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Today is day 31 :-)


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Well, I made it! Yay me!

Lost: 3.5#, 2" off chest (just below bust), 3" off waist, etc.

Never got tiger blood. Don't feel any better rested when I get up in the morning than I did before. Basically don't feel any different than when I started. I would postpone reintro and keep going for another couple weeks, but dh has been making constant comments about when this is going to be over so we (or he) can have ice cream. He hasn't been doing this with me, but he feels guilty eating ice cream in front of me and going out for ice cream alone is no fun. Plus, his birthday is next week and he wants to go out, etc. He needs a w30 way more than I did, but that I'll never happen :-)

Now for some TMI...

Today is day 31 and I woke up with loose stools and gurgly gut.

Because of dh's attitude, I went ahead and started reintro with raw milk. I had 4 oz with meal 1 and 12 oz with meal 2. It's 4pm here and I have continued to have gurgly gut all day. Now how am I supposed to know whether I'm reacting to the milk or it's a continuation of whatever caused the gurgly gut in the first place? My meals yesterday were normal (except that I was in a hurry to pack lunch and didn't have quite as much veggie as I normally would) so I don't know what the gurgly gut would be from.

So... Not sure what my question is. Just venting, I guess.

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I'm sorry about the gurgly gut. It may be impossible to sort out a reaction to reintroduced foods and whatever is going on with you, but hopefully your stomach will settle soon. I take anti-diarrhea meds as soon as I remember because it is usually the only way for me to get better. You might consider taking something.

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Days 32-34

Gurgly gut was gone by the morning of day 32, so I went on with the raw dairy reintro. I had no noticeable reaction. I cut back slightly on my meal portions because of the added macronutrients of the whole raw milk, typically 12oz at a time. I wasn't hungry between meals at all.

Day 35

Weighed myself this morning and have gained back 2# of what I lost during the w30. I wanted to reintroduce sugar as a separate ingredient, so drizzled a little raw honey on the plantain I fried in coconut oil for breakfast this morning, maybe a teaspoon total. Also had two eggs and a glass of raw milk. Crashed so hard during church that I almost passed out when they had us stand up to sing. I had a grilled chicken breast with mayo and half a bunch of kale with evoo and 6oz milk for lunch, and I'm not hungry at all but really sleepy. I had thought I might be pre-diabetic but have never been diagnosed. Does this kind of major letdown after such a small amount of sugar point to diabetes? I didn't notice that kind of reaction on days 31-34 so I'm pretty sure it's the honey, not the milk.

Also forgot to mention in my first post that, although I haven't been feeling less tired in the morning or any more energetic, I have been able to force myself to walk more. I'm 52 and hypothyroid with adrenal fatigue, so walking very long or fast wears me out and recovery takes much longer than the average person. After not walking much over the winter, I started out this spring walking about a mile a day at about 25 minutes/mile. I have since worked up to 3.5 miles at about 17 minutes/mile, which is better than I was doing last fall after walking all summer. I'm pretty beat by the time I'm done so I might be pushing it too hard, but it feels good to be able to walk. It's a stress reducer for me.

Any insight into the sugar reaction would be helpful. Also wondering if that seems odd to gain 2# back in less than a week with just the addition of the raw milk and otherwise w30 compliant?

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