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  1. Hokay... I've been doing so great while on my own these last 3 weeks, but this is going to be the true test - going home to my bf and keeping myself from joining him on the couch eating chips! Wish me luck!! Day 22 - perhaps I feel the tiger blood? (I don't know really, working 28 days straight of 12 hour shift is EXHAUSTING on a good day, so I think that may be obscuring my results), but I have felt in rather good spirits for the last week or so, so perhaps that is it. I have noticed though, how CLEAR my skin is (and believe me I notice every little blemish on my face), and how great fo
  2. From what I know of it, its just a spice/seasoning no? So similarly, I would just consider it as another type of spice..? That seems to be how Melissa portrayed it at least.
  3. have you read Melissa's new information on MSG? I admit I don't know much about it myself, but she claims most of the information that came out about it being 'unhealthy' was directly related to racism and anti-asian sentiments. I've never cooked with it myself, but I know others who were quite excited as it allowed them to have more of their traditional flavours while doing Whole 30, which definitely helps when you are otherwise restricting yourself while on the program. I think the idea of 'food with no brakes' can be different for each person. For example, fresh fruit can sometimes tr
  4. Over halfway through everyone - CONGRATULATIONS! - anyone feeling the mysterious tiger blood? I am not (I don't think), but that may be more to do with it being the last week of my 4 week long shift at work and the exhaustion that brings about anyways...
  5. Agreed, and perhaps your reasons for beginning the program? Like as an elimination diet/food sensitivities experiment, vs a path back to healthy eating lifestyle? Either way, I completely agree with what you are saying! Have you really never heard of tator tots?! Crazy! They are little cylindrical morsels of hashbrown style potatoes, fried to golden brown. The brand commonly known as tatortots are baked on a sheet tray. I've seen new options for broccoli tots or cauliflower tots, but I've not tried any yet! To my knowledge, (or at least every brand I've seen so far this month) all have wh
  6. Your totally right. There's a fine line that's easily crossed recreating a food that's in itself unnatural, and how that can trigger the brain in a way that's not in line with the spirit of the whole 30. And while I think the boundaries of that trigger is probably quite individual, a stance overall for the program is an important note. This is the ingredient list: Organic coconut meat, organic coconut water, unrefined virgin coconut oil, cinnamon. So not a single ingredient, but still certainly compliant when broken down to the ingredient level. As an aside lol I keep checking the f
  7. Absolutely! Day 10-15 I felt this way (I'm on Day 18 today). The appetite has returned in the last couple days - although my sweet craving have not!!! I just tried spicing up my meals a little, and added a couple compliant 'cheats'. I found coconut wraps that were totally compliant (tho I know you're not supposed to recreate food, but these were super clean ingredients, so I don't know), and some cashew cheese substitute... it was enough to get me excited again and now I think I'm over that hump!
  8. I certainly will forge on... its not even difficulty, just lack of appetite or food boredom... but as I said, there are no cravings or want to eat anything non-compliant, so could be worse! (insert arms up questioning emoji here!)
  9. Hi friends! Today is day 14 and while it hasn't been extremely difficult so far, I'm hitting a point where my willpower is having to take over completely. I'm not having difficulty staying on track, its just that nothing is appetizing anymore. I tried a whole30 recipe I was SOOOO looking forward to, nope kinda weird. Ordered my favourite Tom Kah from a thai place locally (I was happily surprised it was compliant!), it was kinda meh too. Only thing that got me excited, was realizing my favourite dairy free cheese was technically compliant, so I topped my taco bowl last night with that and was a
  10. I'm snacking on dates after dinner, sometimes I stuff them with a little almond butter. (I know that sugar after dinner is frowned upon, and I should be a good girl and have a cup of herbal tea instead). As the challenge goes on, I'm going to them less and less, and they seem to get sweeter and sweeter. A little berries and cream would be nice too, or some frozen cherries let to defrost a little.
  11. Grateful to have you all here with me!!! The group is awesome. Day 8 for me today - and I find I'm far less hungry today than usual. Its 1015am here, and I haven't even craved a snack yet - usually I would have already eaten an RX bar and be wanting something more still. WIN. What are your wins so far?
  12. I started before new years, and I've gotta say, my skin is SO CLEAR. I'm the type that still gets skin impurities and I HATE them, so I'm constantly on alert. This last week, my face is smooth and clear! So far so good, sugar dragon hasn't actually been so bad, and the cravings, while there, are minimal. PMS last night felt awful, a whole 30 dinner was unappetizing, yet all food was unappetizing, so that was survivable. We're keeping things pretty simple over here, so there's been a couple rounds of breakfast for dinner, chicken stirfry, pork lettuce wraps, and a bbq chicken with v
  13. Hi all! I'm Katie I started Dec 27the (because at the time I had no plans for new years eve, tho I did end up celebrating last night and am VERY PROUD OF MYSELF for staying committed to this experiment). Yes, I call this an experiment, because I'm really interested to see how my body reacts to different foods and ingredients, etc. I am allergic to dairy, though while I get an anaphylactic reaction, technical allergy skin tests are inconclusive. If those are inconclusive, what about other food sensitivities etc? Can I feel this amazing feeling everyone else describes when they are avoidi