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day 25


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i am on day 25 of my 1st whole 30. I have been following everything and haven't slipped up once. Although I haven't really noticed much of a difference except my energy levels are really low. I did expand my food horizons & no longer care about carbs so much. I have been plagued with headaches (even before whole30) and one of the only fixes for them was drinking soda. I am still getting the headaches & wondering if it would be cheating to have a soda once or twice in the next 5 days because I have a lot of important meetings & deadlines coming up for work that I can't miss but I will still stay compliant with everything else. And honestly I don't even know how my body will handle the soda after not drinking it for so long, but the headaches are killing me!


Any help is appreciated.

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I would love for you to find a solution to alleviating your headaches that doesn't involve soda. Are you staying sufficiently hydrated, drinking water in the amount of at least half your body weight in ounces, daily?


As this has been a long term problem, have you tried alternative methods such as a naturopath or acupuncturist?


Maybe post 2-3 days worth of your food log, to see if anyone has more specific feedback for you?


Unfortunately if you did begin to drink soda, it would no longer be a Whole30.

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Thank you for your reply! Here are the past 3 days of meals:


Day 23:


Meal 1: 1 fried egg, 1/2 grapefruit, homemade pork sausage & sautee spinach

Meal 2: coconut chicken, raw carrots & cashew butter, & pineapple

Meal 3: homemade Tilapia curry with green beans & coconut milk with a side of asparagus

Water intake: 5 water bottles (.75 liters)

Snack: lemon larabar


Day 24:


Meal 1: 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 grapefruit, sweet potato "hashbrowns"

Meal 2: homemade tilapia curry with green beans & coconut milk

Meal 3: Turkey burger wrapped in lettuce, broiled asparagus (cooked w/olive oil), sweet potato spears

Snack: carrots & homemade cashew butter (ground cashews with a little coconut oil)

Water intake: 4-5 bottles (.75 liters/bottle)


Day 25:


Meal 1: 1 banana, handful of cashews with coconut flakes & a lemon ara bar

Meal 2: Turkey burger (with carrots & coconut flakes in the meat) wrapped in lettuce, asparagus cooked w/olive oil, spinach sautee

Meal 3: Mahi-Mahi, yellow & green squash sautee in olive oil, coleslaw

Water intake: 5 bottles (.75 liter/bottle)




I have not tried an acupuncturist as I am scared of needles. I did try some herbal remedies but they did not seem to work. i have managed to stay strong so far without drinking soda so I'm hoping to last the next few days...any advice based on my above meals would be great!

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For me, it still sounds like you're eating very few carbs....and not a huge amount of vegies in general (I could be wrong, you could be eating mountains of spinach/asparagus etc)

Your breakfasts sound light in protein (day 25 had none!) - its hard to judge your other meals from the descriptions.

I avoid counting cooking fat, as I don't think much ends up in my mouth...more is left on the pan and the plate I think!

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I wonder if the fruit in your meals is decreasing the amount of vegetables you could be eating?  Aim for 1-2 cups of vegetables per meal. If you're still hungry after you eat veggies, 1-2 palms of protein and a healthy fat, then have your fruit.

Snacks should be a mini-meal including a protein and fat. Neither of the snacks you listed fit that criteria (cashews count as a fat on the Whole30).

Yes, and what amberino21 said: be sure you have 1-2 palms of protein per meal. Here is the meal template: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf

Watch the Larabar consumption: those are for emergency snacks only while on a Whole30.

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