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  1. It looks like the hibiscus tea is made the same way but I added allspice, cinnamon sticks and ginger (not enough) to mine and didn't sweeten it. It's a concentrate (1C hibiscus flowers:1 qt water) and it's pretty tart but very good and I'll dilute it with LaCroix or some other sparkling water. I ordered the hibiscus from Vitacost and it was around $15 for a 1 lb bag which should last a really long time. I bet there are hibiscus teas out there that you could find without having to buy a 1 lb bag, though. I've used it to flavor kombucha, too and really like it- tart on tart. Speaking of tart on
  2. Isn't that the truth! So glad they snapped back to "normal" after the vet visit. I'd love to get Squeaky a heated, cushy cat bed but I'm pretty sure he'd turn his nose up at it in favor of his daytime favorite spot in the attic and nighttime favorite spot all over me. I'm going to fly though Costco this afternoon with the hope that I'll miss the pre-Christmas crush. I just need a couple of things so I can start prepping for Saturday. I say this all the time but I'd like to actually do it this time and not work myself half to death before the party. I made a concentrated spiced hibiscus te
  3. I don't know a whole lot about either disease except that they are both in the same family of viral infections. I think sometimes the immunodeficiency viral antibodies can be transmitted to the kittens so even if they aren't infected, they might test positive and have to be retested later. From what little I've read, transmission of either infection to the kittens before they're born "is possible" so I think that sounds pretty encouraging. It sounds like your babies had a rough day. I was lucky enough to find a house call vet when we moved here so it's still traumatic but not as bad, especiall
  4. Yeah, those sneaky little transgressions were the ones that had me heading further down that slippery slope than I wanted to go. One of Melissa's emails was a reply to someone that was discussing how good her diet was prior to W30 and how surprised she was at her scale and non-scale victories. Melissa gently suggested that perhaps she wasn't as complaint as she thought she was and had let the little things sneak in until, maybe, they weren't so little any more. I need to keep that thought in the front of my mind. I already warned my husband that, although I wan't extending my W30, I was probab
  5. 13 is my favorite number. When I was little, my grandparents lived overseas and my grandmother brought be a charm bracelet from Thailand. One of the charms was a little key with a tiny tag that had the number thirteen on it. She said it was the key to happiness and that was my lucky number. So it is! Holy cow it has gone by in the blink of an eye but it also seems like it's been my whole life and everything else before that is so distant. My husband's niece is getting married on 2/20/2020 so we are going to LA for the celebration. It's right outside of New Orleans so we should escape most
  6. Happy Friday the 13th, btw! Yes, Day 21 woohoo. The party is next Saturday and Sunday is Day 30 but that's OK. I really feel like I'm on a roll and it's just one more thing I need to learn how to navigate. My husband tends to want to tell people (in his own interpretation) what I'm doing and I have to remind him that it's nobody's business but mine. People get pushy or defensive or supportive so I tend to tailor my response to questions depending on my audience but greatly prefer to fly under the radar. One of the fastest ways to clear cats out of a room is with a hula hoop!! If I touche
  7. That's their job! Squeaky has become re-fascinated with toilet paper and last night he totally showed it who was boss! Whew, everything you have going on makes me tired just thinking about it! Good for you deciding that having your friends over for dinner is too much; it's hard to draw that line sometimes (or most of the time, for me). I haven't been as productive this week as I would have liked but I've hung in there with my husband's birthday and back-to-back nights out to see music. Both shows were terrific and were even more special because one was a one-time event and the other was a
  8. I ALWAYS make the mistake of trying to do too much, even when I say I'm going to keep it simple. I never learn but I keep trying! I already know that's what I'm going to do for the Christmas party (yep, Hoedown friends). The "guidelines" for the party are to bring something festive that you aren't going to get to eat for your holiday dinner but will miss or something new that you would like to try out before serving it for Christmas or whatever strikes your fancy so it's pretty wide open. I'm limiting myself to not duplicating someone else's offering because I don't want to appear judgy; I jus
  9. Good morning @LadyLisbette! Are you familiar with Sara Ballantyne? She must've been reading our thread; I had this article in my email this morning: https://www.thepaleomom.com/goitrogens-cruciferous-vegetables-thyroid-disease/. I find her research to be impartial, thorough and like that she includes a bibliography so you can read her reference material for yourself if you want to. I'm on the downhill side of my W30 now: Day 16! Unfortunately, I managed to hurt myself last night WATCHING A MOVIE! I did something to my foot, I guess, as a result of the funky way I was sitting on the sofa.
