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  1. Food Freedom Reset 4/23/18

    Golly that sounds challenging! How old? My kids like the frittata muffins as long as they’re tasty. When they were little I used to blend spinach into all sorts of things so maybe you can do green muffins?! Suspect would be too soggy tho unless you added a bit of cocoanut flour to soak up moisture( I think that’s ok to do as long as not just using loads of it in place of flour). What about blended veggie sauces on meat? The red pepper sauce is really nice ( I use less vinegar and capers so not so sharp. I roast peppers and toms onion and garlic and blend with oil and water to thin and you could hide all sorts in that! Wd be nice with home made chicken nuggets - get them to help - dipped in egg and almond flour or blitzed crispy pork rind. Mellisa Joulwan ( or something like that) has a nice scotch egg recipe too. Edging towards comfort baking but good for visiting children! Tomorrow we go! Best of luck! I see you’ve joined the other thread too -shall we reconvene over there?
  2. Darn! Wish I’d come online and read that before polishing off the Easter eggs and a bag of crisps. Why? Why? Oh....and my “last” latte. But ‘‘tis done now. Onwards and upwards. But ........have been busy sticking the template to the fridge, and the shopping list and additive sheets in the car ready to go plus made mayo and prepared the first breakfast so I’m now in the zone. But you’re so right @SugarcubeOD my stomach is even now having a chat about the wisdom of today’s food choices! Wish I could remember how bad these make me feel but I have a horribly short memory where food pain is concerned! But at least now I really can’t wait to start. Good luck everyone! Let’s try and all get thru as a team. It’s so so much easier with support
  3. Food Freedom Reset 4/23/18

    Hi Emily why thank you! I feel a bit of a fraud actually as I hardly had any symptoms and felt fine -until the treatment! But yep good to be through it and moving onwards. Many thanks for encouragement. You’re right this is small fry compared to this last year - just dying to start now. We’re out for lunch tomorrow and I hate being the ‘I can’t eat....’ dinner guest so waiting till that’s done. I really need to go thru the if this then that scenarios so my head is prepared too. Breakfast - yep!! Not yet dreading eggs but I know it will come! So .....I make a batch of burgers (beef mince, with chopped onion , garlic, and add eg grated carrot, grated courgette and seasoning and squish all together with some seasoning and an egg or 2 and (as the veg release moisture when cooking ) either a tablespoon or 2 of chai seeds or ground almond to make a bit firmer. Then I oven cook and freeze and move from freezer to fridge the night before so in the am I microwave and serve with a fried egg on top with any left over veg or leaves and usually mayo. My mate revolutionised my breakfast by saying that every day she had half a baked sweet potato with bacon ( easy to find compliment in the U.K.) and egg and leaves. Yummy! And all enhanced by the red pepper sauce from the book. To grab and go I make what is essentially frittata in silicone muffin cups and do the freezer trick again. Very flexible recipe and forgive me if I’m teaching my grandma to suck eggs but I do fried onions/leeks/ garlic/peppers/ plus if you fancy it cooked crispy bacon or ham plus chives or other herbs (I miss the tastiness of cheese) / cubed cooked sweet pot etc etc. Then I put a good dessert spoon of the mixture into each muffin cup and beat 6-9 eggs (for 12 muffins) with a splash of almond milk and 1 tablespoon ground almonds to stop being overly moist and bake for about 20 mins. Don’t think it’s ‘paleo bake cheating ‘ and I find it easier to transport than frittata. I have 2 or 3 (you need a few) with a little pot of olives for fat or cuc slices if having a bullet proof coffee for fat). Whole 30 book fish cakes are also great for breakfast and freeze well. This may be the longest post ever!! Let’s blast breakfast this round. Great to share ideas! Off to bake burgers!
