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  1. Yeah! We can have a mini-Whole30 meetup & cook for each other!
  2. Heya @Stackgrl! So far my Whole30 is going pretty well. I had a challenge yesterday - I was helping a friend make an IKEA run by driving them there in my truck. After they finished shopping, he & his son ate pizza & cinnamon rolls at the IKEA bistro. I just hung out & chatted with them while they ate, & then had my compliant snack in the truck on the drive back into Denver. But my awesome wife made my day yesterday - she did a Costco run & bought ALL THE VEGGIES, & also used our backyard smoker to smoke two whole chickens & four pork chops! I have meat for DAYS & lots of bones for my next batch of bone broth. Ski days can be tough! I have usually relied on Larabars & Epic bars to get me through Whole30 days on the mountain. Also I eat an enormous breakfast before heading out. Hey @Goal is -40lbs - I see your location is 10,000 feet - do you live in Leadville by any chance?
  3. Hey there @Stackgrl! I started my Whole30 on February 14th & I live in in Harvey Park, just east of Lakewood. I'd be happy to be your accountability buddy! How did your first day go?