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  1. Alternatives to Advil?

    Raspberry leaf tea helps with cramps! I generally have really bad cramps for a few days but if I drink a cup of this a day for like 5 days leading up to my period they're not as bad! Might not be helpful this time around, but for the future!!
  2. Good luck!! Thankfully it happened to you on Day 1 :-)
  3. I don't have a grill.

    If you're able to, I'd recommend getting a cast iron skillet! Lodge makes great ones and they aren't super expensive. In the winter I usually use this in place of a grill for things like steaks, burgers etc.!
  4. Day 20 and Super Minimal NSVs

    I think the only thing you're doing wrong is focusing on the negatives!! LOOK AT ALL THOSE NSVs!!!! And you're only on day 20! To me, that is amazing, and I think you shouldn't be so hard on yourself! Change takes time, you're doing an awesome thing for yourself
  5. It didn't work for me

    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but why did you choose to do a Whole30 in the first place? What attracted you to the program? You said it was to lose weight and address some other issues, but it just sounds like you aren't super excited about the program or following the rules...of course that is fine, you're an adult no one is forcing you to do this, just maybe it's not right for you. I totally understand getting frustrated at the rules, but they're the rules of the program - if you don't like them, don't do the program! It's not a cure-all for everything for every single person - it's very clear that the purpose is to eliminate certain things for just 30 days and then re-introduce them. You're not meant to eat this way (following the whole30 rules) forever, the point is to eventually figure out the perfect diet for you. Maybe you think sulphites don't affect you, but for example what if you eliminated them and found that your mid afternoon headaches were gone. Then, you re-introduced the sun dried tomatoes with added sulphites and the headaches returned? You might decide to keep eating them, but maybe it wouldn't be worth it to you and you'd find another brand without the added sulphites (or make them yourself!). Also, there are TONS of recipes and meal ideas out there, so saying there is nothing to eat just isn't the case. I found a lot of new foods/ingredients that I hadn't considered before, you just have to be willing to try new things. Again, if you simply don't want to that it's completely fine for you and your context, but making such a general statement that there is nothing to eat isn't true.
  6. Still Confused About Fats

    I'm not a mod, but generally speaking when you cook with fat you definitely want to add more to your plate. I'll roast sweet potatoes in olive oil, and then add a scoop of ghee to melt over them, or make a mayo based dipping sauce. When we have salmon I make a sauce that's just mayo mixed with some coconut aminos to thin it out...a little extra fat but I never feel like that is too much!
  7. Olive Recommendations

    The only kind of olives I like are the Pearls black olives from a can..you can find them at any grocery store. I've tried so many times to like the fancier green/purple olives but I just can't do it. The Pearls just taste like salt to me, which I love haha...also my mom told me once that she used to eat bowls of them when she was pregnant with me so I like to think I was born loving them
  8. Beef polish sausage

    Love these! Perfect for BBQ's or just to have in the freezer in a pinch
  9. Can I have non-grain hot cereal?

    If you're done with your round of whole30, you can eat whatever you want! That's what Food Freedom is, if something like what you've described works for you in your own context outside of a round of whole30 go for it! However, if you're completing a w30 this would be SWYPO and out.
  10. Is it really that difficult?

    Honestly I think it depends a lot on your perspective and how convenient you want it to be for yourself. It's a lot easier now than a few years ago with a lot of whole30approved products and meal planning/delivery service. But, I don't think it's so easy to be dismissive of the challenges people face. Lots of people who try the whole30 are coming from a really bad dieting place, and changing YEARS of engrained habits and your emotional relationship to food IS hard.
  11. Emotional Pig out

    The important thing is to not be too hard on yourself afterwards. Changing your relationship with food takes time, and you're certainly not going to have it all figured out after just 14 days. Use it as a learning experience and next time you get those feelings, go for a walk, or brew some herbal tea and practice some self care!
  12. Running out of money

    That definitely could be the case! Try googling tips for quick cheap whole30 tips, you might be able to find some good stuff out there.
  13. Running out of money

    Yeah the pre-made convenience foods will kill your budget unfortunately.
  14. Running out of money

    I know you're supposed to shop organically/grassfed for the best possible results, but if it doesn't fit your budget, you don't have to. We typically only buy organic chicken because we eat SO much of it, but the other stuff is just regular, often store brand because of our budget. Try making your own sausage patties! Ground pork is pretty inexpensive and there are tons of spice blend recipes out there. Buy them in bulk at Costco or on Amazon to save even more.
  15. Why does my mayo taste like metal/meat?

    Try adding another egg yolk to the liquidy mixture and blend again with the immersion blender. That fixes it for me every time!