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  1. So I am doing my second whole 30. I did the first round two years ago with only minimal stomach upset. This time I am having major difficulty. I started having loose stools in week one but chalked it up to detox. Instead of getting better it has gotten progressively worse. Now I have completely liquid stools and can see that food has not been digested. I also am suffering from stomach cramps and low energy. My typical diet is as follows: breakfast. 2 hard boiled eggs. Handful of berries and a few nuts, either cashew or macadamia nuts. Coffee with coconut milk Lunch: pork apple fennel lettuce wraps using endive. Kombucha tea Dinner: baba ganoush topped with beef and pine nuts. Garlic lemon coleslaw what could be wrong? I am in pain. I do not feel healthier. I feel weak! Please help!! Also before whole 30 no digestive issues and normal regular stool.