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  1. So I am doing my second whole 30. I did the first round two years ago with only minimal stomach upset. This time I am having major difficulty. I started having loose stools in week one but chalked it up to detox. Instead of getting better it has gotten progressively worse. Now I have completely liquid stools and can see that food has not been digested. I also am suffering from stomach cramps and low energy. My typical diet is as follows: breakfast. 2 hard boiled eggs. Handful of berries and a few nuts, either cashew or macadamia nuts. Coffee with coconut milk Lunch: pork apple fennel lettuce wraps using endive. Kombucha tea Dinner: baba ganoush topped with beef and pine nuts. Garlic lemon coleslaw what could be wrong? I am in pain. I do not feel healthier. I feel weak! Please help!! Also before whole 30 no digestive issues and normal regular stool.
  2. Sarah1313

    Monk fruit and Monk fruit extract

    Also I would use this as cream for my coffee. Not a sweet drink by itself.
  3. Sarah1313

    Monk fruit and Monk fruit extract

    Ok so to me this seems like Lara bar territory. Technically compliant but not recommended. Maybe just if I an emergency. Thanks!
  4. MODERATOR EDIT OF ORIGINAL POST April 20, 2017 - As per the updated "SNEAKY SUGARS" download, monk fruit extract and anything that it appears in is not compliant. ____________________________________________________________________________ Is monk fruit compliant? I have seen a lot of conflicting answers on here and I really cannot see why. Firstly, monk fruit is indeed a fruit according to my research is is a melon that grows in Southeast Asia. I believe this means I could eat a fresh monk fruit on whole 30. Is this correct? If this is true, I also researched what "monk fruit extract" is and it seems to be simply the juice from the fruit "Monk fruit extract" is created by removing the seeds and skin of the fruit, crushing the fruit, and collecting the juice." If this is the case a product like Califia farms coconut almond milk is simply using fruit juice as a sweetner, which according to the whole 30 guidelines is okay. The recipe in the whole 30 book for ketchup uses apple juice as a sweetner. Also there is a recipe for grilled chicken salad in the whole 30 cookbook that calls for fruit juice sweetened dried cranberries. In this case if monk fruit was used wouldn't it be acceptable? Please can someone explain this to me?
  5. Sarah1313

    Di-Indol Methane prescribed by my doctor.

    I have worked really hard to stay on plan... will this effect my results? I have not felt the "tiger blood" yet....
  6. Sarah1313

    Di-Indol Methane prescribed by my doctor.

    The only other ingredient I think might be incompliant is "starch". It does not say corn, but it does also not say anything other than "starch."
  7. My doctor prescribed Di-Indol Methane for me, which is an over the counter supplement. I have searched everywhere to find this supplement, including online, and I cannot find any without incompliant ingredients. Most have some form of soy as an active ingredient, so I am thinking that it will be impossible for me to take this supplement as it always includes soy. I do not want to wait until after my whole 30 as I have 15 days left. In one month I am getting my blood drawn, to see if I can stop taking my prescription medication, because of my new diet, and a few other supplements I am adding... all of which are compliant. I am worried that if I wait, my bloodwork might not show the effects of this supplement yet. Is it okay for me to take this as my doctor prescribed it? The soy listed in the ingredients is "phosphatidyl (soy}
  8. Sarah1313

    First time dining out

    Thank you so much for this reply! Every time I eat out I freak out that I will have to start over! That maybe I didn't cover every single thing that could possibly be non compliant or maybe they forgot to leave something out and I didn't notice! I have been working extremely late hours and had to get take out tonight. I had green curry with shrimp. I told them to leave out the "vegetable oil", sugar, and rice. I asked if there was dairy or soy and she said no. I started getting nervous after I ate it thinking what if there was carrageenan in the coconut milk or something or maybe they put just a little oil and forgot I told them not too. But you are right. I really did do everything possible to stay compliant. I hope I was and I really hope my whole 30 makes a difference!!
  9. Sarah1313

    Do I need to restart because I ate a larabar?

    Ok thank you! Didn't realize it was going to be so sweet! I gotta get them out of my house!
  10. I am on day 5. All of the ingredients are compliant, but it was really sweet and now I feel guilty. I ate it right after my lunch because I had heard they were compliant. I had never had them before this. Please help!