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  1. I'm looking for advice & ideas from people who've been though this - I am currently just 7 weeks pregnant and for the past couple of weeks my appetite is very changed and pretty much gone. I don't have issues with nausea/vomiting (yet) but seem to have stopped being able to eat all my usual favourite foods. I used to love eggs for breakfast and piles of broccoli, Brussel sprouts & green beans with just about everything; I used to get very excited about a huge salad with chicken & olives... now none of those things appeals to me and all I want to eat are very simple carbohydrates (p
  2. Biona coconut milk is compliant and Asda sell it, I think it really is just a case of reading labels though
  3. 1. eggs & broccoli 2. chicken & veg 3. steak & stir-fry veg i think... carrots & a prime bar walk = 5 miles in the rain, wet feet.... want to go for a run sob....
  4. 1. eggs and broccoli, carrots & an apple 2. same as yesterday but with extra cooked veg 3. pork chops, bacon, mushrooms, leeks & sage, greenery bike = 10.5 miles walk = 5 miles, can't wait to get back to running....sigh...
  5. 1. eggs and mushrooms (carrots and an apple later) 2. chicken & massive salad w/ olives, left over cooked veg,, onion, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, etc. 3. chicken (again) wrapped in parma ham with chilli & garlic roasted peppers, mushrooms & onions, maybe a sweet potato? 25g of mixed nuts bike = 10.5 miles walk = 5 miles
  6. well, I am in a right old pickle with myself...
  7. hmm..... not really getting back into things after the holiday, maybe a 14 day reset from Monday will help.... (very bad) example - today's food: 1. half a coffee & a 5 mile run (not breakfast or pre-workout at all...) 1.5 fage yoghurt, oats & honey 2. OMG actual ciabatta & salami.... (bloated and sad now...) 3. steak and veg so 1/3 meals constructed to be tasty & healthy, 1/3 most certainly not (ouch)... Monday 29th July - Sunday 11th August = w30 loveliness for me
  8. 'paprika is made from goji berries' I don't think Paprika is made from goji berries...
  9. DONE!!! today: up at 04:15 to move a swarm of bees that've moved into our bait-hive. Run= 5.5 miles as the sun popped up , bike = 10 miles 1. Eggs, Shrooms, left over roast spud 2. Chicken salad 3. Chicken & roast veg.... Not really fussed about changing much food-wise today, one more home sleep & a hotel sleep until holiday time....
  10. 1. eggs and shroooms 2. chicken salad 3. pork chops w/leeks, more shrooms, bacon, green beans, b sprouts, etc..... hairdresser Bike - 10.5 miles, did run 7 miles yesterday and it was very sweaty 2 sleeps and a hotel sleep then holidays - SO EXCITED
  11. SLEEPY.... zzzzzzzzzz
  12. day 30 = tomorrow. 1. eggs & shrooms 2. chicken salad 3. homemade burger, broccoli, g beans, b sprouts, roast cabbage a run..... maybe 7 miles - it is very warm and humid though ...
  13. lovely weather this weekend, so 12.5 miles running on Saturday, 8 on Sunday and a couple of 5 mile walks too today: 1 = eggs & plums w/five spice & extra cinnamon 2. chicken salad w/ olives & beetroot & leftover veg from yesterday 3. left over roast beef and a big fat salad 4 sleeps and a hotel sleep and then HOLIDAY
  14. up at 03:45 to watch the sunrise 1 = eggs & broccoli rice 2 = squid & prawns (no veg though ) 3 = steak & broccoli, b sprouts, green beans, roasted cabbage, mushrooms In one week I will be finished work for my holiday in less than that my 30 day reset will be done