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Brain Fog: Good News & a Question

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I'm in the middle of my Whole30 and have figured out something HUGE for me. When I eat fruits I don't sleep and I have horrible brain fog the next day. When I don't eat fruits, I don't. :D  I've never been someone who eats a lot of foods with added sugar. But I used to binge on fruits. (I'm not kidding. I could buy a bag of cherries and eat them all. And raisins and other dried fruits were also "favorites.") Why it took the Whole30 challenge for me to figure that out, I don't know. Brain fog has been an enormous problem for me -- really debilitating. So I'm obviously DONE with fruits.


Here's my question for anyone who might know. What was actually happening in my head when I had brain fog? What IS brain fog??



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