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  1. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    thanks @MegT90...went to yoga yesterday so I did just that
  2. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    saw this today and thought I'd share! love the visual sticking with things has been a bit rough head has been pounding and the emotional food triggers are a bit harder to ignore. stress eating is certainly one of my biggest challenges. looking at colleges for that last baby is tough for a mama and looking at the timeline i'm going to have to really buckle down to get through the next few days!! can't give up now though, right??? "nothing will change if nothing changes"
  3. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 8 here we go...I'm really hoping it's a better day than yesterday. Wh30 timeline says days 4-5 are kill all things day but I had mine yesterday. Entire fam was cutting a wide path around me...Woke up with massive headache today too. Hope you all had a better one!
  4. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    10 miles!!! You Go Girl!!!
  5. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    I love that this has become a thread of so many at different points in their journey! I think there is more support to be found as well as given that way!!! Today is day 7 for me...part two of "I just want a nap"...and yes, I do ( did I mention I just woke up???) @50andstillhere don't be too hard on yourself! you had a few glasses of wine and enjoyed an old friend!! that's a good thing!!! now, you are back on w30 and that's amazing! you didn't let one slip totally derail you like I have done in the past...good for you!!! @Lady49er you and minime rock!!! congrats! not to mention all the pre-planning is impressive! yay you!!! Yesterday was a bit difficult for me...I was really wanting my weekend mexican food and did hubs who is NOT doing w30...makes it tough. I did convince him to grill some steaks/asparagus instead but watching him with that glass of wine had me drooling. It may be time to admit I have a problem, lol... I also did not manage to motivate myself to engage in any sort of therapeutic physical activity, though I did do a pretty fantastic job of holding down the sofa if I should say so myself ;o) Today is a new day...I will do better (she tells herself) I will forge through...I will carry on...I will eat properly...and I will move for at least an hour!!! Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!
  6. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    @MegT90 I'm so very sorry to hear about your fur babies !!! So heartbreaking!!! @RFS Welcome!!! @HopingtoHeal sounds like you've had a great week!!! yay you!!! @tjgett the little things we learn, right? I had a work dinner last night tool...a bit difficult and was worried about not having that glass of wine but made it through just fine as well! @NannaJo wow! that will be challenging but ENJOY YOUR TRIP!!! Looking forward to the tips on how you deal with that! I struggle when dining out though most restaurants are pretty good at accommodating requests...a skill I would like to acquire, however DAY 6 is upon us! Cheers to a successful weekend everyone!!!
  7. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    @madness thanks for the tips!!! much appreciated! @Lady49er you are cracking me up !!! I have to say I was a bit cranky yesterday myself...had the energy level of a wet dishrag @50andstillhere thanks!!!
  8. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    did not sleep well at ALL last night... but here we are...DAY 4...part 1 of the "kill all things" phase according to the wh30 timeline I have to admit I'm struggling a bit this morning. Even my coffee is not so much helping . Going to have to make another trip to the grocery today...going through food fast around here...looking to try some of these recipes y'all have mentioned this next week! Maybe shaking things up a bit will help! Any suggestions for quick and easy non-egg breakfast??? I feel as though I have "de-puffed" a bit already but my energy level is non- existent!! I much admire y'all that are marathon training!!! As for me, I'm going to try and at least get myself out for a walk today...don't know that I am up for gym time...hoping this passes soon Hope everyone has a fabulous day! Looking forward to seeing how you all are today!
  9. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Today is DAY #3!!! Who's still hanging in here with me??? another day of "hangover" according to w30 timeline and boy did I have one yesterday So far so good though...yesterday took some planning cause I had more going on but I threw roast in the slow cooker and made compliant carnitas...not bad...whole house ate it with no complaints (except about the sweet potatoes that I overcooked ) I also made it to a piyo class yesterday...yay me ;o) Woke up to get thing #3 out of the house this morning and it. was. a. struggle. My eyes did not want to open today so I'm guessing it's gonna be another hangover day for least they warned me, right??? Not feeling quite as motivated today but am determined to see it through. Work dinner coming up soon so if anyone has any suggestions on making that work I'd love to hear what you've got. Also, anyone know if kombucha is compliant???
  10. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    @KarliGrace...yes, you can have green tea (as long as you don't add sugar ). Also, if you have the It Starts With Food book there is a section on how to modify if you are super active...that may be helpful to you. It's awesome that you've got so many family members on board with you!!!
  11. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    So great to see how well everyone did yesterday!!! AND we had even more w30'ers come on board! This is gonna be fun!!! DAY 2 = "THE HANGOVER" according to the w30 timeline, but hey, WE MADE IT THROUGH DAY 1!!!! SUCCESS!!! To my surprise I actually made it through day 1 easily! I really think the support and accountability here helps so much! Even the simple act of beginning the day typing out my goals and intent (as well as facing head on what weaknesses I'm feeling) is HUGE in helping me keep my mindset where it needs to be! Big talk for day 2, right . @aussiegal...I, too, am an emotional eater and am working to find alternative methods of stress management, boredom busting, and anxiety squelching. Oh, and have I mention that I really do not enjoy cooking??? And that I have teenage boys to feed (w30 is not their cup of tea, lol). I am trying to not cook multiple meals though...I cook the w30 meal I'm going to eat then whip up an extra side for them that is non-compliant. Temptation lives around every corner, right??? In addition to this healthy change to dietary components and habits I know I also need to add some fitness enhancements into my day. On a regular basis. This will be a bit of a struggle for me I'm not a complete stranger to the gym, but we're not exactly besties What are you guys doing to address that side of things??? I know w30 is about health not weight but let's be honest...we want BOTH better health AND weight I right?? Can't wait to hear from you all today!!! Have a successful one!
  12. Margot

