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Clean creatine

David Pugh

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David, this really isn't the best place to ask.


There are definitely pure creatine sources out there, (Optimum Nutrition is one of them), but it's sort of missing the Whole30 bus. Whole9? Probably fine, depending on your performance and athletic goals, but it's definitely missing the Whole30 bus.


That doesn't mean it isn't compliant, it just means it's missing the spirit of the program.


Here's a handy checklist for you: http://whole9life.com/2012/02/supplement-evaluation-checklist/

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thank you for the reply Renee but the question was geared towards more whole 9 living..i know that you cannot have anything but whole food during your whole 30.


Anything with the Creapure label.  Vitacost brand (vitacost.com), Nutrabiotics brand (nutrabio.com), or Pro Power (drsquat.com), or check out t-nation. 

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