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  1. Missmary, thanks for this post - I watch sugars & didn't know if cutting back on the sugar from the recipe my friend passed to me (along with her gift scoby) would mess with the "science" of it. YAY, thanks for paving the kombucha path!
  2. RE: SUGAR IN KOMUBCHA Sharing info for those who are interested - as a Type 1 diabetic, I have the advantage of being my own experiment on exactly how much and how quickly foods raise blood sugar... (that means my body doesn't produce insulin, I have to put all of it in externally, so I am a 30+ year living glycemic index - I eat/drink - I test my blood sugar a bit later - I know exactly what that food/drink did to my glucose level). I have made 4 batches of kombucha. I don't bother fizzing; flavors are great, I buy them in GT, but I also like it "straight" and it's easier that wa