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  1. Starting March 12

    Hi all! Today is Day 7 for me - I actually started on March 1st but fell out on Day 13 & restarted. This week I'm making curried lamb meatballs (the recipe was in a comment on a Paleo food blog post... somewhere). I'm also making another batch of Mel Joulwan's Cumin-Roasted Carrots & a tuna salad. @elaes, if you're looking for delicious Whole30 recipes, check out Mel Joulwan's Whole30 recipe catalog, Nom Nom Paleo's Whole30 recipe roundup, & @Tom Denham's entire site (he's a moderator here). Tons & tons of excellent recipes!
  2. Start date Monday, March 13, 2017

    @AmisOtis, good job at the restaurant! I had a good weekend. I had a meeting on Saturday morning that was a breakfast potluck, so I brought a sweet potato casserole so I'd have something to eat. I didn't bring any home - everyone devoured it! Most of the other offerings were non-compliant but I did eat some ham & some fruit. I made a new-to-me recipe this weekend - Zuppa Toscana. This is a lovely, creamy potato soup that you can load up with greens. I've been eating it by the bowlful all weekend while lying to my (non-Whole30-ing) girlfriend - "It's awful, you won't like it, it's full of kale." More for me....
  3. Start date Monday, March 13, 2017

    Hey @Marmalade15 - you sound like you're right on the timeline too. Day Four is known as Kill All The Things Day & lots of people get cranky & headachy as the sugar withdrawal starts to kick in. Hang in there, it gets better! Eat some sweet potatoes. Today went well for me. I had a business lunch to negotiate, but I checked the menu & called the restaurant before heading out & ended up with a pretty tasty meal. I also had a ridiculously strong sugar craving on the drive home (like, talking to myself out loud in my truck about why I was NOT going to pull over to buy donuts). But I rode it out & you know what? An hour later, it was gone. I ate the dinner I had planned & kept on my merry way. For a serious sugar addict (not exaggerating here, I go to Overeaters Anonymous & everything), this was a real NSV. One day at a time.
  4. Start date Monday, March 13, 2017

    Good job! I've never run the dishwasher so much in my life.
  5. Start date Monday, March 13, 2017

    You're both following the Whole30 Timeline exactly.
  6. Start date Monday, March 13, 2017

    Hey all, I started on March 1st but failed out last night, so I'm back to Day 1 today (Tuesday March 14th). Let's keep each other strong!
  7. Starting March 1st

    Hey everyone, I'm back to Day 1 today. Last night I got some bad news about my shoulder (MRI tomorrow, possibly surgery, definitely a ton of physical therapy) & I consoled myself with cake. But I'm back on the program this morning. I'm going to find another thread with folks who are starting around now. Good luck to you all!
  8. Starting March 1st

    What snacks are you snacking upon? I mean, I know we're trying to eat solid meals but I still like to have GOOD snacks available if I need 'em.
  9. Starting March 1st

    Day 12 is going well. I am discombobulated as I always am from Daylight Savings Time. But I got some meal prepping done for this week. I made two shepherd's pies & another breakfast casserole. I'm going to try a few Nom Nom Paleo recipes tomorrow (Cherry Chicken & Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice) & make zuppa Toscana later in the week. The chicken prosciutto involtini I made last week was very good - I am adding that basic recipe (chicken breasts pounded flat, smeared with something delicious, then rolled up, wrapped in prosciutto, & baked) to my rotation. I can think of a bunch of things I want to try as stuffings. We had a neighborhood potluck at our house last night & THAT was a challenge. We smoked a brisket as our contribution, which was Whole30-compliant. One guest brought sauteed Brussels sprouts & another brought a potato salad, both of which were compliant. But everyone else brought non-compliant things, including my neighbor who is an amazing baker who brought a spectacular cake. I... really wanted a slice of that cake. But I want to kill my Sugar Dragon even more. It was tough, but I managed to resist. Non-scale victory.
  10. Starting March 1st

    I'm having a pretty good Day 10! This morning I had a slice of breakfast casserole (using this recipe) & blended coffee (coffee & coconut oil). Lunch was leftovers from dinner last night: Chicken Prosciutto Involtini & cauliflower mash, along with a garden salad (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, & Tessamae's balsamic dressing). I've got a crock pot full of butter chicken filling the house with its aroma, & I'm going to serve it over cauli-rice & steamed spinach.
  11. Starting March 1st

    The easiest way to make them is using a spiralizer. I bought this spiralizer from Amazon about two years ago & I've been happy with it. Once you've got a pile of sprialized zucchini, I think Mel Joulwan's basic zoodles recipe is the best. If you have the time to follow all her steps (including a couple hours in the fridge), you'll get great zoodles. Easier option: look in your grocery store's produce area for pre-cut zoodles! My local grocery store chain (King Soopers, a Kroger affiliate) carries pre-cut butternut squash zoodles & a mixture of yellow squash/zucchini zoodles! They are obviously more expensive ($3.99 for 10 oz.) but they are also a HUGE time-saver.
  12. Starting March 1st

    I think the sweetness has two causes. One, cooking veggies often makes them sweeter (roasting more than steaming, but still). Two, your palate is adjusting to the absence of abundant sugar. This weekend, I made a dish called shakshuka for breakfast - it's eggs poached in a tomato-based sauce. I served it over roasted sweet potatoes & found the sweet potatoes were too sweet under the already-sweet tomato sauce. I served the leftovers over roasted regular potatoes & steamed spinach & it tasted much more balanced.
  13. Starting March 1st

    I definitely had some brain fog today. At the pool, I could hardly remember what set I was doing, what interval I had set, or what rep I was on. Thank God there's a big giant line on the bottom of the pool for me to follow or I might've gotten lost as well...
  14. Starting March 1st

    I think you are both right on track with the Whole30 timeline. According to the timeline, your body is struggling to adjust to the absence of the easy sources of energy it's used to accessing - namely, sugars. Hang in there & give your body a chance to learn (remember?) how to efficiently burn fat. Maybe allow yourself an extra cup of coffee or tea?
  15. Starting March 1st

    I literally broke my dishwasher during my second Whole30. I've often said that Day 1 should start with "Ladies and gentlemen, start your dishwashers!!!!" Good work making it through Kill All The Things Day everybody!