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Tastes changing...

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I'm at day 20. I noticed that within the first week, I couldn't stand coffee anymore- and I had been drinking 1 cup of black coffee every morning for a couple years now. I tried adding ghee or coconut milk...nope. It just doesn't taste the same, or appealing. Had to switch to green tea for the caffeine, which is being slowly eliminated too.

I've also noticed that salt is much stronger than it used to be. I had pretty much eliminated processed foods pre-Whole 30, and only used a little bit of salt to season when cooking. Now- as in the last couple of days... salt is REALLY strong. I'm not using any more than I had been.

Even the Kombucha teas I had this week vs. last week (same brand, same flavor) taste completely different to me.

Anyone else notice their tastes completely changing like this?

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