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Melliebu Stacey and ATOE Tackle 30 Days!


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Hello hello!


Today, July 29 2013, my fiancé (AToE) and I are starting a W30!


We just moved to beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada, and we are surrounded by the most gorgeous landscape, wonderful people, and we are happy to be laying down our roots together in such a fantastic corner of the world together. We got engaged in February :wub: , and we enjoy doing pretty much everything  together (with our pooch Visa whenever possible, natch!).


This is my third whole thirty. I have come a long way in my relationship with food - I've run the gamut from overweight to eating disordered, and I'm finally to a place in my life where the focus is health, fitness, and being the best possible version of myself. My main personal goal in the next thirty days is to enjoy sourcing, cooking, and eating good food; as well as reaffirming the positive body image I'm working so hard to build by not weighing myself, not counting calories, and not talking negatively to myself! I also want to be extra conscientious during the reintroduction phase, as I have Lupus and need to truly hone in on what foods cause the inflammation in my joints.


AToE  will be tackling his first W30 with me, and I'm so lucky and grateful to have my best friend and partner standing alongside me with this. He doesn't have any major hangups with food; however, is somewhat intimidated by 30 days without drinking! I think he will find the benefits to be huge, and he is looking forward to all the yummy meals coming his way in the next month.


Our major shared goals over the next 30 days are:

1. Quit smoking. Cold turkey. Today is day one, we were both pack-a-day chimneys up until now.
2. Start to find farmers/butchers in our area and begin building good relationships with them!
3. Stick to our workout schedule (we're both  in training for a tough mudder race in early 2014. A is teaching me the weightlifting side of things and I am teaching him how to run!)
4. GET 8 HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT. We're both relatively insomniatic.

5. Spend more time together, cooking, eating, running, lifting, walking the dog... Our dates don't have to consist of dinner, drinks, and cigarettes.


My personal goals are:

1. Feel "reset" after a few months of relatively "bad" eating
2. Feel healthier and happier overall
3. Gain confidence prior to our upcoming vacation
4. Drink more water!

5. Take advantage of the resources surrounding me in my new hometown


I'm also going to be taking plenty of pictures (food, dog, maybe me on occasion haha!) and will be uploading them here. :rolleyes:


No promises that I'll keep this log up daily, but I'll do my best!


MS - out.

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Day 1 - July 29th/13


Sleep: Good, not great. Tossed and turned a lot and had some strange dreams; however, managed to get out of bed with little issue at 8:30 with A. Almost 2 hours later, I'm feeling good and awake!


Meal 1: 1/2 cup sweet potato has browns (cooked in EVOO), 1/2 cup Brussels sprouts steamed then sautéed in coconut oil, 2 eggs over easy (coconut oil) and a couple blueberries.


Meal 2: is going to be a green salad with pulled pork


Meal 3: is going to be marrow bones, caprese salad and roasted acorn squash!


For now, I have some errands to run. Have fabulous Mondays!

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