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  1. mamakitty

    April 1st Whole30 Start date anyone?

    I'm deep in "kill all the things". Sunday I was pretty grouchy - cooking a big Easter feast that I did not eat. Deviled eggs, ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole. I tried not to complain too much, just sort of grumbled to myself and snuck out of the kitchen to play games on my tablet as much as I could. I fixed myself some braised cabbage, baked red & sweet potatoes, avocado, & chicken thighs for dinner. Had some cantaloupe with dinner to selfishly soothe the beast that wanted to eat the entire vat of green bean casserole. Yesterday it surfaced as unhappiness with my job. As in, I need to figure out what I really want to be when I grow up, because this is NOT it. My customers were being stupid, I didn't want to do a single thing they asked, and I spent a lot of time just pouting. Thankfully I'm not in retail, so the customers weren't physically near me - they were on the phone/email. I'm in a sales office, aka cubicle world. I've been in this industry (lumber) for 19 years, worked my way up from receptionist through the ranks (invoicing, inventory, sales assistant) to my current title of Project Coordinator - which will be Project Manager shortly. It's not like I really want to change my career. My body is just whining; It is wanting everything I ate over the last few months that I don't need. Gluten, dairy, sugar, extra cups of coffee throughout the day, etc. Today I'm trying to just take deep breaths and be patient. Patient with others, and especially patient with myself. If I continue sending phone calls to voice mail, or waiting a bit to answer non-critical emails - so be it. That's got to be better than getting all angry about everything and angry at everyone. Hebchill, don't overthink this. If you aren't feeling crappy, then do a little happy dance!
  2. mamakitty


    Aha! Thanks for the tip!
  3. mamakitty

    April 1st Whole30 Start date anyone?

    I started my 2nd Whole30 yesterday also. I did my first in July-Aug 2014. My diabetes A1C number PLUMMETED while I was eating compliant (which is FABULOUS for those of you unfamiliar with the A1C test). And as an added bonus, I lost 2 pants sizes and 2 cup sizes. I never did an official reintroduction because I felt SO GOOD, I didn't really intend to start eating non-compliant foods again. And I looked good - I got SO many compliments about how skinny/happy/healthy I looked. But then the Girl Scout cookies arrived ... and March was quite a few trips to my Mom's house. She changed some of her eating habits after receiving ISWF as a gift, and lost quite a bit of weight too. She is an under-eater though, and my sister and I now realize that Mom never actually read the book. She doesn't buy any variety of vegetables, relies on salad and fruit every day. I think the moment I really jumped off the SAD cliff was when I ate some chocolate chip cookies she baked. The ENTIRE BATCH. Yes it was over a few days, but still not acceptable both to my brain and my body. And the really disappointing part of this, is that I don't particularly care for cookies. Cheesecake, yes. Lasagna, yes. TV dinner Salisbury steak, yes. Cookies, not really my weakness usually. And don't get me wrong, I was eating lots of other non-compliant foods that weren't Mom's, too. Chicken strips and Egg rolls from the convenience store. Hard butterscotch and Werther's candies. Crab puffs and fried wontons with my chinese dinner. No rice, but a soy-gluten-dairy-sugar infested meal nonetheless. And that's not even a whole dirty laundry list of the foods I know I should avoid but had started eating again anyway. After my last trip to Mom's, where I got to see my sister (rare, because we live about 8 hours apart), I felt so yucky. Cranky, headachy, bloated, tired. My husband told me that my butt had a little more cushion than it had for the last few months. I had to admit that I gained about 5 lbs back. (And for the record - his butt comment was meant in the most complimentary manner. He's complained since August that my butt is flat, tiny, non-existent, etc.) And then I stepped on the scale Sunday night and realized that it was really nearly 10 lbs. Ugh. My sister must have been feeling the same - on Monday March 30th she texted me asking if I was up for another Whole30 in April or May. I texted right back that April sounded great --- here I am! To keep myself a little more accountable, I told a co-worker that I'm on a Whole30. Usually I would have just kept it to myself. I also have a Whole30 logo on my email reply signature. Let's do this, April Fools. =)
  4. mamakitty


    I can't see where you live, but if you are the Northwestern US, there's Farman's Brand kraut. I got a screaming deal on a huge jar at Costco recently. Its ingredients are Cabbage, Water, Contains 2% Or Less of Salt, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative). The Sodium Benzoate is OK on a whole30. There are better options out there, but this is a very tasty technically compliant kraut. Also Steinfeld's brand, they are made by the same parent company and have the same ingredients.
  5. mamakitty

    Want to share your crockpot meal ideas?

