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  1. I'm in Cronulla, I'm pretty sure the local health food store sells kombucha (not sure about plain/raw variety) but the main issue was I wouldn't have been home in time before closing to get some. Not to worry though I ended up with a weird ACV/White vinegar/Starter tea mix and after 5 days of brewing I have a definite white layer formed over the top of the liquid and no obvious signs of colored mold which I presume is a good sign that my brew is going to plan! I've never tasted kombucha before so taste wise I won't have anything to compare it to but if it comes out anything like a bubbl
  2. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately bottled Kombucha will be a little hard for me to track down here in Sydney before the weekend. I could get to the supermarket and get distilled white vinegar if that's any better than ACV. So am I correct in presuming that you don't think I've got enough acid in the mix?
  3. Hi Guys, I just started my first ever Kombucha brew this morning. I am a little concerned about the whole starter tea situation though so would like some advice. I purchased my SCOBY off ebay which came with in a small amount (probably 100ml or less) of starter tea. Not being the most patient person I wanted to start big with my gallon sized glass container. I boiled a gallon of water, added 1 cup of white sugar and 8 black tea bags and let it sit overnight. This morning I transferred it into my glass container added the scoby and starter tea. Now I knew this wasn't enough st