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Just made the most delicious breakfast salad!


Put baby spinach leaves in a big bowl.

Cook bacon, set aside. Fry some eggs, set aside.

Pour the hot bacon fat and some balsamic vinegar onto the spinach leaves, toss.

Throw in some chopped red onion, crumble the bacon in, and top with the fried eggs. Even better if the yolks are nice and runny!


I'm enjoying this now with my coffee and a side of roasted butternut squash!!


Breakfast at 1pm. I love Saturdays!!!!

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That looks yummyyyyyyyy.  :wub:   I eat salads for breakfast a lot.  Disclaimer: I live in the tropics and hot food in the morning rarely appeals.  Further disclaimer: all of my life I have been a person who disliked traditional breakfast foods, so Whole30 has given me license to eat dinner at 6:00 a.m.  Woot!

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