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Penguin's Log

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So here we go. Tomorrow is the first day. I've planned and shopped for the first three days and will plan/make a shopping list for the second half of the week.

Emotionally I'm both excited and scared. I'm a weight watchers member and signed up for another round recently but have been constantly bingeing on foods Dallas and Melissa call "food with no brakes." I reached lifetime WW membership last summer but have since gained 10 lbs and am not really following the program. I have felt like a huge failure in the weight area of my life. I feel frustrated because I often think that I have every resource at my disposal to be healthy and I am truly not healthy. As I read the examples of a good day and a bad day in "It Starts With Food" I realized how closely my day lines up with the bad day and how badly I want the good day.

Nutritionally I'm pretty psychologically addicted to carbs and food as a reward. My sleep is also totally messed up because I drink coffee and diet pop throughout the day, I am EXHAUSTED in the afternoon and sleep for a few hours, followed by overeating, then take melatonin to go to sleep again at night. Which leads to exhaustion in the morning.

Planning is not something I've been doing. I usually skip breakfast or bring fiber one with fat free yogurt to work to eat. I eat school lunch (I work at a school program as a therapist) which is generally not good, a frozen dinner, or subway. When I do pack my lunch it is a sandwich, pretzels, fruit. I eat carby stuff for dinner and eat a lot at night.

I have made a lot of habits that are not at all healthy that I need to drop because if this continues they will only be more ingrained. I have a lot of fears that I won't be able to do this. I am already anxious, even though I have a plan and the food I need, just because of the high level of failure in the past. I have tried paleo/low carb before (granted without the tools given in whole30), but quit almost immediately.

I am trying to prepare myself for the coming storm but am so afraid. I'll do some of the journaling recommended in the success guide. More info to come as I proceed.

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Hi there & welcome.

I too am an ex (and so glad to be) weightwatcher, also a lifetime card holder (called gold member over here)

I'm glad It Starts with Food spoke so much to you and I'm sure you'll feel a TON better when you start following the guidelines. You will see the real point of food - to make you healthier.

Go in with a positive additude, even it's just to nail this for 30 days, and then to hell with it...You didn't get to be a lifetime member by not being able to follow a programme, so you can do it.

All the best!

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Hi Emily! Another Emily here! The good day/bad day examples in ISWF really resonated with me also. That bad day was SO totally me! I would try my best to "eat healthy" - and be eating low fat/high carb stuff and feel terrible!

This way of eating really has changed my life (sorry for the cliche'). I've lost weight and feel so much better and so much more stable. And I'm finally happy with my body's trend—instead of gradually gaining weight over time, I've turned that around and am getting leaner!

Good luck with your Whole30! Pick a few goals for it... I would suggest having planning ahead as a goal, as that one is huge! It sounds like you are able to look at yourself and see habits and understand that some of them are psychological. This is a process, one that you can do. I'm now in my fourth (maybe fifth? I've lost track) Whole30 and each has had its own challenges and realizations.

Go Penguin Go!

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Hi! That picture is adorable!! I actually feel like a much sleepier version of that penguin :)

Today was OK. I chew a LOT of gum so I was craving gum at one point but had some water instead.

Meal 1 (M1): Ginger eggs (3 eggs+ginger+garlic+coconut oil)

M2: Salad (cauliflower/bok choy/tuna/walnuts/avocado/artichoke/vinegar/olives)

M3: ground turkey+vegetable tomato sauce (homemade) over spinach

Last night I binged on carbs, even after I posted. Not my finest hour/moment/etc but par for the course for me really. I felt pretty satisfied for the bulk of the day, especially after breakfast. lunch I got a little hungry because I only had time for half the salad and didn't eat the half with more meat/fats in it until 3pm. Dinner at 7. I ate way way too much food at dinner and feel kind of bloated now. That's a fear thing, afraid of hunger, etc. I'd be a lot more comfortable if I'd eaten half of what I had. I need to eat consistently more in the AM than in the PM, working on that.

Sleepy because of no caffine after noon today and no nap. i'm working on a lot of good habits at once I guess.

I'm planning on feeling terrible for the next week/week and a half as I deal with carb flu and sleeeepiness :) I'm proud of myself for the good choices though (minus eating too much for diinner).


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Day 2:

I'm realizing throughout this that good food takes time to make. I don't know why I woke up for so many mornings expecting a good breakfast to just appear.

I worked to make meal 1 my biggest meal today. I want to keep that going--I feel satisfied for about 5 hours at a time. Adding a snack tomorrow because I've been working late and I need an energy boost.

M1: half cup of leftover spaghetti sauce/2 eggs over easy in coconut oil/red pepper/half avocado

M2: leftover spaghetti sauce over spinach. 1/4 c walnuts

M3: broccoli breakfast hash, olives.

S (after work)-5 strawberries

I never thought I'd get energy from 5 strawberries. But I did.

Have a nice night :)

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Day 3. Fell asleep after work which was not good. Still awake sadly.

B: egg over easy over spaghetti topping/part avocado

L: green pepper, olives, part avocado, broccoli hash

D: 5 strawberries, the rest of spaghetti topper, last 3rd of avocado

S: small piece of avocado, 1/4 burger, spoonful coconut milk in sleepytime tea

Not miserable. Am I doing it wrong?

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