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My Day 1 Disaster!

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Ok so yesterday was my 1st day and it sucked! First let me start by saying that I am a sugarholic! I can't wait until I get my next fix. I am 42 yo,135 lbs and really need to change my eating habits since I just allow myself to eat what I crave at any given moment. So I knew this wasn't going to be easy and was prepared for a rocky start. But, here's the problem . . . I have a few things against me as well as far as autoimmune diseases go. I have been diagnosed with Lyme way back in the early 90's, chronic fatigue later on, and most recently fibromyalgia after having back surgery which caused nerve damage. So I decided to follow the autoimmune protocol. I also have digestive issues so I also incorporated the Fodmap plan into the equation and designed a plan that complemented each, eating only the foods that were on both lists and omitting the ones that didn't match up (I have attached the new plan). Well that left me with only half a list to choose from and barely any protein choices since I don't eat red meat, and wasn't allowed the eggs. I went to bed with a throbbing headache (I suppose from having NO sugar the entire day), and wondering if  I was trying to challenge myself too much. So when I woke in the middle of the night I grabbed a handful of almonds (not on the list) and said "the hell with it," I'm just going to follow the main program and eat all of the foods on the list. I feel better today, after having eggs, but I'm not sure if I should eventually complete the autoimmune & Fodmap protocols and when and how to go about it? Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I should add that I also have seasonal and environmental allergies, but we'll save that for another day, lol.

Please help!


ItStartswithFoodShoppingList (1).pdf

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If this is your first go round, I think you're taking on too much at once. It's a lot easier for somebody that has already wrapped their head around all the food choices they have available to them, AND gotten used to preparing them and getting in the habit of being prepared to say, "oh, no more eggs? that's cool. i'll just have X for breakfast." It's a lot harder for first timers to do that. Hell, I've been Paleo is some way shape or form for 4.5 years and I can't fathom breakfast without eggs! I could do it, but I still wouldn't be happy with it. :(


Trying to do all that, while still withdrawing from the sugar fixes? It's not making your life easy at all. I'm sure, "screw this, I'll just have a cupcake" has crossed your mind more than once, huh?


Anyway, I'd start with doing the regular W30, without any (or at least severely limiting) nuts.  Nuts are a big trigger for AI conditions, so limiting them out the gate is probably a good thing. I haven't consciously sought out nuts for...a VERY long time. I don't even miss 'em. They're handy, but often more problematic than they're worth.


If you get to the end of your 30 days and you think that you aren't feeling as good as you think you could be, THEN consider the AIP...but right now, you're already going to see a lot of improvement by cutting the big 4 out (grains, dairy, legumes, sugar), so focus on that. Tweak later as you learn more about this.

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