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Interesting reaction to binging on non-compliant foods


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Last night, after not taking a bite of processed sugar (cake, cookies, chocolate chips, etc) in 27 days I went nuts. I was tired from getting up at 4:30am to take my son to the airport and I knew the day was going to be rough (fatigue is a huge eating trigger for me). I had to work, too, so my meals were all off.

So, I was super hungry for dinner and stupidly chose to bake an acorn squash instead of eating something that took less time. While waiting for my squash I ate macadamias and hazelnuts. Not bad, but I ate ton of them. Then I got irritated and the binge triggered: ate the whole squash with probably 1/4 cup of ghee. Got even more irritated with myself and actually ate some ice cream! More irritated and moved on to the chocolate cake I had so easily resisted while baking and for the 2 days it has been in the house.

I didn't even like it. I didn't enjoy it. I enjoyed the squash and the nuts but the ice cream and sugar didn't make me happy at all! I didn't even finish the cake. Not because I was feeling guilty, but because it didn't taste good to me. Too sweet. I don't think I have ever said that before IN MY LIFE

So, my question: who else has reacted to a non-compliant binge late in Whole30 with waking up the next day being revolted by sugar on a taste level?

I actually feel more able to resist than less. I was expecting huge cravings this morning. I suppose as the day goes on it might change, but right now that cake looks so unappealing as does the thought of anything but rib eye steak and broccolini. It isn't psychological (yes, I'm disappointed but I've been here before), but more physical. My body doesn't want that stuff any more!

Anyone else?

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I finished my whole 39 earlier this month and promptly got a cold, so I didn't do a reintroduction. Then last week I had guests in from out of town. In one day, I ate non compliant foods for two meals, including a piece of pie after dinner. It was too sweet but I didn't feel hung over the next day... However, I spent the whole last week battling my sugar dragon after dinner. Definitely an eye opener!!

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