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  1. I'm looking for advice & ideas from people who've been though this - I am currently just 7 weeks pregnant and for the past couple of weeks my appetite is very changed and pretty much gone. I don't have issues with nausea/vomiting (yet) but seem to have stopped being able to eat all my usual favourite foods. I used to love eggs for breakfast and piles of broccoli, Brussel sprouts & green beans with just about everything; I used to get very excited about a huge salad with chicken & olives... now none of those things appeals to me and all I want to eat are very simple carbohydrates (porridge/oatmeal, even white toast (!), today what I really fancy is a cinnamon bagel ). My appetite is completely gone in the evenings, I am just not eating the food I prepare any time after around 14:00 each day. My question is, what have other people had success with? I accept that I'm not going to be doing any kind of fully compliant W30 for now but really do not want to subsist on white bread for the next 7.5 months!
  2. FairyL0u

    UK availability

    Biona coconut milk is compliant and Asda sell it, I think it really is just a case of reading labels though
  3. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    1. eggs & broccoli 2. chicken & veg 3. steak & stir-fry veg i think... carrots & a prime bar walk = 5 miles in the rain, wet feet.... want to go for a run sob....
  4. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    1. eggs and broccoli, carrots & an apple 2. same as yesterday but with extra cooked veg 3. pork chops, bacon, mushrooms, leeks & sage, greenery bike = 10.5 miles walk = 5 miles, can't wait to get back to running....sigh...
  5. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    1. eggs and mushrooms (carrots and an apple later) 2. chicken & massive salad w/ olives, left over cooked veg,, onion, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, etc. 3. chicken (again) wrapped in parma ham with chilli & garlic roasted peppers, mushrooms & onions, maybe a sweet potato? 25g of mixed nuts bike = 10.5 miles walk = 5 miles
  6. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    well, I am in a right old pickle with myself...
  7. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

  8. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    hmm..... not really getting back into things after the holiday, maybe a 14 day reset from Monday will help.... (very bad) example - today's food: 1. half a coffee & a 5 mile run (not breakfast or pre-workout at all...) 1.5 fage yoghurt, oats & honey 2. OMG actual ciabatta & salami.... (bloated and sad now...) 3. steak and veg so 1/3 meals constructed to be tasty & healthy, 1/3 most certainly not (ouch)... Monday 29th July - Sunday 11th August = w30 loveliness for me
  9. FairyL0u

    Can I have Vidatea teatox?

    'paprika is made from goji berries' I don't think Paprika is made from goji berries...
  10. FairyL0u

    Whole30 Pre & Post InBody Scans

    Just a thought - given that W30 is not necessarily a weight loss plan, could it be that the small increase in body fat is actually an health improvement? 9.2% body fat is still pretty low....
  11. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    DONE!!! today: up at 04:15 to move a swarm of bees that've moved into our bait-hive. Run= 5.5 miles as the sun popped up , bike = 10 miles 1. Eggs, Shrooms, left over roast spud 2. Chicken salad 3. Chicken & roast veg.... Not really fussed about changing much food-wise today, one more home sleep & a hotel sleep until holiday time....
  12. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    1. eggs and shroooms 2. chicken salad 3. pork chops w/leeks, more shrooms, bacon, green beans, b sprouts, etc..... hairdresser Bike - 10.5 miles, did run 7 miles yesterday and it was very sweaty 2 sleeps and a hotel sleep then holidays - SO EXCITED
  13. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    SLEEPY.... zzzzzzzzzz
  14. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    day 30 = tomorrow. 1. eggs & shrooms 2. chicken salad 3. homemade burger, broccoli, g beans, b sprouts, roast cabbage a run..... maybe 7 miles - it is very warm and humid though ...
  15. FairyL0u

    Day Zero

    lovely weather this weekend, so 12.5 miles running on Saturday, 8 on Sunday and a couple of 5 mile walks too today: 1 = eggs & plums w/five spice & extra cinnamon 2. chicken salad w/ olives & beetroot & leftover veg from yesterday 3. left over roast beef and a big fat salad 4 sleeps and a hotel sleep and then HOLIDAY