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  1. cortadoplease

    Starting March 1

    Greetings all! Something has come up last minute with work and I'll be traveling for most of March 2019. This isn't the best time for me to do a W30. I want to wish everyone good luck, strength, healing and wellness on this journey! xx
  2. cortadoplease

    Starting March 1

    Hey @Elizabeth33 and all! I really LOVE this. Thanks for sharing your action plan. I also meal prepped. I tend to really bulk batch to 2-3 recipes a week. I made a carrot sweet potato squash curry soup (something like this but omit the peanuts); that goes along with steamed sea bass. Paleo beef chili. Roast chicken and steamed kale with a drizzle of olive oil. I posted my goals above but I'll repost now: Slay the dragon! Food freedom Body reset Taking set times thru out the day to slow down, calm down, breathe and reset. I am also customizing this W30: I'll be omitting nuts/seeds and eggs. My body doesn't resonate with these. This will be easy as I cut them out about a year ago. Can't wait to get going. What else is everyone making?
  3. cortadoplease

    Whole 21 starting Feb 19

  4. cortadoplease

    Starting March 1

    Hi @Sarah_1982 and @aaronmc93 I'd love to join the two of you! I'm starting a little early (today) however, I am planning to go until the end of March. I have done three W30's and I have LOVED having people along for the journey and for support. I also love supporting others! It makes the experience so much more fun. I have a fairly clean diet now and am not overweight and quite lean (thanks clean diet and lifting weights!) however, I tend to rely on food when I am stressed (which is a lot lately) and I most certainly have become addicted to sugar and flour products (again). I've had a flair up of blemishes the last few days and that's really OFF for me even during PMS. My body is simply begging me for a W30 LOL I did my first W30 in August of 2015 and I have never felt that good in my life. I went a little extreme and gave up all forms of sugar including fruit and all forms of nuts/seeds as I find nuts/seeds tends to be FWNB for me. I understand these foods are allowed on a W30; I just know myself and I wanted to rip the band-aid off. My reasons for doing THIS round are 1, slay the dragon, 2, food freedom, and 3, really REFRESH. I'm looking forward to #crushingit with y'all!
  5. cortadoplease

    Whole 21 starting Feb 19

    Hi @Jackie K, It's a pleasure to e-meet you! I'm also starting today and I'm excited to get back on track. This will be my third W30 in four years. I'm looking to make some BIG changes that last. I am committed to the 30 days. How can I best support you?
  6. cortadoplease

    Gearing up to start May 1st!

    Hi @lauralees84 and all!!! I'd love to join you on this journey. This will also be my third round thru a W30. My first one was similar to yours -- just joy! I tend to turn to food as comfort when I am stressed instead of dealing with it head on. That said, I know that a W30 will not necessarily fix that but it will at least make me less inclined to use food as my 'friend'. It'll be a process. I realize this takes time to change long-standing habits. I'm up for the challenge and I know it's a worthy goal for me. I was going to start yesterday 0428 but I realize I'm not prepared and that results in failure! So, today will be my day to meal prep and do groceries for this coming week's worth of meals. I'm also looking to be a bit more creative at preparing meals that will be satisfying. I feel like breakfast will be my biggest challenge as I tend to have a smoothie right now for breakfast with chocolate protein powder, avocado, and almond milk. That will need to change! I'm open to breakfast ideas!!! I'm open to making new friends here. I am happy to support others as I know the journey can be a challenge, and we all need a solid back up when we are feeling vulnerable or want to give up!!! Let's do this!! xx
  7. cortadoplease

    Starting 4/27, FOR REAL THIS TIME!

    Hey MaggieB, I'd love to join you here for this whole30. This will be round III for me and I am EXCITED to cultivate a better relationship with food and to prioritize self-love above all at this time. I am happy to support you in this journey. DM anytime I'm technically starting today (April 28) but I don't see anyone else starting then. Strength in numbers. Let's DO THIS! xx