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slow cooker pork loin


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Per request, posting the recipe for this. It's very east to prep, great for leftovers, and has the right taste balance for breakfast or dinner food IMO:


1 pork loin, 3-4lb

6-7 apples; peeled, cored, and quartered

1/4 cup grated fresh ginger

1/4 cup apple juice

olive oil

salt, pepper

1. prepare apples and place in bottom of slow cooker

2. mix grated ginger and apple juice

3. sear pork loin in frying pan with olive oil, salt, and pepper

4. place pork loin in slow cooker.

5. pour apple juice/ginger mixture over pork

6. cook on low 7-8 hours

To serve I usually will pull off some pieces of pork along with the apple ginger slurry (mmmm, slurry) and put them in a small pot, mix and reheat. The pork can dry out a bit if served directly but when mixed with the apple & ginger it is delicious. Serve with sweet potatoes and veggies. This is also a great meat to have around when you need something to serve with breakfast. The original recipe also calls for 1/4 cup of brown sugar but it's really not needed.

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I'm sure that would be fine. I'd just mix the ginger with the water, or maybe use some unsweetened apple sauce or blended apples to make something you can pour over the top. And yes it is good and stupid easy to make. :)

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