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So. Whole 100, done! I'll try to keep a log here so I can track how things affect me.


Today was the first day of reintroduction. Started with dairy.


Breakfast: added a bit of whole milk to my stovetop frittata, instead of water. Didn't affect the taste but smelled a bit different. Not something I need to have, so I'll probably forgo it.


Within a half hour, my mouth felt sticky? A little dry while not being dry. I've always heard milk encourages mucus production, so that's probably it. Blech. Increased my water intake all day to compensate.


Also had some milk in my coffee. Meh. I like it black anyway, so I'll save that for special treats like really awesome cappuccinos and learning to steam milk at home.


Lunch: had two slices of deli provolone cheese with my otherwise clean meal. Later on I kind of noticed my bowels, if you know what I mean. Just something I hadn't experienced for a long time.


Dinner: ate half a container of plain greek yogurt (nonfat, because I could not find low fat or regular for the life of me!), with fresh strawberries added. Too much like eating sour cream, but I wanted to have a range of dairy experiences today. The rest of my meal was nearly the same as I eat every day, with the exception of saving my avocado for later (instead of the fruit). I stopped when I felt full, even leaving part of my pork.


But holy heck, I felt like I'd eaten a horse. Absolutely stuffed, and not in a good way. I didn't even finish the serving of yogurt, and tossed the rest! But apparently it affected my stomach, and later on I was gassy and felt constipated. Good thing I wasn't eating yogurt regularly before, because I won't miss it!


This is really interesting, watching how these food groups affect me (or don't).


Today's takeaway: I can cook with a little milk, I think, and use it in coffee drinks. I'll test cheese again at some point to see what that form does to me specifically. But I apparently do have a sensitivity to dairy!


Now for two days clean eating. Then gluten-grains.

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