of organic apple cider. Not W30 perfect, but given that I had about as much as one might use to sweeten a serving of sauce, I was okay with that. We also had a visitor who struggles with celiac, and we worked hard to accommodate her by offering safe food/drink, and making an effort to prevent cross-contamination. How often do you take Communion in your tradition? Do you think your officiant would be okay with subbing out something non-grain (e.g. cauliflower cracker) for the duration?
  2. bodlon

    W30 and "morbid obesity"

    I'm overweight (started W30 around 275 lbs and not great body comp.) and definitely have some bingeing issues, hunger and satiety signal problems, etc. Today is Day 29 of my (slightly imperfect) first W30. So far, here are the ways I've been working with it: - Trusting the template. I am not going to starve on a palm of protein, an avocado, and a heap of veg 3x a day. I'm really, really not. - Fat is my friend. My meat can have fat on and in it. My coconut milk should not be "lite." I do not fear guacamole. - Hydrating. I really am less hungry at weird times if I hydrate properly. - Starchy, dense vegetables. Sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, etc. are yummy and filling, and are important to have alongside the leafy green ones because they've got lots of nutrients and take the body time and effort to digest. - Mini Meals. If I really, really am hungry, and it doesn't go away, I'll make a mini meal according to the template. My execution hasn't been perfect. Solstice was on-plan but off template at dinner (holiday feasting!), and I had a week where my hunger signals were a mess, and one night I was like, "Argh, my body just wants me to eat a bunch of walnuts!" and...well, yeah. That actually helped. But, you know, I'm also pushing 34, have been eating badly most of my life, and came into the W30 after a month of working 75 hour weeks and subsisting on McChickens. I'll be finishing this W30 with better habits and an expanded palate, more food skills, and more experience with my hunger/satiety signals in a way that I never did with a points or calorie system. And honestly, letting go of the calorie/points mentality and looking at things like portion and what I'm consuming has helped me a lot.
  3. My understanding is you don't get charged, but you might benefit from checking in with the site to be sure. Are you choosing these foods intentionally, forgetting they're not on-plan, or are you finding out after the fact?
  4. With nuts, I always bring the portion I intend to eat with my meal. I don't measure per se, but I'll put them in a little cup, or mix them into my food, or whatever. That way, I don't have the temptation of "oh, just a couple more" out of the bag.
  5. bodlon

    Is it expensive to eat the Paleo way?

    I'm on a budget as well -- recovering from a few years of financial awfulness -- so I'm right there with you! Initially I was also worried about the expense, but over the last few weeks have discovered that I'm actually spending less on food overall now that I've dropped the heavily processed stuff and am focusing mainly on produce and meat. Several really solid staples -- sweet potatoes, for example -- tend to be fairly inexpensive. Avocadoes are usually about $1 each around here. Plus, I can make four meals worth of chicken stew in a slow cooker with $3 in fryer thigh/legs, a can of tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, and whatever veg I have handy. I probably wouldn't quite be able to do what I'm doing on SNAP, but I might be able to come very close.
  6. bodlon

    Curious - How much time between meals?

    Weekdays I usually eat around 6-7 AM, lunch around noon, dinner around 6 PM. Some nights, dinner gets bumped as late as 8 PM, though this is pretty rare. Weekend breakfasts usually happen an hour or two later than weekday ones, which sometimes means I'm not really interested in lunch until 1 or so. I haven't been snacking on my W30, though I do occasionally have some hot tea in the mornings if I'm feeling empty/peckish, or herbal tea in the evenings. Prior to W30 I was definitely a snacker, and that's going to be an interesting habit to confront post-W30. I just like flavors and textures and stuff, and so I'm finding ways to get other sensory inputs instead of grabbing a handful of whatever's in reach.
  7. bodlon

    eating in the real world

    This makes me think of some friends I've got who went GF a couple of years ago, but during a cross-country move ordered a pizza because they were flat-out exhausted and had limited options. They felt noticably physically uncomfortable for a couple of days after. Digestive ick, body aches, etc. I'm not sure it matters why they didn't feel well -- neither has a clinical diagnosis of gluten issues -- but the way they felt after reinforced for them how much better they feel when they eat GF. Yeah, sometimes they do pick up and eat a thing that isn't GF, but there's usually an extenuating circumstance (limited other options, special occasion, etc.) that's worth the price of admission. It's your choice to eat what you're going to eat. Special occasions seem to be an acceptable reason in this community for off-roading, but within the boundaries of safety. If you think there's an allergen involved, antihistamines can help take the edge off, but be careful with this. Some allergies can intensify/change unpredictably. I'd also suggest extra good hydration, and eating clean at other meals to try and mitigate the effect.
  8. bodlon

    DECEMBER WHOLE31 - please help me stay on track.

    I'm likewise doing a December Whole30 (in a house with four other people who are decidedly not), so I'm game to be supportive.
  9. So I have, over the past couple of days, read this entire thread. I think I may be sold on the idea of making my own booch. Rather than re-hash the basics, I've got some questions for folks who are already brewing their own: What do you wish you'd known going into the process of making your own booch? Did you ever make a mistake that created a speedbump in your progress, and if so, how would you suggest a novice avoid it? What one thing do you think a booch novice should try? I'll probably be looking at vessels and starting a SCOBY this weekend. Whee!
  10. bodlon

    Any other December Whole30ers out there?

    Day 12 here! I don't have a lot of the same food hangups folks have -- I don't celebrate Christmas, so I don't have a lot of food traditions this time of year -- but there's a lot going on around me, including with roommates and members of my family who do celebrate, and the things I do celebrate (Saturnalia, the Solstice, NYE) are spaces in which I'll potentially have to abstain from a few things. Being in a house where other people are making sugar cookies, for instance? Adventure.
  11. bodlon

    I find it hard to eat that much protein

    Yow. Yeah, that's significantly more expensive. I did the math, and I buy at about a quarter of that.
  12. bodlon

    I find it hard to eat that much protein

    Not sure what prices are like in Germany, but sweet potatoes and both winter and summer squash tend to be fairly inexpensive vegetable options that I'm finding really useful as someone on a limited budget.
  13. bodlon

    I find it hard to eat that much protein

    I know someone who struggles with early sateity. Do you just feel "full" before you're done eating, or is the protein just really unappetizing? Maybe a blend of protiens per meal (e.g. a couple of shrimp and a piece of chicken) could make things more palatable?
  14. bodlon

    Eggless recipes for canned salmon?

    Okay, that eggless mayo looks awesome! I'd actually gone digging and found a couple of interesting ones that use cashews, but this one looks quicker, easier, and kind of awesome. Plus, I haven't had an excuse to make date paste yet -- still shy about the Sugar Dragon -- so this could be my opportunity!
  15. bodlon

    Eggless recipes for canned salmon?

    Thanks for the suggestions! One thing, though: mayo = oil + eggs. Eggs = off my menu. So, uh, yeah.