  4. Dianne you’re wonderful! Thank you! I’ve completed several now and I think it’s hard to overestimate the importance of the meal template. It went so very much better when I stuck to it. Never heard of B100! But v glad it helped. Very well done you for doing so well and thanks for all you’re encouragement. Just need to get on and start now! Resisting (mostly) the temptation to Eat All the (off plan) Things before monday. How stupid would that be?! Think we need you as our cheer leader - best of luck with your remaining days and reintro. Keep us posted! best wishes Jenny
  5. Count me in! Weighed and measured me this am. You probably heard the screaming....... Good luck all jenny
  6. Food Freedom Reset 4/23/18

    Hi Emily may I join you? I’ve completed several successful whole 30s ( and failed to complete 2 if I’m honest. Last ditched attempt was last October when diagnosed with thyroid cancer and the world went a little crazy. Now had surgery x2 been on a sofa since Dec, eaten any food the wonderful church family delivered or my husband cooked - not a vast veg fan but has been awesome- and coming back to it all a stone heavier but cancer clear. I’ll take that!) Ive read Whole 30 from cover to cover this weekend and my w30 daily arrived yday, butter is clarified, mayo& burgers for freezer breakfasts waiting to be made and frittata planned. Scared I can’t do it again and will crash and burn again but my successful times have been hugely helped by these forums and the wise moderators. So I’m going to do my darnedest. I’m still not brilliantly well and body is not enjoying not having a thyroid but a good diet and good gut has to be a good place to start. Husband has agreed to join me this time but wants me to do all the thinking. But having him on board should be very helpful and curb some of the off plan shopping. 2 daughters at home still so can’t clear kitchen but have managed before. You sound v impressive! I’ve not managed food freedom yet but know I have to eat better every day (I’m a bit food scitzophrenic) as cancer has been a bit of a wake up call. Lets do this!
  7. Hi Karen glad to find you! I’ve been trying to research diet post total thyroidectomy - I’ve piled weight on since I had mine in December for cancer. Glad to have a good outcome but can’t currently bend in my jeans as so tight and I refuse to buy a whole new wardrobe! Have been quite unwell so eating anything anyone put in front of me until recently ( and cared not) but need to have a rethink before my jeans split or make me bleed! Must go to bed but thought I’d say hello. I think no thyroid is profound in terms of effects on the body so great to be doing this with some others. Best wishes jenny
  8. Thanks for the support lovely @aussiegal and in awe of you and @brittanyxo going for W120! Wow that's impressive. I'm keeping on swimming but aware that mentally I'm still using food as reward/comfort etc so plenty of room to change. I'm also v sick of eggs and also mayo. So the thought of a 120 makes me shudder. I could have packed it all in yday ( crazy busy week with 2 talks on top of usual work plus extra kids stuff going on) when was out food shopping and weary weary weary and tired of juggling food for everyone but DH wouldn't let me and sat me down with a black tea and a banana while he finished off. Lovely man. His "baby" is shrinking so having been very disparaging about it he's now supporting me which is just what I need this week. @SugarcubeOD I know you're right so I'll see how it's going by day 30. I'd planned the days and timing quite carefully for reintro so it may just have to be an incomplete 30 which tho not the plan, is better than nothing. It certainly highlights my emotional dependence on food. I've never done it warmer months either and I suspect that may be easier. I've always got to a 'ticking along easily'place before but I'm not there this time. But 10 days or so to go so never say never. Glad the breakfast meets approval! I had 4 bits of bacon too which would add to the total protein count?? When I eat a breakfast like that it seems like the easiest plan in the world! Maybe I just need to give up work.......... Thanks for advice
  9. Well done you 3! Impressive! I have to come clean - I went for a routine medical appt and report back on a scan and the consultant has referred me on urgently ( were talking National health service here!!) because of s th on it saying 'it's probably nothing'. It probably is nothing but his reaction to some information I gave him threw me as I'd gone about a different body part but he was joining the dots. So I came out a bit shell shocked and found myself shortly after sitting on the tube eating a bag of salt and vinagar crisps and a latte. My go to comfort food. I then arrived home and hit the chocolate cupboard ( it was horribly sweet so a small hit ! ). Not proud of this but there we are. And the very food I was eating was the most likely to spike insulin and cause health issues and feed inflammation and cancer etc etc. so not intelligent. So then had to decide whether to pack it in and just bake cake, drink the milky coffee and shortbread biscuit the patient was offering me ( the next day) or draw a line, pick myself up and complete my partial 30" . I hadn't yet eaten legumes or wheat so I drank the coffee, refused the biscuit and back today 100% older wiser to complete what I started. Not perfect but forgiven self and still here. So I'm proud of myself for damage limitation and coming back. Could reset..... But I have all those numbers on my calendar in bright pink! And to complete and do a good reintro will be enough. Slightly scared now that having blown doing it perfectly it will be easier to slip again so all encouragement to continue wvery welcome. So......had massive breakfast and don't think I'll need to eat again before September! @SugarcubeOD Surely this is big enough?? 4 bacon, 2 fried eggs. Celeriac mash. Added mayo. Sad I let the team down but relieved to have confessed!
