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  1. racheleats

    Struggling to Make Mayo

    Homemade mayo is a game changer!! Even when I'm not officially whole30ing I make my own...so versatile and delicious :-) Congrats!
  2. racheleats

    Struggling to Make Mayo

    You definitely want Light Tasting Olive Oil - the bottle should say just that!
  3. racheleats

    Day 12: stinky gas since I started

    I use the Natural Calm magnesium, and have been taking it at night since it makes me sleepy. This is the tea that I tried and had some good luck with. https://thrivemarket.com/p/traditional-medicinals-organic-smooth-move-tea?utm_source=google&utm_medium=pla&utm_medium=pla&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Shopping_Food_Beverages&utm_content=032917002006&utm_term=google-pla_na&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiYjf_8zg2wIVx1mGCh2cww15EAYYASABEgLT1vD_BwE
  4. racheleats

    Day 12: stinky gas since I started

    I've been having some digestion/bloating/constipation issues the past week or so, and I have cut out almost all of the FODMAP foods I was eating (TONS of avocado, apples, almost every veggie), got some "Smooth Move" tea, and got back into my regular magnesium habit. The tea has helped a lot with the constipation...I've just had two cups, one per night and already have relief. And I'm hoping that limiting the FODMAPS and getting back to taking the magnesium will help me stay more regular. I will probably only have the tea one more night, since it's definitely a laxative and I don't want to rely on that or get into a bad habit, you know?
  5. racheleats

    Orange juice

    Lots of the brands you can find at the regular grocery store are good! Simply Orange for sure is - I usually try to buy a small bottle so I'm not tempted to drink it straight
  6. racheleats


    Re: apples - it's not that they are bad, but the idea is that you eat three meals a day and don't have a need for a snack in between meals. If you find yourself in a situation where you are hungry, eating just an apple isn't the best choice because you want to have a "mini-meal", trying to stick to the template. So, protein fat, fat and veggies etc. I eat apples often in my own food freedom, usually with my meals, but sometimes in between because I just really feel like having one. That's the beauty of food freedom, you eat whatever makes YOU feel best!!
  7. racheleats

    Adjusting to no alcohol

    I personally think that if you DO explain why you're doing the whole30 and frame it in a more positive way you're better off in the long run. If you try and just explain it away as not a big deal, you're going to get a lot more of the peer pressure - like "oh just have one beer, it won't kill you". But if you tell your friends that you've committed to this 30 day reset and you'd really like to have their support I have a feeling they'll rally behind you. Rather than explaining why you CAN'T have the big meal or craft beer, tell them about all the amazing stuff you ARE eating and why you decided to take on the reset. List out some of your goals - you want to feel more energized, have clearer skin, finally break your sugar addiction. Just be confident in your speech, and remember that it's no one's business but your own why you are or aren't eating something. Report back after the weekend! I bet it will be much easier than you think
  8. racheleats

    Chicken Bouillon

    I made a really great restaurant style salsa the other day - a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes, 3 tomatillos, a jalapeno (seeds included) a bunch of cilantro, half a white onion, salt and lime juice to taste. No real measurements, you just combine and adjust to your taste. I used the food processor, but a blender would also work!
  9. racheleats

    Adjusting to no alcohol

    I love this quote. It should be an official whole30 mantra!
  10. racheleats

    Adjusting to no alcohol

    Those are my two fav flavors too! If you can find it Trilogy is also delicious
  11. racheleats

    Adjusting to no alcohol

    As far as winding down, do you like tea? Reading? Knitting/crocheting? These are all things that help me "turn my mind off" and relax before bed. As far as the alcohol stuff goes, there's not really a one size fits all solution. That was one thing that I really struggled with when I did my first round. I was 25, it was summer and it seemed like all my friends wanted to do was go out for drinks. It took a lot of mental strength to be okay going out without drinking, or explaining to people why I was turning down alcohol. Also, it's only been 8 days! Give yourself a little grace to feel your feelings and live in the frustration until you find your new wind down methods and know that what you're doing for yourself is so good and important!
  12. racheleats

    Feel like I'm gaining and not losing weight

    THANK YOU for posting this update. I have completed 5 additional whole30s since my first 3 years ago and eat pretty much w30 in my food freedom. Lately I have been feeling blah, even while doing a 100% w30 compliant mini-reset of 7 days - I do this every so often. Usually that is enough to get back to tiger blood and great sleep but it hasn't been working the same lately. I've suspected that I have an intolerance to FODMAPs, but they're some of my favorite staples so I have been reluctant to cut them out. After hearing how much better you are feeling, I am inspired to try it out for myself and see if that really is the trouble I have been having lately. So glad to hear you're feeling better!!