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18 days in-WILLPOWER STRONG-Look what I defeated!!!


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First of all I would like to say I am kicking BUTT at this! At 18 days Im already fitting in clothes I havent worn since before my toddler was born. I have been surrounded by pizza, cake, candy, bagels, WINE and all things off limits, and I have not ONCE caved! YAY ME! I cannot wait to see the end results, and I have no desire to go back to my old diet. I will admit, I will be happy to be able to go out to eat without worrying what the chicken is marinated in! LOL


Last weekend I photographed a beautiful wedding for the sweetest couple you could ever meet. The had an intricately, hand decorated hall that was so captivating that you could only stop and stare at it's beauty! Including the 15 feet long CANDY TABLE. Yes, that's right. CANDY TABLE. The entire facility smelled of confectionaries all night long. My mouth was watering! And guess what? I. DID. NOT. TOUCH. A. SINGLE. PIECE! Yup. I rock. :-)


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