  10. Thanks so much for that @SugarcubeOD I feel like I'm eating a vast amount! After bfast at 7.30-8 I'm often not at all hungry again until 2. Should you eat if not hungry at mealtime? Usually eat a small meal to prevent a snack attack when not near template food. And I usually add mayo or dressing (tablespoon of either or sometimes both)which I count as fat, plus butter on any baked pot /sweet pot. Is that not enough? Will cut down starches to 1 meal as suggested as I'm stupid busy writing talks which stops me exercising sadly. And will up non starchy veg. I naturally gravitate to beetroot/carrot/ peppers which I guess are all a bit starchy/carby. I've been eating loads of broccoli kale and spinach but just read they're not good if you have thyroid issues which I do. Any suggestions of good non starchy non goitrogenic veg please?
  11. Thanks Aussiegal! You just made my day! The crumbs were actually calling my name quite loudly so I stationed a daughter not to leave me alone with them. It's the oozy bits on the knife that were the worst. But after 13 days it's not having me now! Thanks for the encouragement. I shall wear my medal with pride! Just back from the wedding I was baking for. Cake galore after the service but instead of the agony of wondering which to choose and shall I or shan't I?or 1 bit or 27? I just sipped my black coffee, enjoyed no guilt and discussed shoes with cousins of the bride. All good. But occurred to me it much harder when I could it it so having strict rules makes it a no brainer and at some point I need to learn the food freedom bit, which feels a long way off! Tigger blood has not yet arrived. In fact I'm weary! Felt fab with the last round so hopefully will feel better soon. @SugarcubeOD - any comments on my food listings please? @EKuhl I feel your latte pain! They're the thing I miss the most.
  12. meal 1had 4 bits streaky compliant bacon, 2 eggs scrambled with clarified butter, grilled pepper and tom. Large cup black tea m2 baked potato with c butter, beef bolognese sauce H/m and spiced red cabbage meal 3 stir fry veg, butternut squash spaghetti with c butter and salmon baked with c butter and lime with mayo and roast red pepper sauce. Slice of apple and satsuma. Large black tea and large fizzy water. Had 4 mugs of weak black tea thru the day plus 2 glasses water Just had a tsp of almond nut butter before bed as tidied kitchen. Felt like I deserved after not eating brownie crumbs so need to work on that a bit! Y Day had similar breakfast but cabbage instead of peppers, and also half a sweet potato and mayo. Coffee with butter. black coffee and 2 cups clack tea during am. late lunch tuna in oil( Half a tin) plus a hard boiled egg on big salad with dressing and a tablespoon mayo. Water and tea. Prob too little protein Herbal tea mid afternoon. Glass of water while cooking. tea was (don't laugh!) Melissa's hash with a chicken breast on top ( none in it) using vitamixed sweet pot (thanks for the tip) and toasted almonds ( no walnuts) Glass water. Black tea Feeling much better - think having to list has made me be more template conscious! Eating a baked pot or sweet pot most days ok? I'm on my feet all day ( I'm a physio) but not sporty thanks
  13. Welcome @aussiegal 2 words come to mind - spectacular and perseverance this time round (I lied about there being only2 words!) Well done you! You are so going to complete this time I just know! Curiously loads of us went down with a cold on my last round such that we wondered if it was a reaction. Or just a world wide bug. Id like a medal this eve please for cutting up my daughters warm, oozy, dark awesome smelling brownie without so much as a lick ( she bakes for pocket money and the client was about to arrive....). But actually.......I know it's v sweet and tho I wanted some I really didn't want the consequences of having had some. So I chose not to and feel fine. Yeah! Think the dragon is packing his bags and looking for pastures new. Hope you're all doing ok and on guard for today and tomorrow- according for the timeline.......
  14. Many thanks @SugarcubeOD. About to go to sleep but I'll do that tomorrow. I've upped fats so pretty sure I have that covered so it may well be the protein. I have a vitamix but there's a fine line between grated and puréed! Will persevere though. How long does grated stuff last in the fridge?