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  1. Re: apples - it's not that they are bad, but the idea is that you eat three meals a day and don't have a need for a snack in between meals. If you find yourself in a situation where you are hungry, eating just an apple isn't the best choice because you want to have a "mini-meal", trying to stick to the template. So, protein fat, fat and veggies etc. I eat apples often in my own food freedom, usually with my meals, but sometimes in between because I just really feel like having one. That's the beauty of food freedom, you eat whatever makes YOU feel best!!
  2. THANK YOU for posting this update. I have completed 5 additional whole30s since my first 3 years ago and eat pretty much w30 in my food freedom. Lately I have been feeling blah, even while doing a 100% w30 compliant mini-reset of 7 days - I do this every so often. Usually that is enough to get back to tiger blood and great sleep but it hasn't been working the same lately. I've suspected that I have an intolerance to FODMAPs, but they're some of my favorite staples so I have been reluctant to cut them out. After hearing how much better you are feeling, I am inspired to try it out f