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  1. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Wow! @JM775 I hadn't thought of the impact on the heart rate, but it makes sense! It's getting to the end of the month and money is getting tight (husband and I both took early retirement to be with the kiddos), so I've been trying to be frugal with purchases. I got a great deal on ground beef yesterday, and luckily we have several markets that have nice, low price produce ... especially bananas. Eggs are crazy expensive in California, so we hadn't used them much before W30. I was shocked when we were in Michigan a couple of times this past year and they were considered "expensive" at 68 cents a dozen! We pay triple that in CA. So this week's dinners will be chili, zuppa toscana (plus spaghetti for Sissy and Daddy), grilled chicken over kale, "taco salad" (really just seasoned meat on a bed of shredded lettuce), coconut curry chicken, and eggs. Other suggestions are welcome! I suddenly understand what all of you Empty Nesters are talking about. Mini-Me and Sissy were at a birthday party/slumber party last night, and I had the whole house to myself. It was sooooo hard not to keep running to the kitchen for snacks!! I ended up sipping a cup of mint tea while reading the Whole 30'cookbook. Even so, I'm sure it eas more challenging for Mini-Me. I made all of her food ahead of time and packed a bag full of snacks for her to have while the others munched on popcorn, cake, chips, and all the other stuff she can't have. I even made a watermelon ice for her to have something special while the others had cake and ice cream. We've made it through 2 weeks and today is Day 15 (we started 9/10). Woo hoo! Halfway through!
  2. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Homemade mayonnaise is the bomb. That is all.
  3. anyone starting Sept 11???

    <Oops! Accidentally hit "send" before I was done!> There has been way more drama with the girls' cheer squad and coach than I need, and I'm very sad because both the girls and I are losing friends over it. Here's a life tip: If people say they want to know what you think, don't fall for it! We have also started an intensive in-home behavioral therapy program for Sissy, who has ADHD. The therapists come 3 days a week (they wanted 4!), so there's another thing to pile onto the already packed day. I had the most horrendous amount of clutter clearing to do because, like my weight, I let that get away from me. I had given up on all but the basics of caring for my home because I would get so exasperated when I saw the damage that Sissy has caused (she's 9). Still, I think that getting the eating in order is helping me see how everything else in life will follow if I exert a little effort. Our downstairs is now spit spot in order, and I got a TON of cardio running stuff out to the trash and recycle bins. And the stairs!! Up and down at least a hundred times to put toys back into the playroom from which they had escaped. Yikes, I may have engaged in a TMI session here, and I hope I didn't scare anyone. But I look at this and think about what a difference the past 12 days have been. Mini-Me continues to make me proud. She is sooooo strong, and I honestly would not be this resolute without her. A classmate passed out cupcakes to celebrate a birthday yesterday, and she turned it down. BOOM! She's was sparring in her Kenpo karate class yesterday and was much quicker and mire on point than she's been in a while. Her instructor noticed and I told him about how hard she has been sticking to W30. He was totally impressed. Then Sissy went up to him and said that she was going to miss out on ice cream at the 4H meeting tonight. He told her, "No, she's getting healthy. She's not missing out on anything." Today will be spent making dips, mayonnaise, dressings, and seasoning mixes for the next week. That's my happy place! Stay strong, fellow W30 warriors!
  4. anyone starting Sept 11???

