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Double-checking re: timing of reintro


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Hi all, I'll be doing my reintroduction while traveling in Latin America, and am trying to figure out how to time my reintroduction schedule according to what foods will be most available to me.


Is it true that you can do the reintro in whatever order you want? Or is there a specific reason to start with dairy?


I'm anticipating that rice cooked with beans in them, for example, will be on my plate from day one and that veggie options at breakfast may be harder to come by. Alternately, beer may be more prevalent than wine, and I would like to have a few drinks on my vacation, so maybe it makes more sense to start with gluten grains.


Thanks all!


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I don't think the reintroduction order matters, unless you think certain foods might be more likely to derail you from the process.

Reintroduction is a testing phase more than a reintro phase, so if you decide to test 3 things (say gluten, dairy & legumes) you would still be only eating those foods for a total of 1 day out of the 9 days of Reintroduction.  It isn't cumulative.


I think a lot of people seem to leave gluten for last since it seems to be a problem for a lot of people.

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