  10. I've read that about cruciferous vegetables as well but have never followed up on it. A quick look brought up this: https://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/food-beverages/cruciferous-vegetables#iodine-thyroid-function which has a nice explanation and I also saw an Mayo article that said it would take very high consumption for it to be a problem but they didn't define "high consumption". I should have questioned her more but I found it curious that my eye doctor asked me if I ate a lot of kale. I told her that I eat green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables at least once a day and almost always
  11. All of your walking/hiking SF sounds amazing! It's so great that you got to revisit favorite places. Like NY, even thinking about going to SF is overwhelming to me. There's so much to see and do, where do you even start? Like the fettucini alfredo I made a couple of months ago, it was delicious and worth it and not-to-be-repeated anytime soon! But sooo delicious! Dr. visit was good. I DID look at the scale but it was in kilos so I was safe right up until the nurse did the math and blurted it out! I've lost 5 lbs so that was good to know even though I was guessing it was about that just f
  12. Today is Day 11 so I'm over 1/3 of the way there and definitely feeling slimmer. My sleep hasn't been very good, though, and that's disappointing. My new glasses will have a blue light filter in them so I'm hoping that might help but I won't have them for at least another week. I had whisker tickling and face washing in the middle of the night, too. It doesn't help my sleep but I like knowing he's inside and safe. Did I mention that we got a set of steps for him to be able to get his arthritic rear end in bed? He was really struggling and clawing his way up. It took a couple of tries to find a
  13. It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving, complete with a black cat! Day 9 arrived with Tiger Blood! Feeling great and much less puffy. Wish my sleep was a little better but I'm working on it. My movement yesterday was a little lacking but I was tired and was happy to do some quiet things. I had lots of grandiose ideas about what I wanted to accomplish with four days in a row off of work. Hahaha! I'm taking it in stride, though and enjoying the time as well as things I have gotten done rather than beating myself up for not getting all the things done. I stalled out on getting rid of
  14. Happy Day After National Overeating Day! I ate, I survived and I had a great time! My plan to eat ahead of time was a flop; I was too busy cooking to make it happen but I managed to push M1&2 back a few hours so I wasn't ravenous when we got to the party. Holy Cow! There was a TON of food but almost nothing I could eat except turkey and brisket until some lovely soul brought some brussels sprouts! I made the sweet potato-stuffed oranges and topped them with a fancy Italian meringue instead of those dreadful marshmallows but I forgot to leave it off of one of them so I didn't even get
  15. Plan, plan, plan! It's what we do when we're on track and focused. Those wraps sound perfect for traveling. I need to give them another go and this time actually wrap them up so they're not so messy. Tarragon in the ranch sounds great; I'll try it with my next batch. I've never had much luck subbing yogurt but that's just a personal thing. It brings a sourness that I'm not crazy about but I haven't tried it in ages so maybe my taste (and yogurt choices) have changed so I'll have to try that as well- in about 25 days. I decided to try something new and started a log for this W30. Littleg chimed
  16. I did start with a scale number. I got weighed at my Dr's office a few weeks ago and felt puffier so I wanted to confirm that and also have a frame of reference for later. I was up two pounds since that visit and I am due back next week for a follow-up so I wanted to know where I stood. I already feel less puffy and it's only Day 4 so, hopefully, by Tuesday I'll weigh a little less than I did at the last visit. It will be on Day 10, 1/3 of the way there. I was thinking this morning about how I'm going to navigate Thanksgiving at our friends' house and I think I might eat something before we go
  17. Breaking news: I decided I was in! That makes today Day 3. I think I'm going to do the whole thing but I'm giving myself permission to call it a mini at Day 14 if I decide that the reset has been sufficient. Yep, that's where I was alright and as soon as I made the decision to do something positive I felt that good ole tiger blood feeling. Essentially I'm giving myself a good reason NOT to eat all the crap and focus on what I DO need to do. That is the mindset that I need but I don't seem to maintain it very well. Maybe that will be my lasting habit from this go 'round! Why does this
  18. Hi @kirbz! How's it going? I'm thinking about starting another round vs a mini reset and, like you, am going to try to hit 10K steps/day. I know...there's no such thing as try; either do or don't. Yesterday I didn't but it was my jumping off point and I hadn't quite committed. Sounds like a cop-out, huh? Anyway, just wanted to check in and tell you that I love your new avatar and hope all is well.
