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2nd W30-, with Hubby on board


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Hi, I did my first W30 in July/ August. I've been off roading for a few weeks while we were on vacation. I wasn't too bad, but I did have uncompliant foods like ice cream for lunch (in my defense, it was REALLY good homemade ice cream).


But it's time to get serious again. My first W30 wasn't perfect. I didn't cheat, but I accidentally had some uncompliant foods. This time I want to eat cleaner, exercise more, and make it worth it. Last time I did the AIP, which was a bit tougher, but I found out that eggs are not for me (at least not every day). I still will not eat nightshades (I have a sensitivity to them) or many FODMAPS (I have IBS/Chrohn's). But I did discover that I can eat things like Bok Choy and Swiss Chard and other stuff when doing my first W30. I can also use more spices not following AIP and that should help.


This time hubby wants to join in. I have serious doubts that he'll do it completely, but if I can break him of his potato chip and hogie roll obsession, I will feel like it's a victory.  He also travels for work a lot, so it's difficult for him to stick to it. What I'm mostly hoping is that he sees how it can work and will incorporate W9 principles into his life.


I am also going to try to log in all my meals daily, so I can look back and see what works and what may not work. Here' is to another W30 and beyond....

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