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Pastured turkey suggestions? (US)


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Hi all. Anyone have a good source for pastured turkey? Would be nice to have turkey in the rotation. I have WF and TJs in my area and am also wiling to mail-order. I regularly order from US Wellness, but their turkey doesn't appear to be pastured. Tendergrass Farms looks good, but I don't have freezer space to order $199 worth to get the free shipping (and it's $19 if you don't hit $199!).


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Try John Crow Farm: http://johncrowfarm.com/


They don't typically bring their turkey to farmer's markets (they had ground turkey once and it was really exciting), but they've put some turkey parts in my CSA share, and definitely have whole birds available come Thanksgiving-time. I would suggest emailing them: they're very good about bringing special requests to markets, and also have a physical location at the farm in Groton where you can also buy their stuff.


But I'm curious if anyone has other sources, online or otherwise...

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