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  1. mamakitty

    The crazy things people say

    My mom has always said that skinny people look older. But she's giving the Whole30 a shot, bless her heart.
  2. mamakitty

    What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like

    This morning when I was "measuring" my eggs for Meal 1, of course by holding as many as possible in my hand, I almost grabbed the camera to take a photo. And then woke up the dog because I laughed so hard at myself - must spend less time lurking on the Forums! For the record, 4 boiled eggs is a serving for me. Yesterday in the kitchen at work, a guy from another department was watching me "measure" my protein, by holding my cupped hands above the plate where the chicken-apple sausages were sitting. I don't know what he thought I was doing, but I should have explained. NO, I'm not blessing my food, I'm just trying to be compliant!
  3. mamakitty

    The crazy things people say

    "Fried cheese makes everything better" - I'm very ashamed to admit that I said this myself, probably more than once. I would turn to food to get me through stressful times at work, which honestly were probably caused (and made worse) by food I was eating in the first place. I cannot believe the kinds of absolute crap I used to put in my body and call them food. Fried mozzarella sticks, sadly, are on a very long list of the food I used to eat. Before the Whole30, I used to whine "why me" - why am I overweight, why do I have high blood pressure at such a young age (I was under 30 when I started taking BP meds - as a cure for migraines), why am I uncomfortable in my own body, WHY AM I DIABETIC, (diagnosed with type 2 at 25 years old), blah, whine, blah, WHY ME ? Not realizing that so many of the foods I thought were "healthy" were just wreaking havoc on my system. I haven't completely kicked Diabetes to the curb, YET. BUT - After just 40 days of clean eating, I can see that I will be able to reduce my meds soon. I'm experiencing lower blood sugars toward lunch time and bed time since I'm not eating bread, rice, noodles, etc, just veggies with their natural carbs. The only item I've reintroduced so far is corn. And that's not going to stay a regular part of my life. And popcorn is a "food-without-brakes" for me, sadly. Even popped in coconut oil with no butter or salt - I could eat my body weight in popcorn easily. But now that I've done the Whole30, I won't blame the itchy spots on wrist & eyelid on my wristwatch or on eyeshadow - thought I was allergic to the metal, but wasn't wearing it when this patch appeared, and it didn't happen until after I tried to reintroduce corn - and haven't used any new/different makeup in the last few months. My weight loss isn't significant (less than 10 lbs) but I am very pleased that the scale moved at all, and especially in the right direction. And as a note to those paying attention or taking notes - it's moved more in the last 10 days since I "finished" my Whole30, than it did between day 1 and day 30. My Whole30 is going to become more of a Whole365 really. I don't see much that I used to eat, that I actually miss in my daily life. I learned my lesson with corn! Oh and here's another Crazy thing that my Mom said this weekend. She knows how I've been eating (and my sister too, for much longer). I got the "well, what CAN you eat?" when I turned down a pre-packaged marinated pork shoulder. The pork chops she grilled with just salt & pepper turned out to be quite delicious! The really amazing comment was regarding going to a potluck BBQ for my brother's 40th birthday. She said "oh there will be plenty there that you can eat." I cannot think of a single person who doesn't slap Worcestershire or BBQ sauce, or Johnny's seasoned salt on their meat before they grill, especially burgers. And don't even get me started on macaroni salad, fruit salad swimming in whipped cream, baked beans, etc. ! Thanks Mom, I'll just bring my own food, and hope someone asks me why, so I can tell them about the Whole30.