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amanda's whole 30 (started 7/8/12)

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Love all the support in this forum! Looking forward to reading along with others on the whole 30.


copious spinach + pastured eggs w/ghee

coffee with coconut cream


pumpkin seeds + strawberries


kale salad + turkey + carrot soup


flax seeds + strawberries


salmon + julienne peppers + sweet potatoes w/drizzle of coconut oil

Any comments on my log appreciated. :)

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day 2

m1 eggs + spinach scrambled w/ghee

herbal chai w/coconut cream

s1 flax seeds and pumpkin seeds

m2 kale + turkey + fish oil + sauerkraut

carrot soup

m3 shrimp + green beans + bell peppers baked with coconut oil + salt and pepper

s2 strawberries

i really missed my evening chocolate - but the strawberries were soooo good that i wondered why i'd craved chocolate.

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