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  1. We can learn to moderate ourselves with foods and portions.  I don't suffer with  food sensitivities so a small portion of a wide variety of foods doesn't mess with my  overall health and well being.  I've been maintaining an 80 lb weight loss since 2016.   

    When your W30 is over, give yourself permission to create your own positive food management plan that you can live with for the rest of your life.  There's really no such thing as the Finish Line when it comes to your quality of health.  Finding long term stability with your relationship with food is where the rubber meets the road.

    I no longer start over and over again. No more rebound weight gain with friends.  I threw all of that dieting dogma out the window.  I keep looking forward waaay into the future.   Life is too short to keep looking back over your shoulder or to start the new day with yesterday's broken pieces.

  2. Throw it in the trash.


    "When she first started making kombucha, someone told her that they were good for septic systems so she was flushing her old mushrooms down the toilet.

    A couple years later the septic tank guy came to empty out her tank, and he opened it up to stick the hose in to start draining it, but he couldn’t. He was totally baffled and had to get out his knife and hack away at the large, tannish, leathery thing that was floating at the top of the tank! She was quite sure what it was and she was quite sure she was not about to tell him! Can you imagine? A kombucha mushroom the size of a septic tank! If only someone in the sci-fi industry knew about SCOBYs!"

  3. On 1/21/2017 at 10:50 AM, Michelle Stan said:


    Today is Day 20 for my husband and I.  He feels great and so do I!  One of his many non-scale victories is he can button some of his smaller shirts and his clothes are fitting better overall. The biggest non-scale victory for me is my blood pressure went down over 20 points!! 

    Love Whole30!

    Thanks for sharing. Making health a priority is a wonderful NSV. 

  4. 2 hours ago, ShannonM816 said:

    We know. Lots of people's posts are doubling, tripling, quadrupling... The people in charge of these things have been informed. Haven't heard when we can expect a fix yet, hopefully it'll be soon.


    While we're at, I've noticed since Sept 12 that the notices or alerts for following other's logs or threads are not showing up either.  Only the likes are.  So it's avatars or profile pics, double and fourple posting and notices for topics you follow.  Alrighty then, thanks for the update. 

  5. There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance.

    There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance.

    It's been double posting and not loading pics since Sept 12th.  I contacted back then, too. It's double posting messages/posts with more frequency in the last two days. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Bck2B6 said:

    Is this still an issue? I have selected the facebook option but my profile pic hasn't loaded and when I try and upload a photo I get an error message. I have resized photos and attempted in two browsers and still get the same error.

    I'm receiving the same error message for well over a week now. I've tried everything, too.

  7. The one I've tastes like fizzy ACV with a hint of something fruity.

    It probably IS an acquired taste but I like it, and I felt the benefits of in a matter of days - my stomach just seems so settled. But at the price I'd have to pay to keep buying it bottled I'd have to take out a loan, hence the thought of making it myself. I think this way if I'm successful I can alternate the booch with the kraut (or whatever other veg I make) and get the benefits daily.

    Yes, absolutely.    You'll have it down to a fine art in no time.

  8.  She can get kombucha made locally too but she did her best to talk me out of it saying it tastes like vinegar :rolleyes: 

    You're a free thinker.  Don't let her talk you out of it.  It tastes like vinegar, even the best of the best. It is an acquired taste and I don't mind that, do you?   If it tastes like koolaid, then it has sugar.   GT Original costs $4 bucks a pop where I live.  That adds up very quickly.  Make your own and enjoy it.  Life's too short to do without the finer things in life. Good food and a booch to boost the spirit. 


    Then there's hooch booch but you won't be making that.  ;) That requires juniper berries. 


  9. Raemikky  -  Welcome.


    The Whole 30 is 30 days of passing up immediate gratification for long term satisfaction.  To be in the pocket Whole 30 Template is to make the minute by minute, meal by meal and mile by mile choices that will eventually add up to your success.  


    There may not be any golden trumpets to mark our good choices.  No cheering crowds  "You Go, Girl!"


    Nobody may lavish you with praise.  In fact, none of our friends and family may notice all of the quiet sacrifices we are making in our quiet snackless corners.    When we encounter difficulties...they can be our greatest teachers.


    Get back up on your horse and ride like the wind.  If you let it go today or for another'll be one year older when you get back to your original decision to complete a Whole 30.   Compliant without complaints.


    Goooooo!!!!!   Today.

  10. I would go to Hawaii and try to blend in with the locals.  If I make it there, I would stay all winter long.  After following the locals, I would know where all of the best cafes were located...good meals made from scratch.


    Full moons and midnight picnics on the beach would be divine.  I would stay far away from the tourist traps but I would like to go to a luau with pulled pork and sweet taters.  My trip would not be complete without attending one.