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  1. At a quick glance, you are for sure not eating enough, which will contribute to your low energy and no Tiger Blood. It can also adversely affect weight loss. You only eat two hard boiled eggs for breakfast?! I would DIE lol...you need to add veggies and plated fat to make that a complete meal. You also don't list any plated fat with lunch or dinner so make sure you're including it there too. You'll also want to add mini-meals before and after your workouts, especially if they're cardio/strength training.
  2. racheleats

    Day 12: stinky gas since I started

    I use the Natural Calm magnesium, and have been taking it at night since it makes me sleepy. This is the tea that I tried and had some good luck with. https://thrivemarket.com/p/traditional-medicinals-organic-smooth-move-tea?utm_source=google&utm_medium=pla&utm_medium=pla&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Shopping_Food_Beverages&utm_content=032917002006&utm_term=google-pla_na&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiYjf_8zg2wIVx1mGCh2cww15EAYYASABEgLT1vD_BwE
  3. racheleats

    Day 12: stinky gas since I started

    I've been having some digestion/bloating/constipation issues the past week or so, and I have cut out almost all of the FODMAP foods I was eating (TONS of avocado, apples, almost every veggie), got some "Smooth Move" tea, and got back into my regular magnesium habit. The tea has helped a lot with the constipation...I've just had two cups, one per night and already have relief. And I'm hoping that limiting the FODMAPS and getting back to taking the magnesium will help me stay more regular. I will probably only have the tea one more night, since it's definitely a laxative and I don't want to rely on that or get into a bad habit, you know?
  4. racheleats

    Day 17 and exhausted

    So many fat options! Make some mayo and mix it with different spices, or mustard/hot sauce to dip veggies and protein in. Pesto is delicious and versatile, olives, any oil based salad dressing (dump ranch, balsamic vinaigrette, etc).
  5. racheleats

    Warped Mentality

    There's no harm in making a few Food Freedom "rules" for yourself! I definitely do this, and it helps me a ton. To me that doesn't feel like restriction, and it actually helps my brain making decisions because I am much better at abstaining than moderating.
  6. racheleats

    Easy Lunch Ideas

    Taco bowls are a great lunch option! Ground beef/turkey/chicken with a homemade taco seasoning, salsa, veggies, olives, guac, avocado etc.
  7. racheleats

    Day 28 - tired all the time

    You're definitely not eating enough food - almost no veggies all day and lots of fruit. It looks like you're getting enough fat though, so that's good! Look at the template again and make sure you're having a boatload of veggies with every meal and you'll definitely want to limit fruits. I know it's tempting in the summer, but if you're having real trouble with your energy levels you'll want to cut it out.
  8. racheleats

    What do you make with mayo?

    I like to mix mine with hot sauce or spicy brown mustard to dip my meat or baked sweet potato fries in! Or to mix into a taco bowl to give it a nice creamy element. Brussels sprouts sauteed in a cast iron finished with the mayo/mustard combo is SO GOOD!!
  9. I've been "riding my own bike" for about 3 years now...here's what it means to me personally. I try to keep all the food I make for myself whole30 approved. On any given week, that means breakfast, lunch and dinner M-F. Then if something unexpected comes up - an unplanned work lunch, or a dinner at my sister's I can do the best I can to stick to the foods I know work best for me, and just get right back to my routine easily. Basically, I try to eat W30 90% of the time. But I'm not actually keeping track of anything.. As far as knowing when foods are "worth it", you have to first know how they will affect you. I'll use this example - I know that dairy makes my face break out for a few days. On a random week in May, I might crave ice cream, think about what I have going on, and determine if having a few breakouts on my face will bother me. If not, I'll have the ice cream and deal with the consequences. Alternatively, if I am craving ice cream the week before my wedding, even though I REEEALLY want it, I will skip it because having a breakout before that very special day will cause me so much stress. I just know this about myself. So I'm always evaluating the consequences, and if I want to deal with them. If I have something important coming up where I want to look and feel my best, I'll probably say those foods that make me feel bad are not worth it more. Does that make sense? It takes a while to figure all that out, and it's okay to have your own "rules" in your food freedom and while riding your own bike. Personally, I am an abstainer, and I am a crappy moderator. Yes and No, black and white work really well for me, so having a few of my own rules in my food freedom actually makes me less stressed out and feel more in control!
  10. Good luck!! Remember, try not to tweak the whole30 to get more weight loss (skipping meals, not eating enough fat, undereating, etc.). In the long run that will not help you, and can often have the opposite effect of what you want since your hormones will still be stressed out!
  11. A magnesium supplement might help - Natural Calm unflavored is compliant. Start with the low end of the serving size and add more as you get used to having it.
  12. racheleats

    Flavored K-Cup for Keurig

    This is fine - natural flavors are okay!
  13. racheleats

    Living with Non-Whole30'ers

    Talk to them about it when they ask, or when an incident like the angel food cake confusion (lol) comes up - otherwise I would just keep on making your delicious meals and reaping all the benefits! Whenever I am with a group of people not doing a w30, I always offer to cook or bring the food. That's probably a lot for you to do ALL the time, but it makes it less awkward to have to tell someone how and what you can eat, and you can totally make a meal that's perfect for you! And that everyone else will enjoy. When I did my first w30, I got lots of comments about my "weird diet", but now 4 years later, I live a mostly w30 lifestyle and all my family and friends know about it (and some have done it themselves) so it's definitely less uncomfortable now! Good luck!!
  14. racheleats

    Day 9 - Nothing Appeals

    If you need to snack on nuts you're definitely not eating enough at your meals! When I get burned out trying new recipes, I just go back to the basics - roast a bunch of seasoned chicken (don't even look up a recipe, just coat some chicken in olive oil and whatever spices you like), roast some trays of veggies and bake some sweet potato fries. I'll mix a little hot sauce with mayo for fat and call it good! Or, try subbing some things from your old favorite recipes to make them w30 - it's probably easier than you think and that way it won't feel like a new recipe every single time. Mel Joulwan has a great meal prepping guide on her website - more batch cooking than making specific recipes for each meal. Really helpful!
  15. racheleats

    Grape must?

    It's definitely possible to find a vinegar (balsamic, I assume?) without caramel color! Next time you have a few extra minutes at the grocery store pull some other bottles off the shelf and take a look until you find one!