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No Tiger Blood

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Hi -


Well into week three (started a few days before 1 Aug) and still no tiger blood feeling, for me or my husband. What gives??


- We're 100% compliant in foods

- We're working on not grazing and eating three full meals

- We're getting enough recovery between workouts


Only thing is during the week we're having trouble getting to 8 hours, but always getting at least 7. The problem is we can't fall asleep in time... Any thoughts?


Also - we were pretty much paleo before the whole30 too, just not 100% compliant all of the time (rare grains, alochol, etc).


Thanks for your insights :)



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Sometimes people never get tiger blood. It could be due to a variety of factors.

Re: not falling asleep in time, are you stopping eating at least 2-3 hours before you go to bed?  No screens (e.g., TV, smart phone, iPad) 1-2 hours before bed helps too.

You could also post 2-3 days' worth of your food log to see if folks here have more specific suggested tweaks.

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