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  1. C. Logan

    Sweet potato cranberry cakes

    That's a great idea, thank you! I give that a go if I make this again.
  2. C. Logan

    Sweet potato cranberry cakes

    Whole Foods used to carry cranberries with apple juice in their bulk bins but they don't have it anymore, has cane sugar now I had to look to Amazon for this brand : https://www.edenfoods.com/store/dried-cranberries-organic.html
  3. C. Logan

    Sweet potato cranberry cakes

    It will go along with some fried eggs and a fat. Thank you kindly! Thank you, I appreciate it.
  4. (I posted this in "Cooking" but I wasn't sure if it should go here) The word "cake" makes me cringe, but I wanted to check if these are compliant. To me, it sounded like it was along the same lines as a salmon "cake" but just wanted to make sure. https://paleomg.com/cranberry-sweet-potato-breakfast-cakes/ If context matters, I'm not craving a pancake or anything, just seemed like an interesting and different sweet potato recipe. Thanks.
  5. C. Logan

    Confused about date syrup?

    Thanks very much. I figured context is important here. I wouldn't want to go using it in some coffee creamer, right?
  6. C. Logan

    Confused about date syrup?

    I have a serious question. Why is date syrup ok? I understand that the Whole30 gods have deemed it acceptable for marinades and sauces, but why is it different than honey, or agave nectar? I seriously don't understand and I'm legitimately asking. I attempted to Google this question and stumbled upon this gem... http://www.stirringstew.com/date-syrup-date-puree/ Linking to this "Whole30" apple crisp... http://www.stirringstew.com/whole30-apple-crisp/ Found this in the forumsFound this in a forum: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/21412-date-syrup/ But then recently see a post on the Whole30 IG featuring date syrup. Thanks for helping, just trying to wrap my head around this.