  19. It sounds like you've had a great week! I, on the other hand, have been off-roading so much that I'm having a hard time finding my way back onto the road. I've been eating ALL the crap (and most of it was not worth it) and backslid terribly on my movement. I feel puffy and inflamed and have gained a couple of pounds which is definitely moving in the wrong direction.Yesterday I was toying with the idea of doing another W30 to get myself back on the path but was easily swayed by temptation. If I had stuck with it yesterday, Day 30 would be the day of our holiday celebration/wine tasting and I wa
  20. I found it to be pretty flavorless and my husband agreed. It's not bad but it's also not great. Not salty, not smokey just meh.
  21. Ha! The only groove I'm in right now is the one that's veering off of the path I know I should be on. Even my husband noticed and asked me why I hadn't done my stretching in the mornings this week. The only thing I'm keeping up with is getting rid of stuff- 19 things yesterday and 20 things today. It's definitely getting harder but I'm determined to make it to the end so I can revel having gotten rid of 465 things that I didn't need/use. We haven't put up a tree since we've had cats but we did put some lights up outside a couple of times. I'd love to do something festive this year, though
  22. Thanks for the positive thoughts; I feel better today. I didn't see a body on the side of the road so I can only hope that he'll recover. In the meantime, I head to the body shop for an estimate this afternoon. I haven't gotten to the pork roast yet and was terribly unfocused and unmotivated yesterday afternoon. I managed to get the egg muffins done for the party this morning without burning down the house and just scaled back on my original plan to have two different flavors. I was thankful for leftovers and made a comfort food quesadilla to go with my leftover roast and gravy that was
  23. After a weekend that wasn't as productive as I would have liked, I started of the week by hitting a deer on my way to work. I don't know if I killed it or not but I feel terrible. I usually keep a sharp eye out for them but I was in a string of vehicles and was watching the guy on my tail instead of keeping an eye out for critters. I slammed on my brakes and veered as far over as I could without going into oncoming traffic but I clipped his rear end with my passenger side headlight. I don't even know if there was any oncoming traffic because I had to make sure the guy behind me wasn't going t
  24. Wheeee! Busy day yesterday! So you settled on Fiver and Hazel! Those sound like good names. Fleas are the worst! Ticks are disgusting but fleas can be so hard to get rid of. We sporadically use Advantage for flea/tick prevention and it seems to work really well even though I've heard from doggie people that fleas are becoming immune to it. I hope you are on the mend and starting to feel better. I don't feel sick but feel like I might have the beginning of a sinus infection so I've been rinsing my sinuses, drinking elderberry kombucha and made a steamer with oregano oil to inhale. I'm hop
  25. 14 degrees this morning and Squeaky is none too happy about it! The world is his litter box and it makes him very grumpy when it's too cold, snowy or rainy to use it. That is much colder than we typically are this time of year but it's not unusual to have cold snaps. When we came up here to look at houses after returning to NO, it was the weekend before Thanksgiving and it was 17. We learned that credit cards are meant for scraping off your windshield! Thankfully we have a garage and don't have to start the day scraping ice off of the windows. Yep, my big boy could fit in the palm of your