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  1. oooh Homesoil that doesn't sound good! Sympathetic noises and well done for sticking to it. As my mum says - this too shall pass. With you on the low energy which I think is par for the course for now (just came back from the gym and would really like to go back to bed but its up a flight of stairs!!) But dizzy??? are you eating enough? sticking to the template and adding fat?? Hydrating??? Sounds like you need to eat a bit more. I felt dire yday late afternoon (do I need to drop out dire) but improved after a meal and some calcium supplementation and here to tell the tale. Hope your day improves. Go and eat!
  2. Day 4 and heading for bed. Hope you’ve all survived Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. britgirl

    Food Freedom Reset 4/23/18

    Hi all how’s it going? I’ve felt completely ghastly today - possibly low calcium ( I had calcium control issues post surgery and am on meds to help uptake it ) so if it doesn’t improve I’m going to need to rethink. It seems you need a lot of greens or salmon compared to dairy and I’m trying not to scarf back nuts. I can just supplement calcium but I had such issues with bouncing calcium I’m not keen to. Any ideas mods?? Hope you’re all surviving and making up with estranged spouses!
  4. Fair cop!! Yep definitely felt like ‘desert’ . I’ve found fruit is hard to stop so maybe best as an addition (eg as in Apple in Melissa’s hash whichvwe all love) rather than eating after a meal. Bought grapes “for my daughters salad” today and have had out on table. Will go and hide in box in fridge. Dragon get thee hence! Thanks for advice
  5. Yes please to the recipe. Now have lots of roast chicken to use! Thanks. And we’re a tenth of the way thru already people!
  6. Q @ladyshanny..... I had apple with almond butter after roast chicken dinner ( not done enough veg - they shrank in the oven! ) so still hungry but not particularly craving sugar. Is that still best avoided? Had with almond butter so not just high carb. (And I’m a little in love with almond butter if I’m brutally honest so a bit too treaty? ) so is fruit best avoided if you have an angry dragon? And I remember reading somewhere about not having nuts everyday or limiting them a bit. Did I dream that?? thanks for help mods
  7. Just reading threads and saw this - how’s it going?? I sympathise! I’m getting over surgery and v easily crash and burn. Now on day 3 of my 3rd round and after a mass of cooking I’ve remembered the joy of roasting chicken! I’m putting in a big one for this eve with easy veg ( can just have with a bag of salad and home made 5sec mayo with - if you want them - baked pots or sweet pots.) will ask husband to strip the chicken and will have again as salad with avacado and I’ll stuff all the gubbins in the slow cooker overnight with a carrot and stick of celery and some salt and make some nutrient dense bone broth to drink as a snack or bung in a load of stir fry veg ( comes in bags) and chopped cooked chicken and grated ginger for a lunch. So glad I remembered roast chicken! The meal planning has been slightly doing my head in but with a vast frittata and a chicken we can conquer the world! Good luck all
  8. Aarghhhhhhhhhh wrong button!!! No idea how that got there! [email protected] - thanks for the ideas. Leftovers seem the breakfast way forward. I’ve made some almond butter but really can’t be left alone with it so wouldn’t trust myself within 50 yards with some dried apple ring! And I’m in the uk but keep hearing about Trader Joes. Sounds great! Is there nothing they don’t sell? Thanks for encouraging us all on. Particularly about cooking (again). @kenzington15 yeah to a fellow fan! Daughter was talking about the new film but I’m really not a sci fit fan - just watched G of the G as it was my sons bday but from the first totally unexpected song/dance I was hooked. The sequels v good too. With you on the coffee. I quite like a bullet proof if I’m hungry but’s no latte. Went to a cafe today and had a (snort) fruit tea. Sigh. But thought at the time, there’s enjoyment in no guilt and in staying compliant (if not in fruit tea!!) and the joy of a drink is v short lived. And when the NSVs start coming in we’ll be very glad. For what it’s worth I’ve found chai tea is not at all bad with almond milk, better than regular tea. Your curry sounds lovely - from the book? And does pumpkin soup fill you up enough? Hope all doing well today
  9. Darn! Wish I’d come online and read that before polishing off the Easter eggs and a bag of crisps. Why? Why? Oh....and my “last” latte. But ‘‘tis done now. Onwards and upwards. But ........have been busy sticking the template to the fridge, and the shopping list and additive sheets in the car ready to go plus made mayo and prepared the first breakfast so I’m now in the zone. But you’re so right @SugarcubeOD my stomach is even now having a chat about the wisdom of today’s food choices! Wish I could remember how bad these make me feel but I have a horribly short memory where food pain is concerned! But at least now I really can’t wait to start. Good luck everyone! Let’s try and all get thru as a team. It’s so so much easier with support
  10. britgirl

    Food Freedom Reset 4/23/18

    Hi @womaninshoe exciting to see you in cyberspace! Will tell you what I ate but not tonight. Bed calling but day 2 tick. Night all
  11. I love your name @hopefor Overcomers as well as your attitude. Well done you for almost getting to the end - or the beginning! Tell us- does the cooking and thinking get easier and what do you eat for breakfast Oh awesome day 31 One??
  12. Ok now I have no idea what you’re talking about!! I leave the techno to my kids. You can change the pic cos I’ve done it. teenage daughter did. But Groot is nice so no need unless you get sick of being a tree. Woke up with anvil pinning me to the bed and serious headache. Ouch! Not had the day 2 “hangover” before. Serves me right for Eating All The Things ( see timeline) on day zero. Have drunk masses of water and forced down some frittata and feel better. But quite overwhelmed with the enormity of the cooking task. Yet more acres of washing up! (Made frittata muffins for the freezer for grab and go breakfasts). Regret talking husband and daughter into doing it too but very good for us all and I’d like to make this our normal way of eating. It’s alarming how quickly you can slide into pre prepared and rubbish food cos it’s easy. And we now have a fridge full of compliment meal options which is great. Good luck all today. Let me know how you’re doing
  13. britgirl

    Food Freedom Reset 4/23/18

    @Nira81 hi! We need to hear those stories.....and what’s good about that cookbook? i WAS prepared but now husband and a daughter are joining in we’ve already scarfed a good proportion of it! Day one and I’ve already washed up a mountain of gadgets and considering another 3 meals tomorrow. I seem to remember this gets easier as you go along but Fast and Easy is sounding v appealing! Hope all has gone well for you all. I’ve enjoyed no food guilt today. Day one tick. Yeah! Amyrosina hi! You can do this! We all can if we support each other thru the tough times. I’m going to do the backward count on the kitchen calendar in large red pen so if I drop out the shame will be too aweful to endure! I’ll post a picture when I’m done. My way of committing.
  14. Story of my life! Guardians of the Galaxy is a fairly lighthearted sci fi film ( tho violent in places) but doesn’t take itself too seriously and it has a really good 70s music sound track. And a very sweet tree called Groot. Uncannily like your profile picture! And do look up the time line ( on w30 ? Resources and in the W30 book and the Day by Day book. Helpful wise and always makes me smile. Thats a big tick for today. One day down. Hope you’re all doing well
  15. Ps have you watched Guardians of the Galaxy, Homesoil? You really need to with that profile picture. Look out for Groot. Keep it in the bank for Kill all the Things day!