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  1. racheleats


    Re: apples - it's not that they are bad, but the idea is that you eat three meals a day and don't have a need for a snack in between meals. If you find yourself in a situation where you are hungry, eating just an apple isn't the best choice because you want to have a "mini-meal", trying to stick to the template. So, protein fat, fat and veggies etc. I eat apples often in my own food freedom, usually with my meals, but sometimes in between because I just really feel like having one. That's the beauty of food freedom, you eat whatever makes YOU feel best!!
  2. racheleats

    Feel like I'm gaining and not losing weight

    THANK YOU for posting this update. I have completed 5 additional whole30s since my first 3 years ago and eat pretty much w30 in my food freedom. Lately I have been feeling blah, even while doing a 100% w30 compliant mini-reset of 7 days - I do this every so often. Usually that is enough to get back to tiger blood and great sleep but it hasn't been working the same lately. I've suspected that I have an intolerance to FODMAPs, but they're some of my favorite staples so I have been reluctant to cut them out. After hearing how much better you are feeling, I am inspired to try it out for myself and see if that really is the trouble I have been having lately. So glad to hear you're feeling better!!