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Day 2 - Woke up sick - advice?

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Hey guys,


I am on day 2. I woke up at around 3 AM feeling weak, hot and nauseous. I have an upset stomach and have vomited. I was so hot I had an icepack out on my neck, and I turned the air down (unusual as i am cold natured). Now I am fighting between burning up and freezing. I was extremely pale, but after vomiting a little color started to return. It has been a little over an hour. I started feeling a little better. I am drinking water, but now starting to feel a little worse. My body temp was around 97.6, blood pressure is 113/66 and pulse rate was 78 a little after waking. Oh, my eyes seem to be watering and I've had to blow my nose several times . . .weird and probably just random. 


So far I've eaten: 


Day 1 - Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled with a little coconut oil and veggies

             Lunch - boiled egg, guacamole (forgot to prepare lunch and this is what I had on hand)

             Dinner - grassfed beef patty with lettuce, tomato, avocado, olives, onions


Day 2 - Breakfast same as Day 1

            Lunch - grilled chicken salad 

            Dinner - steak, mixed veggies

            Snack - applesauce (all natural - no added anything)


I ate clean for the first 3-4 months of this year with no issue. I have done south beach before with no issue. Could this be related to change in diet or do you guys think it is something else? I am miserable :-(.

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I'm sorry you're so miserable.

It's highly unusual that one day of Whole30 eating would make you so sick (especially where you've eaten clean before with no issues). My hunch is that you've caught a cold or stomach bug (if you're in the US, the latter is showing up in batches around the country).

Do what you need to do to take care of yourself, even if it means going off Whole30 for a bit.  It will be here to return to when you're feeling better.


Take good care.

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I didn't think it was diet related, but I just thought I would check. I am in the US.  I finally got back to sleep for a little bit around 6 this morning. I am trying to make sure I am still drinking water. I have been scared to eat much so far. I did have a banana, and am thinking I may make some broth. I woke up STARVING. So not sure if it was because of sickeness or if it is because I am on Day 3. Just read that tends to happen on Day 3. I want to stay on track if at all possible. I have lots of tea in the cabinet, maybe some mint tea will help do the trick (but I will check to make sure it is whole 30 compliant!). Thanks for your feedback guys. Hope you are feeling better soon Charlene! 

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