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Whole30 3.0 with a 'new' consideration!

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I took a little tupperware container of coconut milk travelling once, I ordered a black coffee at the airport and pulled it out.. The lady making my coffee asked what it was and laughed... saying 'that's a new one, people bring all sorts of unusual things to put in their coffee!'


I live on the central coast (Calga, with my ponies :wub: )  and I work in Chipping Norton (near Liverpool).  It's quite the commute but it's all forgotten when they come running to meet me at the gate.  I think I'd prefer public transport (not an option) at least then I could make use of the time reading. 

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Okay.. so here's the thing.. now I feel bad.


I retired my whole30 a week early. :o   I know I know... But I've sucessfully done two before and this time circustances are hugely different!  Husband is still going on his own.


Sudden onset of 24/7 sickness..none of this morning rubbish!


I am literally repulsed by food at the moment.  I seem to be okay with cold food, as odd as it sounds I can handle fruit, salads etc.  I struggle with anything warm, my husband has taken over cooking bless him.


So on Saturday of not being able to eat or barely drink water the only thing I could stomach was a lemonade icy-pole.  It did the trick.  Not long after I was able to eat my dinner.


So now, I'm having my whole30 lunches and dinner but my snacks in between.. not so good.  I'm working full time and the only things that keep me productive during the day is crackers or other carby crap.  I haven't gone off the rails but it's eat those things or nothing at all.  I'm hoping this delightful phase isn't going to last too long.


On top of that, I can't believe how tired I am.. this is ridiculous!  I want to nap in my lunch hour.  Last weekend, I barely moved from my bed or couch for the entire two days! 


This is going to get better right?  I'm around 7.5 weeks now.

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