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Taking Stock at Day 10 - The good news...


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It's so easy to beat myself up for a little too much fruit here, or missing dextrose in sausage there, or the weird sleep patterns. So instead of obsessing about the things that aren't perfect, I'm going to count my Whole30 blessings (and thank the Lord for these glorious gifts):

1. I've lost weight. I haven't weighed but once, though I'm tempted, but I know my clothes are fitting better. Not a huge amount, but enough to notice.

2. I'm getting to eat stuff I haven't allowed myself in YEARS...3-4 eggs at a time, red meat.

3. I don't miss bread all that much. Sugar, yes; my Diet Mtn Dew - DEFINITELY. But don't really miss bread.

4. My gut has stabilized tremendously. I used to have constant problems with bloating and all kinds of other uncomfortable conditions that I won't gross you out with.

5. Shopping is easier. Except when I have to go looking for equipment or ingredients I haven't bought before, I go to the produce section, the meat section, and the egg section. Maybe frozen food if I want some veggies. And that's it.

6. I have started cooking seriously, and I've found that I really enjoy it!

7. I have probably doubled the value of my kitchen gear, LOL...food processor, dehydrator, all kinds of fun stuff.

8. I have "met" a whole bunch of cool, fun people online.

9. I have met some fun, cool people at the Crossfit gym.

10. I am optimistic that things will continue to improve!

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I'm on day 10 too. So far, I can't tell if I've lost any weight. I'm liking the simplicity of it (the food) too. What I miss most is wine and chocolate-but love eating eggs, high quality meat and tons of vegetables! I'm still feeling tired, but I feel a little more adapted to this each day...2/3 complete!

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