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Chicken Thighs


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So, I normally buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I am one who gets pretty grossed out by fat/tendons/bloody spots, etc. on my chicken and end up trimming lots off before I cook it. (I have NO trouble at all with raw ground beef for some reason, but I HATE working with raw chicken!)


I decided to try some chicken thighs, because they're cheaper and I'm reading Well Fed and they use them in the weekly cookup. But I gotta say, there was white fatty stuff all over the thighs it seems, I could trim some off but it's like all throughout and impossible to get it all.


Is that just how chicken thighs are? Will it cook up well and not be all grisly? Any tips?

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Welcome to a world where fat is good and yummy.


For me chicken breast is dried cardboard and thighs are the meat with taste.


Fat = taste.


Try it, you might like it.


I understand that raw it might look weird, just close you eyes, taste them side by side and any meat cooked with fat will taste better than dried out meat.

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buy some free range chicken -- the chicken that is full of antibiotics, and lives it's whole life in a cage where it can hardly move, those are a bit gross in that they aren't that healthy.


maybe you know that on an instinctive level. 


try cooking some thigh with some heathy fat on it, yum 


or buy a whole chicken and roast that -- yum, yum, yum 

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