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  1. Day 3 Had a headache all day yesterday, which I’m sure was about the lack of sugar, and possibly carbs, in my diet. I added some potatoes to my dinner in hopes of remedying that problem. The best part of the day? I found sugar free hash browns at Fresh Thyme! Yesterday’s meals Brekkie 8:00 - frittata Lunch 12:00 - giant salad with chicken breast and homemade balsamic dressing Dinner 6:00 - Thai red curry with chicken, carrots and bell peppers. Roasted potatoes.
  2. Day 2 Yesterday went pretty smoothly. Definitely tempted by all the Halloween candy and treats at work. But it was easier to resist than last week because I had a plan. A little sluggish on my run this morning but I didn’t have a lot of carbs yesterday, so I’m chalking it up to that. My body needs to adjust and I probably need some potatoes/sweet potatoes. Yesterday’s meals Brekkie 7:30 - scramble with eggs, bacon and bell peppers Snack 11:30 - Apple and handful of almonds Lunch 12:30 - giant salad with chicken breast and homemade balsamic dressing Dinner 8:00 (work got insane so I couldn’t eat at 6-7 as planned) - slice of frittata with turkey sausage, bell peppers and zucchini
  3. Day 1 First day of not my first whole 30. My doctor recommended that I try eating Keto. I’m so not ready to commit to that, it’s always sounded crazy to me. So I decided to try this first, see how I feel at the end and make another plan from there. Lots of meal prepping yesterday so I have breakfast, lunches and dinners made for the next few days. Already had a couple disappointments this morning. Decided to make a special breakfast. Sausage had sugar so it’s out. Hash browns had sugar, so they’re out. Fortunately I had some compliant bacon so I made a scramble with eggs and bell peppers. Obviously I need to do some cleaning out of the refrigerator and freezer so I don’t have any more ingredient disappointments.
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