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  1. Starting January 2!

    Happy day 28! Today I have discovered the most amazing thing - left over apple sauce (literally cooked Bramley apple with fennel seeds) made for Sunday dinner is completely delicious with veg and eggs for breakfast who knew? On another note, I see lots of people starting to plan introductions, which is very sensible at this stage. It's my third round and all I'll be bringing back for now is wine for cooking (not drinking), lack of it is too limiting for weekend dinners in the slow cooker and it does me no noticeable harm. For people reintroducing right away I'd highly recommend keeping a record of what and when and how you feel - it's easy to sweep a less than good reaction under the carpet when there's a strong emotional or nostalgic connection with the food.... I've certainly allowed that to happen in the past ...
  2. Starting January 2!

    I've found that planning extra starchy carbs works for me, also just eating 'more' in general for the few days before it's due seems to help. Sweet potatoes and ghee, maybe a bit extra protein too and you can never have too much broccoli in my opinion - obviously not everyone feels that way about broccoli though
  3. Starting January 2!

    It's the evening of day 14 for me and I'm posting in recognition of an NSV that's easily overlooked. I have atrocious pmt carb cravings every month; no matter what I do or eat I always want extra easy sugar. One of the best things about whole30 is that it's really easy to feel hungry and just eat more food, no counting how many calories are contained within some godsforsaken packet of nutrition free pseudo-food - I just eat a bit more home cooked, delicious, actual food and move on, safe in the knowledge that my appetite will balance out next week happy days (and really tasty stir-fry with pineapple)
  4. Starting January 2!

    I'm most likely starting on the 2nd - it'll be my 40th birthday and my third full Wh30 Looking forward to feeling healthy after a highly indulgent festive season
  5. Starting 8/28 Excited

    Half way through day 2 and all is well, already feeling very much less bloated and more alert. I'm cycling home for luch as well as to work & back, so 10 miles a day, plus my running - not feeling massivley hungry at the moment but I know I will in a few days, just need to remember to start adding in a sweet potato or two on heavy work out days when the hunger starts...
  6. Starting 8/28 Excited

    I'm back to it on Tuesday 29th - I crashed off my last attempt after 17 days but this will be my third whole 30. My problem is that I don't have strong negative reactions to particular foods and have drifted back into poor eating (and drinking) choices. When I stay close to template I feel infinitely better but it's so easy to forget feeling less than great, especially when it creeps up so gradually....
  7. It's lovely to read about everyone enjoying such delicious food and hopefully no one is struggling too much with old weekend habits.... it's been a pretty busy day today - 10 mile run in the rain this morning, shopping for the week, and now cooking what's turned into a whole 30 banquet; Moroccan Lamb patties, potatas bravas, Lebanese herb salad and tahini dressing- also some salad leaves & co (in case we get hungry.....) What's everyone else enjoying this evening?
  8. Day 3 & the bloat is pretty much gone this morning (thanks @emilyelowe for your kind concern). Also in good/bad news, the 8 mile run planned for Tuesday did not happen due to said bloat but last night I put the best time in for that distance I've run in years - not super-fast but 1 hr 10 is a massive improvement on what I have been doing, just plodding along (it's hilly here too...). 6 miles planned for tonight and looking forward to it already... Yesterday's meal 3 experiment with wine vinegar & juice worked well too, I added a sliced bramley apple which seemed to help thanks @delicacious for your help with that. This morning with the bloating gone I actually woke up hungry so 2 eggs, spinach, brussel sprouts, mushroom, onion & green beans cooked in coconut oil yum! Is it wrong that I'm already looking forward to my tea? It's chicken breast wrapped in (compliant) ham and roasted on herbs with balsamic roasted peppers, courgette, mushrooms, etc. in olive oil & garlic and lots of green veg... I'm not hungry, just greedy/enthusiastic
  9. Thanks for this - I've no compliant stock in the house so I think I'll try the mix of juice & vinegar, there's only one way to find out...
  10. Day 2 for me and still feeling obscenely bloated but that'll be gone in a couple of days, it's entirely my own fault and caused by consuming large quantities of things on holiday that are not healthy for me . I have a question; I am cooking pork chops tonight, braised with onion, garlic, mushrooms, chicory, tarragon & thyme (serving w/ brocolli, cauliflower, courgette, etc. to get PLENTY of veg in) - usually I'd use Vermouth or white wine to braise in but clearly that's not happening today - has anyone tried using appple juice and cider vinegar in combination instead of white wine in cooking? Does it work? Will it render perfectly good ingredients immediately inedible? I'm likely to eat and enjoy the results in any case but my husband doesn't share my motivation to avoid the wine I'd normally be using....
  11. After a fantastic 2 week vacation during which literally EVERYTHING was designated 'worth it' I've made a snap decision to join you guys - i feel bloated and unconfortable and would like not to. I'm also going to use these 30 days to work on improving my 10k running pace (I've done a couple of Wh30s before so I do know to be kind to myself in the first week - 10 days and not push too hard for speed). So, today is my day 1, round 3 and I'm pretty excited to get back to looking after myself as I should. Sadly (due to bloat) no breakfast/meal one today but looking forward to a deliciously compliant lunch and an 8 mile run after work today
  12. Feb. 6 start date

