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Best meal schedule??


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I work out at 6:30pm 3 days a week (and also early on Saturday)


My normal schedule right now:

6:30am - wake up

7am - breakfast

12pm - lunch

4:30pm - snack/small meal (Pre-WO)

6:30pm - work out

8pm - dinner (I get home around 7:45pm)


I know I've read I should be having a Post-WO meal in addition to my dinner...but I really don't want to eat a full meal before working out.  Or would it be better now since I am not eating junk?  I always just felt full and sluggish when trying to eat before workouts pre Whole30.



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It looks like you are skipping a post-workout meal, not a pre-workout meal. Indeed, the food before a workout should be small. It is important to eat a post-workout meal within 15-30 minutes of finishing your workout because your muscles are especially ready to eat in that time frame. When you wait, your muscles do not recover as fast as they would if you fed them. That might be okay with you, but it really does make a difference. I ignored post-workout meals for years until one day I understood what the Hartwigs were talking about and tried it. I really noticed that I felt less sore the day after a workout when I ate protein at the end of a session and did not wait until I got home.

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