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  1. HealingWithin

    Almond milk sub for the "dump ranch" recipe?

    I just use water and honestly can’t tell the difference.
  2. HealingWithin

    Cooking fats? Confused

    Yes, and it's my personal favorite for cooking.
  3. HealingWithin

    Day 29 - no appetite and feeling bummed

    You are welcome!
  4. HealingWithin

    Hot Sauce ingredient

    Corn is a grain and not compliant.
  5. HealingWithin

    Day 29 - no appetite and feeling bummed

    Have you ever heard of the "Upper Limit Problem"? It is a term coined by the Gay Hendricks, the author of The Big Leap. The upper limit problem happens when we reach a new "level" of happiness or satisfaction in our lives and our unconscious mind FREAKS OUT and tries to push you back into your old ways. It sounds like that might be what is going on here. Here is a great article from Experience Life magazine: https://experiencelife.com/article/overcome-your-upper-limits/
  6. HealingWithin

    Glycerin in gel tabs

    You could try the Thorne Research liquid that is a D/K combo. You either take it orally or rub it into your skin. The only ingredients are the vitamins and MCT oil. You can get it on amazon.
  7. HealingWithin

    Jicama fail

    Agreed. I love jicama raw but cooked was horrendous.
  8. HealingWithin

    Jicama fail

    I thought the taste was horrible! And they turned a horrid brown color. I have loved most of the well fed recipes but this was not one of them!
  9. HealingWithin

    Round 2 Starting 3/13/14

    This is my first W30 that I have made it past day 11. What I did was try to see what the triggers for stopping were and then working on those things before starting again. Finally, I have gotten to a place where I have really been able to br Proactive rather than reactive and this round is going so much more smoothly. I think being Proactive with ALL of the elements is what is so important. The food prep, the emotional and mental side, the relationship side, and all of it.
  10. HealingWithin

    Round 2 Starting 3/13/14

    I had a rough couple of days. My anxiety was in high gear for much of the weekend. I was craving EVERYTHING. But, I just kept reminding myself that my brain is just kicking and screaming and that I can do this. Also poked around the forums a bit a noticed that many who struggle with anxiety have expressed that the middle days were the worst. Today is day 15. I didn't realize exactly how much I had bern relying on sugar to deal with anxiety. This W39 is showing me so much about my mind. And I love that! I woke up feeling great today.
  11. HealingWithin

    Round 2 Starting 3/13/14

    Pardon the typos
  12. HealingWithin

    Round 2 Starting 3/13/14

    Congrats in your triathalon! On the restart issue, you may eant to get a moderator opinion but I think dairy does warrant a restart because it can be a gut disrupter. I think what they tecommend in most cases is that you add thirty more days like I did above. So, I am now doing a whole 39 instead of a whole 30 since I accidently had dairy on day 9. Again, check with a mod but that seems to be the standard advice in these cases.
  13. HealingWithin

    Dairy reintro

    It can take up to 72 hours for reactions to manifest. That is why it is so important to wait a couple of days between introductions.
  14. HealingWithin

    sardines...what do I do with them?

    You can actually eat the bones. They are a super rich source of calcium.
  15. HealingWithin

    sardines...what do I do with them?

    You can eat them whole. I like to mix them into tuna or salmon salad.