    I'm also starting tomorrow. It'll be my third round. I basically crashed off the January Whole 30 over this weekend, it's my husband's birthday and I said he should eat and drink exactly what he wanted and then joined in. It appears that wheat REALLY doesn't agree with me, which I did know already, this time it's been horrendous though and definitely not worth it - out running yesterday both my feet went numb and it was so painful I had to turn back turning my planned 10 miles into just 7, my guts hurt too as though they've been wrung out All my own fault though and I cannot wait to get back on track for at least another 30 days then a proper reintroduction
  13. January 3, 2017

    Hi I am also starting on January 3rd - I've completed one whole 30 and a few smaller re-sets but need to get properly back on track after Christmas...
  14. Painful failures with sugars

    hmg1993 - thank you so much for responding, I really appreciate that more than you may know - I'm all on my own and thousands of miles away from home and it's really helped me to know that there are other people in the world who do understand. Unfortunately the foods I've been able to bring with me have ben limited because I've flown into the US from the UK and, not wanting to attract unwanted attention at customs, was obliged to take notice of the regulations regarding fresh produce coming into the US. I do not have access to a car here either and am reliant on colleagues for transport to and from my hotel, the only place I'm going to is work... I've been dodging invitations to eat out on the basis that I'm staying on UK time and need to sleep early... this part of Texas does not seem to be very Whole30 friendly but I've been able to get eggs & fruit for breakfast so that's good I think... I do need to learn to stay away from all forms of condensed sugar even in dried fruits. I think I fell into the trap of believing that I would have more will power/motivation that I actually had in this situation (travelling, tired, stressed, PMS, etc.) and failed to plan approriately because of that. I cannot wait to get home on Friday where I know what I can get to eat and when and where! This morning I've been in the hotel gym, which I think may actually be the only non-air conditioned space in America! So after 45 mins of running up a very sweaty imaginary hill I feel a little less bloated. I know I'll feel much better in a few days - just need to find a way of remembering how I feel now so i don't repeat the series of errors that lead to this (again). On my first Whole30 I actually did avoid dried fruit, nuts, compliant food bars, etc. knowing that they were not a good idea for me, since then I've struggled to get back on plan, we moved house, I handed my masters dissertation in that same week, now we're waiting on our first appointment for ivf (which we have to cover the cost of ourselves) - I think it all adds up and suspect that I could be sabotaging my own health as a distraction (if that makes any kind of sense) - i wonder if throwing obstacles in my own path where it comes to food allows me to have a problem I can spend time/effort dealing with rather than worrying about things that I might not be able to control (things like expensive and uncertain outcomes from ivf treatment...) Thank you again - I actually had a little cry reading your response (dodgy hormones i think) - it really is appreciated that a stranger can take the time to help out with good advice and reassurance.
  15. I am having a terrible time staying on plan. Typically I manage a couple of weeks and feel great then for some reason choose to gorge on sugar laden crap. Often this is in the form of 'compliant' foods such as Nakd bars and dried fruit but on occasion it escalates to include all kinds of non-foods such as wheat containing products, etc. On Monday this week I set off to travel for work, knowing I'd be at the mercy of airport and airline foods for 24 hours I planned ahead and packed what I could ( tricky given the airport security rules for.liquids, etc.). Sadly I underestimated the power of the sugars in dried fruit and ended up on a massive binge, consuming an unwholesome amount of food - literally must have been >5000 calories worth of rubbish. Needless to say, it's Wednesday morning and I still feel terrible - bloated, painful guts, puffy, sloshy water retention.... Icky! Some things that definitely contributed; it was three days before my period was due and I always want high carb foods at that time; I was feeling incredibly stressed out knowing I had to travel so far on my owns and I hate flying, etc. I almost feel like I preempted the whole thing, knowing that there was literally no way for me to get the food I would prefer to eat so just threw the towel in at the first opportunity - at least that way I'm still in control.... ( hilarious bad logic). i was able to pack decent food in my checked-in bag so subsequently I've been back to a more normal way of eating, I have tinned tuna, tinned tomatoes, olives, tinned veg and a microwave in my hotel. I would really appreciate any tips on how the hell I can avoid this hideous pattern, I worry that it's a new development towards a serious binge eating problem. I wonder if I'm still not eating enough good stuff day to day - I'm continuing to battle against a mind set that says less is always better.... Perhaps some clarity will be gained just by writing this post?