    @KarliGrace - Wow!! That's a stressful load! A move and a teething infant. I bow to you. This past week has kicked my stress-filled booty. The eating plan has been the least of my worries, and in fact I think maybe it helped me face some of the challenges better. I know for sure I didn't grab a bag of Mint Milanos to console myself, so I'd say that's a win! There has been way more drama with the girls' cheer squad and coach
  5. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Oh my gosh, that sounds heavenly, @Sytera! Can you pack my next game picnic for me??? I'm team Mom for cheer, which means I take care of all the snacks. I keep things relatively healthy anyway, usually a fruit (unsweetened applesauce or a banana), a juice box, and a crunchy "goodie" like a small bag of vanilla wafers, flavored rice cakes, or something similar. Of course there's always water. Anything that doesn't stain the uniforms! MIniMe barely noticed the difference because she had her iced green tea with mint and got a snack bag of freeze dried strawberries and bananas. Nobody else noticed she was eating differently either, which was nice. Then some mom came over with a ginormous bag of candy, and the cheer coach tackled her in a way that rivaled what was going on at the field. LOL! Dinner was meh. I made salisbury steak meatballs and put it on mashed potatoes for MiniMe and me and on noodles for Daddy and Sissy. Neither child was impressed, so we're crossing that off the list. I had to run out to the grocery store last night. My husband said he knows that they aren't on my diet, but could I pick him up some cookies. Yes, he's still alive. I got the last laugh though because ants invaded his package of cookies. Karma can be so cruel. Something I've noticed is that for as much sugar as I used to eat, I don't really miss it. When I see something tempting, I remind myself it'll be here after thirty days. Still, I'm not feeling very deprived. In fact, I feel like we're getting more than we're giving up. Sissy isn't on the diet, but she has scaled way back on her sugar intake, we're saving money by not eating out so much, and one of teachers at school today asked my husband if MiniMe lost weight because she was looking thinner. Yowza! And we're just barely over a week into this!
  6. anyone starting Sept 11???

    So sorry to hear about your pups, @MegT90. That's such a helpless feeling. Things have been relatively easy for me until today. We're at a neighbor's birthday BBQ. Let me explain what this means; the best damn food in California, and MiniMe and I can't have any of it! I marinaded some meat to throw on the grill for us, but the appetizers and desserts couldn't be any more tortuous. Bacon wrapped stuffed jalepenos, stuffed mushrooms, amazing homemade chips and salsa, homemade potato salad, cake, ice cream, and a plethora of drinks that must not touch our lips. MiniMe has perfected my stink eye as she saw the spread of temptation before us. She and I made a plan and discussed what we'd do before we even went over. We were talking about the salsa, and MiniMe came up with the idea of taking romaine lettuce leaves and dipping them instead of chips! That child is so strong and resolute. I came thiiiis close to speaking one of those stuffed jalepenos, but then I thought about everything she has given up this week and I walked away from the platter. We brought a fruit platter full of things we're allowed to have, and we head for that each time we want something else. I know we aren't supposed to snack, but this is helping us through. We brewed some green tea with mint this morning and iced it so the other drinks aren't so interesting to us. We're managing, and it isn't the end of the world. But I made my neighbor promise to make stuffed jalepenos for me on Day 31.
  7. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Good morning! I think. I seriously hope that the heads of my family are W30 compliant because I bit them all off yesterday. Every. Single. One. Even MiniMe got a taste of Mommy on the rampage. Good thing there was no added sugar. So @Margot ... I feel your pain! Let's hope today is better for everyone's sake. We had chili last night (my recipe but total compliance). Everyone had two helpings! I love @tjgett's idea of putting it over mashed potatoes. Thanks! I sure hope y'all who've told me that shopping gets easier are right because... duhn duhn duhnnnn ... I have to go today. Bleah. Wishing all of you folks an enjoyenjoyable, fulfilling, and successful day! Stay strong!
  8. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 3 is in the books, and dinner was challenging because we have to all eat at different times. But I made some coconut chicken curry that was pretty bomb-diggety (if I do say so myself) and portioned it out over rice for Daddy and Sissy and riced cauliflower for MiniMe and me, and we ate when we needed to. Sissy isn't a fan of curry, but she took one for the team yesterday. It's so motivating to read about everyone's struggles and achievements, and a couple of people have posted some nice meal ideas. I also love that we have everything from new moms to empty nesters and couch potatoes <raises hand> to marathon runners. My biggest issue is information overload. So many rules, so many things to read, and oh don't get me started on the shopping. I almost cried a couple of days ago as I sat in the aisle of the grocery store surrounded by cans of coconut milk and various soup stocks trying to read the teensie weensie writing and getting so frustrated. Why oh why is there so much added sugar, sulfites, etc?????? I finally found what I needed, but I came to the realization that I can never again send my husband to the store to pick something up for me. His head will explode. And I absolutely can't make my own stock because I'm totally grossed out by bones. I eat meat, but only boneless cuts. Watching someone eat ribs off the bone is thoroughly disgusting to me, so yeah ... no homemade chicken or beef stock is coming from this girl's kitchen! On the other hand, I'm finding that the homemade sauces, dips, and condiments are really quite tasty, and I enjoy making them. Here's to another day of healthy eating. Hopefully the tired bug will leave you alone. It hasn't caught up to me yet ... fingers crossed anyway. Stay strong!!
  9. anyone starting Sept 11???

