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  1. Weekend Problems

    It's not that I am on the go per se, it's more just a change in schedule in routine. I am going to try and stick with a good breakfast and keep the nuts out of my house. And I love the idea about a running list!! Thanks!
  2. Weekend Problems

    Good morning all, I don't know about you, but I have a much harder time complying with The Whole30 meal plan during the weekend rather than the regular week. During the week I have a schedule and I am more or less able to eat around my set schedule. On the weekend however, I'm always running around and things change so often. Therefore my eating habits are different as well. As a result I eat tons of Whole30 junk food like nuts and fruit. This is my 20th day into the program and I feel like I am not see the full results, because even though I am sticking to compliant foods, I am not making the most of the 30 days. How do you all get through the weekend? I would really love any tips or advice that anyone has!
  3. Timing Meals Around Planned Events

    Thank you guys so much!
  4. Timing Meals Around Planned Events

    I eat a template meal based for breakfast and lunch. those meals are usually between 8-9 am and noon.
  5. Timing Meals Around Planned Events

    Lol - maybe this sounds like more than a mini-meal! Haha - I am BFing btw so I eat tons of food!
  6. Timing Meals Around Planned Events

    OK... so maybe like a chicken breast, tahini (sp?) sauce, and 2 handfuls of random veggies? Also, could I eat this before I even get hungry? I am thiking if I wait til 5 I my appetite might really perk up and it will be hard to limit myself to a mini-meal. But if I eat it at 4:30, before I really get hungry, it might stave off my appetite until dinner later?
  7. Hi Guys, I am having a really big problem with one particular part of W30. Before I launch into it, I'll just say that I have completed a W30 before, with other W7s, 9s, 21s, etc. OK, this is my dilema: Every Friday night I have a Shabbat diner with my family . The timing of this meal depends on sundown, so for week dinner is probably around 8 o'clock or so. This is a really important and sacred tradition that I cannot give up. My problem is that even when I make all compliant food, I still totally overeat and it messes me up entirely! This is because I am used to eating dinner around 530 or 6 during the week. The timing of this meal is non-negotiable. So...I could try to eat a snack earlier? Or try to eat a meal earlier, and only eat a little bit during Sabbath dinner? Any and all advice is appreciated! I really want to crush this W30 but I keep getting hung up on this one night! Ah!
  8. Advice?

    You Are definitely not overeating. In fact you could definitely eat a bigger breakfast. Do you feel hunger in between meals? That will be key to avoiding cravings. Also include at least one starchy veggie. Maybe when you are still dealing with cravings eat 2 servings a day. Don't worry, you will still feel awesome!
  9. Struggling with 'failure'

    I am so glad I found this topic because I am going through the same thing. Since I have had my baby I've had a W24, W13, W9... but I've never made it to 30. I'm proud at the fact that I've been eating all of this compliant food but mostly disappointed that I have been so unsuccessful. These feelings are really bogging me down. I'm trying to tell myself to learn from mistakes. So, for example, I have learned to pack more food to bring with me at work, to make sure not to put off meals, because that just leads to gorging myself on whatever is available, and to get enough sleep (which is really hard to come by since I have a 4 month old!). That being said, my W30 is very difficult to complete because I have so much going on in my life. I need to forgive myself and move on. Dawnski-- You have a very full and complicated life, just like the rest of us. Doing this program completely changes things, and as a result it is totally understandable that you slipped up. It is really difficult to challenge for every scenario in our lives, whether it be a physical or emotional one. Be patient. You have done amazing things for yourself in 22 days. That is over 3 weeks! That is awesome!! How many people do you know can say, "I haven't had any sugar or processed foods in 3 weeks."? Whatever you decide to do - do it with intention. You will intentionally get back on, or intentionally get back off. I personally would love to correspond with you through this journey. Keep it real!
  10. Meal Template and Fruit

    Ok will do. Thanks!
  11. Meal Template and Fruit

    Is eating fruit vs. A starchy veg more or less healthy?
  12. Hi guys, Lately I have been eating fruit once I have eaten a meal that is based on the template and I am still hungry. So for example, for lunch today I had a bell pepper and cucumber with 4 eggs and homemade mayo. Then I had some diced tomatoes with some coconut milk on top. I was still hungry so I had a small handful of unsalted pistachios and 2 slices of cantaloupe. I am breast feeding my 4 month old. Does this seem like too much food? Or not a good meal? Thanks!
  13. I know... it's just thst for my 2 other kids I lost my weight so muxh faster. Now Im having a harder time. Boo hoo.
  14. Hi Guys! Baby girl is almost 4 months now. I did a W30 last March/April and it was amazing. Here are a few questions/concerns I have now: 1. My usual weight ranges from 130-135 (I'm 5'5"). Right now I"m about 140. I really want to lose the rest of my weight because a. I want to fit into my clothes a little bit better, c. get toned and healthy. BUT 1a. I am having the darndest time getting my meal times right. Sometimes I eat breakfast, sometimes I don't. When I don't I eat a HUGE dinner. Even though everything is compliant I really want my food consumption to be better during the day. I have had no supply issues, in fact, I think I have more milk than my other two pregnancies! I definitely attribute that in part to W30. 1b. On days when I don't time my meals right, is it better that I sip coconut milk rather than snack, on say, fruit and nuts? Will sipping that help me lose my weight? 2. Is it OK to eat a lot when you are BF, and can you lose your baby weight even if you are hangry? 3. You are allowed to tell me your honest opinion here: Is it kind of crazy I am obsessing about weight loss right now? Thanks for the help!
  15. Start Date August 1, 2016

    Hey guys! I am starting W30 August 1 also and I hope we csn be a resource for each other. I started wirh W30 last March. I completed a bunch of W5s, 15s, etc., but I really want to challenge myself to stick with it for 30 days again. I hope to use the next few days as prep time,aka, stocking my freezer full of food. Here is to an awesome 30 days!