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Little Penguin - new whole 30


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Hi All,


I need to do one of these again :)


Starting tomorrow.


I've done a couple of Whole 30s before and I always feel awesome afterwards.


The last one I finished was in January.


Since then I have slowly slipped into eating inflammatory foods - gluten and grains, and have been getting stuck into dairy and sweets. Oh, and drinking wine.


I'm exhausted. My kidneys hurt, and I'm not sure why. I'm hypothyroid (treated with dessicated thyroid meds) and I feel that my levels are a bit low - in fact I know they are, thanks to the tell-tale dry patches on my face.


Anyway I feel like I need a bit of structure and support to help me get back into the game of looking after myself properly. So here I am!


I'm off to the doctor this week to chat about my levels. They were borderline last time and now I regret not upping my dosage back then.


I have just put in a standing order for my local organic box delivery service. I've stocked up on magnesium and zinc. And I'm making a commitment to getting more sleep and treating myself better.


I have a busy life, with a full-time job, a couple of businesses that I am putting together, and some other commitments. I also do yoga early mornings a couple of times a week and have recently joined my local gym where I am starting to try lifting heavy things. It's hard to manage it all and get a decent sleep but I'm going to try.


I'll devote some weekend time to pre-cooking veggies and meals so I don't have to worry about it during the week. I've recently made a commitment to not buying lunch, so I'm well in the swing of that now. Breakfast will be a challenge because I'm not a big breakfast eater at the moment. I do love breakfast foods (eggs and greens in particular), just not eating them at 7am.


I guess the other thing that I want to commit to on my whole 30 is having something green with every meal. I do love my greens so that shouldn't be too hard :)


Good luck everyone and I look forward to catching up with you all and sending support your way over the next 30 days.

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Looks like you are good to go!  Good for you for realizing you needed to embark on another Whole30 due to indulging in inflammatory foods.  I hope after my W30 is done that I will be able to reel myself back in if needed, hopefully won't need to anytime soon though!  Good luck! 

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Thanks Lizzard!


Good luck with yours too :)


I've realised I have a few social occasions over the next few days that I'm just going to roll with and have a few glasses of wine.


I'll start on Sunday.

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OK! Starting today. It was going to be tomorrow but I don't really have any need to put it off another day.


I had a big sleep in, too much wine last night... gave yoga a miss but I will hit the gym a little later.


Breakfast was an egg, some kale, black pudding, and cherry tomatoes. Just having a few almonds and a coffee now and planning to cook up a big pot of bolognese sauce for dinner over the next few days.


Hope people's journeys are going well!

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Day 2 today. Another sleep-in.


Yesterday I missed the gym :( felt like crap all day and could not find the motivation to get done any of the work I need to get done.


Dinner was a big bowl of broccoli with bolognese sauce.


I also snacked on almonds throughout the day and had a couple of black coffees.


Today, after my run I'll have more bolognese sauce with greens, maybe kale. I need eggs, so I might pop down to the market and stock up. I have a bunch of carrots, turnips, and beets in the fridge so I think I'll do a big veggie roast-up for dinner tonight, not sure about the meat yet but it will be whatever looks good at the market. Maybe chicken, I haven't had chicken in a while.


Happy travels people! Hope your whole30 is going along well.

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Day 3.


Dinner last night was some roast chicken and roasted vegetables. Nothing green because everything else was ready and I was hungry! 


Had a late night working on some deadlines, slept in, so had no breakfast. Just a black coffee to get me through.


Now I'm having a coconut oil omelette, some black pudding and soma kale for lunch. Delish! Feeling ok but I'd love some cheese!

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Yesterday was lots of chicken for lunch, again didn't have time for breakfast.

Dinner was roast veggies, zucchini, and poached egg.

Did a very late workout, so no pwo meal. It was after midnight!

Today is day 5. Just having breakfast now, again it's late but too busy earlier. Breakfast / lunch is roast lamb with salad and mustard sauce.

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Day 6.


Yesterday I bought another salad with slow-cooked meat of some sort at about 2pm. Then dinner was chicken and vegetables, and I went for a run - kind of late, again. I think this disturbs my sleeping patterns because I could not get to sleep. Should I have eaten after my run perhaps?


This morning - yoga. Breakfast was 2 eggs, spinach, and cherry tomatoes. And a black coffee.


Been managing to stay away form the nuts this week. Last w30 they were calling out to me but not so much this time around. Go me!

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Day 7 was pretty nuts, ate nothing all day but some nuts, ands then chicken curry for dinner.

Obviously not setting myself up for day 8... Because on day 8 I ate crap. Anyway on the positive side I realized that my body really does not agree with dairy and so I'm giving it up. Also sw my doctor today and she agreed my levels are off and has upped my dosage.

I'll be starting again tomorrow.

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