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Primal girl (sort of) hoping to change her relationship w/ food


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I was googling healthy breakfast recipes (i.e. grain-free/whole foods) when I stumbled upon a link to the Whole30 plan. A half-hour later, I had skimmed enough of the site's contents to know that this was a plan I could wrap my arms around.


I love love love the way the authors talk about making food choices (and they are choices, always) and how nothing about this is difficult (when compared to cancer or other actually difficult circumstances). It was a little bit of tough love, but was just the smack upside the back of my head that I needed. No more wallowing about how much I work out and how healthy I eat, yet still have weight to lose. That way of thinking, and the mindless munching that follows as I ask "What's the point?" does nothing to get me toward my goal, and only pushes me further and further away. I cannot wait to change my relationship with food, and it all starts with me. Right now.


Hoping to check back in here once in a while with an update on how the plan is going, and be able to honestly say that I'm as committed on day 30 as I was on day 1.

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