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  1. We’re very nearly done! I’ve filled the fridge with compliant stuff so will try and carry on now it feels second nature, and not fall into a plate of mince pies tomorrow, but my name is most definitely on a latte at some point in the next couple of days. Made cauliflower soup with some lovely home made chicken stock in the slow cooker today which I’ve overcooked and it smells disgusting! What are you two going to do now? This is the hard bit in many ways with less clear rules and so requires more will power I find. I have lots of social things on now ( and Christmas baking to start- stock
  2. Glad you liked. Good on baked pot/ sweet pot/buttered cabbage if no aubergine. Pom and pine nuts make it.
  3. Think thread my fault- pushed wrong button or 3! I clearly need to get a job in a school! Just thinking about that school cheese smell makes me miss milk a little less. Tried almond milk ( tolerable in tea, foul in coffee and not bad in cocoa) but coconut milk yummy in all but cocoa. It’s hard to find compliant cashew milk but home made is delicious and bearable in coffee. It’s surprising how much I’ve missed my milky posh coffees- a real reward/pick me up. Patient made me a delicious nespresso black coffee today which is progress. why not eating?? Don’t you get wobbly?
  4. We were talking recipes last week and here’s one I love. It’s from the fast 800 book so small portions, so you might want to increase meat for protein.
  5. How do you survive without milk?? Does it get easier? Happy thanksgiving! The thread has gone a bit weird- just had a melt down but just venting on here is helpful. Bad bad craving for milky coffee and sweetness and wondering why I look so ghastly still after so much effort??! Your “ slow and steady” comment is helpful. Just continue today, and don’t worry about tomorrow or day 31. One foot in front of the other.
  6. Well that was Monday and this is Wednesday and I’m SO over it!! Came back from W/e away having not eaten ltemplate well” and feeling deprived and that’s carried on and too busy to prep or plan well. Make big vat of Tom soup for lunch ( which I normally love) but missed toast. Badly. Had a bacon and avocado salad to go with it but just not hitting the spot on a cold day. Very VERY nearly made myself a latte. Instead pigged out on cashews and luxury dried fruit bought for the xmas cake. So hidden both in the very depths of the baking cupboard so harder to do again. Cashews out to make cashew mil
  7. And day 31 isn’t end of it either-so incredibly helpful to do a by the book reintro so you get your very own personal eating plan. So I’m counting for another 20 days so I don’t go on a mince pie, latte and crisp fest on day 31. Say. To pluck a completely random example from the air. Was So Tempted today when walking down the high street and all the xmas style coffees were calling my name. But I thought it through ( I could….. I’m grown up……but I’ll enjoy NOT having it and staying compliant. As opposed to 3 mins guilty pleasure and hours of regret.) and very glad I didn’t. Had spiced
  8. Hi y’all! Glad you’re both going well. Still here and still going tho had some very odd meals out this week (find that the hardest thing) and more than once resorted to side dishes. Not particularly enjoyable but been sociable and compliant. Currently away visiting daughter, which involved a stay in a travelodge and eating on the road so Im beginning to look like a tin of tuna. Funny what you both say about appetite- mines been right down, rarely hungry these days, much more steady energy but v weary by 8pm and longing for my hot water bottle and bed! Will dig out some rec
  9. Sorry didn’t see your reply @Rebecca001 but very well done you! So pleased for you. yep batch cooking is wonderful. Just finished Pilates and about to crank up the slow cooker with some spiced lamb to stuff aubergines/ use in mousaka/ have with cauli couscous. I love w30 food!
  10. Definitely sounds like a bit of tiger blood there! I’m also feeling better- waking up before the alarm and feeling perky. Then desperate to be back in bed by 9! ( I’m a total night owl so this is not my norm). How was the interview? Did you to get to breakout the chianti for yourDH? Sounds very stressful to be internal. I think I find weekends harder in some ways- sat night would be Strictly or a film and pizza traditionally, so thinking about crudités and a compliant dip? But maybe that’s still reenforcing the snacking habit?? but maybe just redeeming it and getting a plateful of raw ve
  11. Thanks @hmg1993 I’m back! Did huge food shop this am so awash with lovely veg and good meat and just cooking salmon to do on wilted spinach with roasted root veg. Don’t want to get too Gwyneth Paltrow but I really enjoy the clean mouth feel I get on the w30. Family had chocolate muffins at lunch time and not even tempted a bit. I wonder why so hungry? Eating enough protein??
  12. Oh dear, totally stuffed today. But learned some stuff. Posh meal all good fresh ingredients and TINY portions, so probably not complient but not much of it! And thoroughly enjoyed. Then went to visit mum in care home and had tea with milk. So decided I might as well eat the biscuits too. How stupid is that?! And even worse have carried on in similar vein at home. So now sipping peppermint tea and reflecting on the mindset that’s all or nothing, following rules 100% or falling face first into food I know will make me feel tired and grotty. And trying to understand why I respect my
  13. Wd thoroughly recommend the balsamic bowls ( link on page one of thread ). Need onion apple and red cabbage. Oh and sprouts. Was expecting rude comments about those but the cabbage dyed everything pink so they snook in! Husbands not keen on vinagar so I used just 2 tablespoons of balsamic and the zest and juice of a lime, and added some walnuts and a drizzle of walnut all. Really fresh tasting and delicious. Glad interview went well. You’re running is impressive!
  14. Mines in a clicky lid pot and it fine- until you I click it. It’s just niffy. I’m hungry today! Had vast breakfast and made sure plenty of fat cos working so late lunch, and late large and fat inclusive lunch and I’m REALLY hungry again now. Ended lunch with an apple and wonder if that’s set off the sugar cycle. Carbs often make me hungry but not usually this bad. Will go and hydrate and eat a hard boiled egg if I’m desperate. Having one of your recipes from here- balsamic chicken bowls for tea. We’re approaching days 10 and 11 which according to the time line are the most likely to