    No hangover here, although I felt queasy yesterday. But you're probably right that you unknowingly may have added things that make your body feel bad and now your body is detoxing. Between that and the blood draw, your body is probably just pouting and trying to show you who's boss. This too shall come to pass. It's only day 3 for MiniMe and me, so maybe it'll take us longer before the detox really hits. One thing I'm kind of weirded out about is that I don't really feel more energetic. Maybe I'm expecting too much too soon. Hang in there!
  10. anyone starting Sept 11???

    No! I had no idea such a thing existed! Thanks for the tip and the other suggestions you offered. I know she'll love the kale chips, but I failed miserably on my first attempt at making them. I've got 28 more days to keep practicing. LOL!
  11. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Technically you're right. You're supposed to eat your fruit, not drink it. But here's the rub; MiniMe is only 7 years old. That's 2nd grade. Her world is filled with people who eat cereal for breakfast, pizza at lunch, put cheese on their tacos, and make YouTube videos of candy eating challenges. She has stood up to and stayed strong against all of those temptations, and that was just Day 1 & 2! I'm so, so, so proud of her resolve. Having said that, there are no other alternatives for breakfast for her. She despises eggs. She doesn't just gag on them; it's a gross but impressive stream of projectile vomit. Yes, she could just sit and eat a banana, have a small cup of almond milk, and chew on some ice instead of putting it in a smoothie, but that doesn't fill her up as effectively as the thick concoction that I may have snuck some other "things" (vegetables) into. "I want kale for breakfast" said no kid ever. So if they're gonna put me in Whole30 jail for breakfast smoothies, I guess I'll hafta take one for the team. LOL!!
  12. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Your testimonial is sooooo inspiring, @HopingtoHeal! Thank you for sharing all the positives you achieved in Round 1.
  13. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 1 was so amazing, but I feel like I'm going to pass out right now. Had the same breakfast as yesterday and wasn't hungry til noon, but it's only 10:00 and I feel gross. I know you're not supposed to snack, but I really think I need some raisins or nuts. Gah!
  14. Start date 9/10/17 with 7 yr old daughter

    How did Day 1 go for you?
  15. Start date 9/10/17 with 7 yr old daughter

    Ha! I just realized I never submitted the reply I wrote weeks ago! But now looking back on it and all of your great responses and advice, this was definitely the way to go. I started adding almond milk to her 1% with a little more almond and a little less 1% each day, and she now prefers straight almond milk. We started yesterday and she was eager to try new things and didn't complain even once about not getting to have something else. She loves smoothies for breakfast anyway, so we replace the 1% milk with the almond milk, and she's happy. We always use bananas in the smoothies, and yesterday we added a little cocoa powder and today we tossed in a few strawberries to change things up a little. I can't get her to eat eggs except as a cheese loaded omelet and she isn't a fan of potatoes, so I'm glad there's an easy, tasty alternative for breakfast. Yesterday was Day 1, and it went amazingly smooth for both of us. I made a charcuterie board (minus cheese!) Of mini chicken apple sausage, tri-color mini sweet peppers, and some strawberries, melon, and pistachios. It was so amazing that my husband and other daughter, who are dedicated junk food eaters, dipped into our platter instead of eating their football snacks! Whaaaaat??? Healthy family eating??? Whoa!! The best part of the day was when the girls went to play at a friend's house and they decided to make a YouTube video and do a candy challenge. The mom took the kids to the store but knew about my youngest one's diet. MiniMe was politely declining all of the sweets, but the mom texted to see if she was allowed to have gum. Of course she can't, so the mom let her pick out a little toy instead. I am so proud of how strong my little one was, and so thankful for the support of the other mom.