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  1. Nadia B

    Profile Image Issues

    Sooooo pictures are still not uploading or linking to facebook. Tried 3 different browsers. Mac and PC.
  2. Nadia B

    JUMPED off the wagon :-(

    Haha oh look, I am one step closer to the WWTS status. I am glad that my occasional preaching has some impact. I feel like building a relationship around food is a long process where you can't skip steps (hello criticizing or label reading). So be it, read the heck out of these cheese packs, maybe it it one day and remember why you shouldn't. You have the rest of your life to sort out who you are. It's not like I have it figured out completely but I know where I want to be. Not caring/judging what other people eat, being a diet agnostic of a kind, not scrutinizing my choices, feeling lighthearted about imperfect food situations, being patient and focusing on what makes me feel best. This is true freedom to me. This is also hard work, but that's nothing new, it's the answer to literally anything.
  3. Nadia B

    JUMPED off the wagon :-(

    I am sorry you are struggling. I am going to give you a little speech about our brain. Performing an action creates a path in our brain. Repeating this action deepens this path. Our brain is lazy, it LOVES routine, it loves minimizing the work. Think about it this way - driving in an unknown town without a map vs driving a familiar route, for example to work. You are doing the same thing - driving, in both cases, but first scenario takes effort and focus, whereas second scenario probably means that you can listen to the music and relax. You have driven this road so many times that you can't forget this route if you take a detour one time. Do you see where I am going with my analogy? The more you repeat the right thing for you, the easier it will be to get back to the correct eating habits once it becomes the cozy familiar thing for your brain. What might work: - Analyze every choice. Be super anal about it. Start questioning why do you crave it. Are you bored? Tired? Under slept? Emotional? Scared to stand out with your choices? Write it down if you need to then reflect, you might find a pattern in your eating habits. - Imagine a scale "what do I want NOW" vs "what do I want MOST". I want a cookie now vs I want to feel awesome. Take one situation at a time, don't think about yesterday and tomorrow. Here and now. Big success is always a sum of little victories. - Tip from Melissa (I think I saw it on her instagram) #1. You need to get one clean plate in to get it dirty. Basically, if you want a cookie, you must eat a compliant meal first then have a cookie if you really want it. This will a) fill you up distract you c) provide nutrients because lack of them induces cravings. - Tip from Melissa. "I can have it tomorrow" trick. Delayed gratification works wonders. You promise yourself that you can have it tomorrow if you really want to. "Making the reward abstract and less immediate helps you make a rational, instead of acting on impulsive urges. Second, it allows you time to engage support, refocus on your long-term goals, and create a plan for dealing with temptation. Finally, it strengthens your conviction by giving you small wins, enabling you to see that you are, in fact, the kind of person who can successfully resist temptation". - Have a plan. Always have a plan. BBQ? Bring compliant stuff to fill you up, use the rest allowance for less healthy things. Patio with friends? Mocktails are fabulous. Whole9 blog has awesome recipes. Plan plan plan plan. Little work goes a long way. - Manage stress. ACTIVELY. Aknowledge it and deal with it. Hint - breathing, physical activity and meditation. Good luck, shoot us a message how you are doing.
  4. Nadia B

    Too Much Kombucha?!

    Check the Kombucha Makers thread
  5. Nadia B

    Favorite Cooking Blogs

    Instagram account whole30recipes has guest bloggers with compliant recipes and instructions every day. Pretty good for the days when food boredom strikes.
  6. Nadia B


    These are the most nutritional parts. Eat up! What to do with these weird parts.
  7. Nadia B

    Carbs = Can't Sleep?

    I find the title very misleading Safe starchy carbs are usually a big sleeping aid for many. Your sleep disruption can be caused by several factors - gluten, hard work to digest pizza or dairy on it (did it have cheese on it?). It might have been your anticipation of a reinto consequences or some other ingredient if the pizza wasn't home made. Long story short, get a couple of clean whole30 days and try other form of gluten. Report back
  8. Nadia B

    Frozen fruit usage ideas?