    Throw some onions & carrots in the bottom of crock pot. Place 6-7 chicken thighs on top. (Skin up or skin down, doesn't make a ton of difference.) Season chicken thighs. Pour in enough water to cover bottom of pot only (maybe this could be done before the onions, I had honestly never considered that until typing the "recipe" - ha!). Cook on LOW for 8 hours. Super easy and very delicious. If you use bone-in thighs, the bones will basically fall out after cooking this long. The fattiness of the thighs keep them from getting dried out. I like the Spice Rub used by Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo in the Pulled Pork recipe. I keep a batch of the spice rub in a shaker for use on all kinds of meats.
  6. mamakitty

    Picnic/brown bag lunch

    We call this eating "hobo-style", and I do it every day also. In the old SAD days I would crack open a can of soup and eat it straight out of the can, without heating it. Nowadays it's just that I'm too lazy to put my lunch in the fridge at work. It sits in my insulated lunch bag behind my desk. I haven't had any problems with it going bad in just a few hours. So happy to hear that I'm not the only one
  7. mamakitty


    Becky_Sharp, you were definitely experiencing a legitimate Emergency when you ate the Larabar. I hope your FIL is doing okay now. <hugs>
  8. mamakitty

    cake is screaming at me to eat it!

    I love that you went to bed instead of eating cake. Tell that sugar dragon to stuff it!!!!! Sweet dreams!
  9. mamakitty

    Whole30 and the annual "Eating Season"

    I have been doing a LOT of panicking about Thanksgiving this week. The last few years have been at home, but this year we are traveling to mother-in-law's home for a big family gathering. I am planning it so I won't be in the middle of a Whole30 when we are there. But, that doesn't mean I plan to eat much that is passed at the Thanksgiving table. I'm trying to work out the logistics of bringing something I can eat, but not drawing attention to myself or hurting MIL's feelings. Although, 3 years ago when we hosted T-day in our NEW home - she almost caught my kitchen on fire. It was super late at night, and she decided to make faddeman as a treat. It is sort of like a deep fried cookie. She even brought her own lard. Somehow she got the pot of melted lard smoking and my house was filled with incredibly stinky smoke. So I'm not really sure I'm all that worried about hurting her feelings over food that's nowhere near healthy. Why oh why do people think yams need brown sugar & marshmallows? UGH.
  10. mamakitty

    The crazy things people say

    My mom has always said that skinny people look older. But she's giving the Whole30 a shot, bless her heart.
  11. mamakitty

    Costco list - anything I'm missing?

    Costco also offers a program for discounts on prescriptions purchased without insurance coverage, and they extend this program to pets too. We had our boxer Zoey on heart medicines for over a year and it added up to significant savings for almost zero effort. I had to fill out a pamphlet once, and then every time I refilled Rx, sign my name and attest that Zoey didn't have health insurance. Definitely helped soften the blow of needing 3 prescriptions on top of having a very sick girl!
  12. mamakitty

    Need make-ahead/freezable options

    This is similar to what I make, only I call it an Omelette instead of a Pancake so I don't get in trouble for violating the Rules!
  13. mamakitty

    September 14, Anyone?

    Happy Monday! So here's an odd side effect of my Whole30 this time around: I feel compelled to buy candy & treats for OTHER PEOPLE. It's like some kind of evil urge to undermine everyone else's health, while I stay up on my high horse being compliant, eating healthy, and feeling good. I bought a giant bag of candy for the candy bowl on the desk behind me. And I also volunteered to participate in a dessert potluck at our next Boy Scouts meeting. Wait, maybe it was my suggestion for desserts in the first place. What the heck is wrong with me?
  14. mamakitty

    Sweet potato question

    Ok WHICH dark leafy greens? A little embarrassed to ask, but curious what you're enjoying.
  15. mamakitty

    September 14, Anyone?

    My go-to meals all have the same base ingredients: roasted diced sweet potatoes or yams, mushrooms, spinach, onions, sweet peppers. If it's Meal 1 I will throw in chopped olives and 4 eggs; either fried, or whisked & cooked as an omelette. For Meal 2 it's meat for protein. I add extra veggies like brocc, cauli, asparagus, carrots, brussels sprouts - all of it works here for me. My fat is olives eaten straight out of the can with a fork - hobo style. I really like to buy Aidell's chicken-apple sausage in the 3-pack from Costco for lunches. Most of the time 1 sausage is enough, but sometimes if I'm super hungry I'll use 2. For Meal 3 it's the same as Meal 2 - except with 1/2 an avocado instead of olives, stirred into the mix. And a lot of time for a little change I will stir in some compliant salsa. I found that I like avocado only when they are diced up, warm, and smooshed. My husband eats cold avocado chunks, but I can't stomach them that way. Well I don't know what my stomach thinks because my tongue won't let them go past. Today my Meal 2 is steak, 1/2 avocado, roasted diced yams, & asparagus. Yesterday I had the same thing, and was FAMISHED by the time I went home 4 hours later. I'm not quite sure what I'll do today. I think I'll run to the grocery store and pick up some more veggies. Or eat an apple, but I'm trying to avoid that becoming a daily habit for this time around. jessica301, poke around on the Forums, especially in Troubleshooting - you'll find a lot of threads of people tired of eggs, and others suggesting alternative meals. I hope you find some answers there - best of luck!