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hey all! So happy to see I'll have some company this month!!! TODAY IS IT! FOR REAL!! DAY 1!!! I've made it through the first hour successfully,lol...yay me, right? According to the timeline today is "no big deal" day. I disagree. Maybe it's because I have tried and failed a few times??? Gonna have to let all that go and start fresh !! Cheers to you all this morning! Looking forward to hearing how your day goes!!!
  13. Anyone out there starting Sept 11??? Ready to tackle this head on and would love some fellow whole 30'ers as accountability and motivational partners! Time to stop making excuses and make some positive changes!!! College kids and hurricanes has = emotional eating and it's time to take back control Goals for my whole 30: *better digestive health *more energy *lose some inches *control over my emotional eating....who's with me??? what are your goals???
  14. i HAVE to do this...for my HEALTH and for my SANITY I completed one whole 30 very successfully a year ago. Since then I've tried multiple times and have just not been able to do it. Hoping hopping on to this forum will fuel my commitment and motivation Here we go!!!
  15. Margot

    Start Date June 29! Anyone else???

    nowim55...thanks for the pep talk and those were my thoughts as well. If i tell myself to start over that means i have failed and i know i would derail completely at that point but if I continue on to the finish line then I've overcome the obstacles and didn't let them beat me...I win I will definitely be in for another 30!!! you guys make it easy!!!! lila.kay26...hope you are going off the grid for something fun!!! Mcnix and Bronwyn...thanks to y'all as well for the supportive and encouraging comments!!! i appreciate you all more than you know!!! on a side note i came across a "dish" while in washington that they sell at the local grocery stores that i LOVED...made some last night and the hubs and my boys ate it until it was gone! (even my 14 yr old that NEVER eats salad) the store called it super food and while i'm sure i didn't get it exactly right here it is: chopped kale makes up the bulk of the dish small amount of purple cabbage mixed in grated carrots (just a sprinkling) one diced apple red grapes blueberries sunflower seeds walnuts light dusting of balsamic vinegar (its even better after it sits for a bit in the fridge) By the way this was one of my wins...while in the san juan islands the hubs and i went into 3 different restaurants and walked out because i could find nothing "safe" on the menu so we dipped into a grocery store to see if we could find a compliant meal...we ended up with this salad and turkey breast