    Peach BBQ sauce I know you said that you are on AIP, so just skip tomato paste and adjust the acidity to your taste. Blueberry Brussel Sprouts or you can add them to the ground meat and make breakfast sausage/patties. As for the mixed berry bag, you can make an awesome dressing for your salads. Blend oil, herbs and balsamic or something like this. I imagine it will go amazing with greens and chicken on a ho day. Last but not least, leave it until the end of whole 30
  9. Nadia B

    Eat all the fats

    You are not helping
  10. While you are trying to solve this crazy puzzle: 1. Ginger + hot water = steep. Watch your belly deflate a little. 2. Do some gentle exercise. Twists are great for this kind of discomfort. Youtube your heart out (bonus: laugh a lot at the video titles featuring the word detox with 99% probability) and do some "organ massaging". Here, I did that for you. 3. I will be the heretic and say that overhydration deludes food and slows down the digestion. Don't drink too much, just enough. Don't drink your water cold. Room temperature to slightly warm water is better (or so nutritionist friend I have keeps telling me). 4. Cook your veggies for now. I know it's better to have something juicy and crunchy in the summer, but hey, your tummy needs some help.
  11. Nadia B

    Cystic Acne

    Chin and jawline acne indicates that your hormonal background is changing. As someone who went through this, I can tell that there are few things you can do at this point: - breathe - wait (screw you Nadia B, what kind of advice is that?) - stop eating nuts or nut butters as these are common skin disturbers - start eating greens, LOADS of them. Liver love much - step up your spices game (cinnamon, tumeric, garlic and ginger are your friends) - try fish oil, maca or bee pollen, they are linked to hormone balancing in a several studies, but it's more anecdotal - sleep and rest will need to be a priority for a bit, don't sacrifice it in lieu for the gym (this might be the toughest and I totally get it) - search on the forum, there are few threads about the same thing. Google+acne+whole30 = win Report back in a week or se, we need to know how are you doing.
  12. Jerky in the oven for the win
  13. Don't forget to stock your drawer with some emergency food unless your sister was very happy about the trip she made and really wants to do it again
  14. Nadia B

    Pre work out eating

    Hey, good for you for trying stuff and reaching out for support. What you do now is similar to digging a tunnel with a spoon. You are getting there, but your arm is fatigued and it's not efficient. You are further than those who don't dig but you are nowhere close to the optimal solution. Before I make a smart face and start giving you advice I will tell you that I can relate to your situation. I workout a lot in the gym that is not an affiliate but has similar class' structure. I lift and do metcons/intervals/sprints on a daily basis. I also tend to be inconcistent on workout nutrition when life gets busy. I also don't like when I don't reach my goals. I am on day 30 of my whole30 #4 and I had just one real goal this round - commit to following the template for athletes (crash course: fat/protein pre and protein/carbs after) every single day. I wanted to finish this round and say - meh, this part is not that important. I am humbled in the major way. To figure out your food game here, you need to decide: 1. What is your goal? Fat loss? Gainz (pardon, couldn't help it)? Fun? Improving your fitness level? These may or may not require a slight variation in your nutrition. 2. Why do you have this reaction to activity in the AM. Can you eat nut butters? I would generally say that it's an evil addictive crack in the jar, but I have been using it pre wo just fine. Nuts have protein and fat. You say you feel full, so I have to ask, how much of a chicken would you eat as a pre-wo bite to feel this uncomfortable? Throwing up story feels horrible and I hope you will find the solution. Some people do indeed find pre unnecessary. I personally hit the wall if I don't eat before. 3. Why are you punishing your body for working so hard. Crazy talk, right? Post WO meal is hard to stomach but really makes a difference. This is where you get stronger and leaner, but most importantly this is what should allow you to kick butt every day and not feel like scheise. You trust the program so trust it 100%. Whole30 guild lines advice that you eat a little after. My most palatable post WO meal is a blend of chicken and plantain baked as a patty, soft and neutral tasting. 4. Do you want to go all out of step by step. You can up your starch at the dinner and do your best in other areas. When you notice an improvement you can focus on being consistent with post WO meals and be consistent again. It's the key (and I wish it wasn't ) Report back, please and thanks. P.S some days will suck regardless, just breathe and foam roll.
  15. Nadia B

    Eggs as part of this program

    Hi Weeble Mom, Eggs are a good nutrient dense food whereas removed food groups are believed to contain harmful inflammatory compounds/less than ideal nutritional profile. Some people may be allergic to eggsor just sensitive to them your friend is correct. If you happen to be one, by all means, remove them from your menu. You will still be doing a whole 30. A lot of people are also sensitive to nuts or nightshades (tomatoes/eggplants/potatoes/bell peppers) but there is no reason to avoid a tomato if you have no reaction to eating it. I guess to answer your question, I'd just say that removing all the potential allergens despite them being a good source of vitamins and fibre from the program would have turned it into the AIP (autoimmune) protocol that would be hardly doable and very frustrating for a lot of people (try avoiding tomatoes eating out, hell, trust me). Does this help a bit?