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Whole ? Taking it one day at a time


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Hi last October I did a whole 30 with my husband. It went great and I learned a lot about my relationship with food. I have been staying gluten, dairy, and mainly sugar free. I have however been lack with food prep, eating 3x a day, and having alcohol on the weekends. I decided this am that it was time again.

I have decided to call it a whole? Mainly because I felt a "pressure" for the day it was and for how much longer I had left etc.

I have decided to take it day by day.

What I hope to get out of this:

- Stop by obsession with the scale. Who care how much I weigh as long as I feel good ( but I would love to lower my body fat and tighten up!)

- eat 3 balanced meals and stop snacking out of boredom.

- get back to doing Sunday food prep so I can have a successful week ahead.

- eat until full and eat more veggies!!

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Monday 9/2 day 1

Coffee: black 1cup
WO: Jillian body revolution wo5

M1: roast chicken/sweet potato mash/chicken bone broth
M2: steak tips/ large garden salad/balsamic vinegar and evoo/couple cubes of cantaloupe
M3: well fed salmon/large spinach salad/cuc/tomato/kalamata olives/balsamic vinegar and evoo

M3 is what I have planned for later salmon has just gone into the marinade.

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So I finished day 1 as planned with the salmon and salad.

Day 2 started with a call from my doctor saying theat my thyroid test cam back high. I have hypothyroidism, and I haven't been feeling great so I guess I am not surprised. She does want to wait and retest it in 6 weeks before we go changing anything. Now I am wondering if I should be following the autoimmune protocol this time around? Oh how I love my spices!!!

Slept great last night: whoo hoo! I am not feeling super hungry today I actually felt like I was forcing myself to eat this am.

I will take it day by day amend see,

Day 2


Coffee black

Wo: JM body revolution wo6

M1 turkey chili with spinach bed

M2 grilled chicken breast garden salad with tomatoe/cuc/olives and balsamic vinegar and evoo

M3: spahethhi squash and meatball from practical paleo cookbook/garden salad with evoo/balsamic

M3 is planned for later. As soon as dinner is over the kitchen is closed for the evening. I go and brush my teeth and don't go back in the kitchen for the rest of the night.

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Day 3


coffee with coconut milk

wo:  yoga travis elliott


m1: turkey chili on spinach bed, 5 crushed pecans on top

walk the dog

m2:  spaghetti squash and meatballs with roasted broccoli

cup of green tea

m3:  chicken/cabbage, apple and onions/sliced tomatoe from the garden/kale 


Dinner is cooking as I write this up.  Felt better today.  I have gotten out of eating breakfast over the last month so eating in the morning the past few days have been hard.  I guess I was trying IF.  I need to get my body use to eating m1!


Energy is a bit better than yesterday.  Feeling good!!

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Today the thought of food made me queasy. It's hard to eat when you feel this way. I wish I liked eggs for breakfast: sometimes the thought of eating a bowl of chili is a mind game!

Coffe black

Wo: JM wo7

M1: turkey chili/spinach bed

M2: cabbage/chicken

M3: beef roast with mushrooms and onion/roasted broccoli

So I put a roast in the crock and let it cook all day: super tough piece of meat! Oh well... Learning!!


This morning I woke up not feeling like I slept we'll. I also have some major pain and cramping in my feet?!?

Gonna ignore it and push through.

I am a bit concerned about the weekend. This is where I always run into trouble....

I need to stay strong

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Haven't checked in here due to taking a break from my cell phone and computers: that was extremely nice! Decided on sat am that I was feeling tied to my phone etc and needed a break. I may try to do that every weekend!

Today is day7. I got up early to do some food prep for the start of the week. I cooked up some veggies some ground pork and apple for breakfast and have a Sunday dinner ready for the crock pot later.

Past 2 nights I have slept fantastic! Ankle/foot cramp is a bit better but still there. it did not wake me up last night though.

Stayed strong Both Friday and Saturday, and feel ready for another week.

Goals for this upcoming week

- try to stay off scale. This is a work in progress.

- wo 5x a week and take dog for a walk daily.

- continue whole? and make sure I am ready for success with food prep and ready to go meals.

- try to get a bit more veggies in at every meal.

- do yoga at least once this week.

-try to figure out if I should go back to school in November or not (for medical billing or medical assisting).

- stay positive and get at least 7 hrs plus a night of sleep.

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Day 7 was successful.  I made a cashew chicken recipe in the slow cooker that was rather tasty, even with some changes to make it whole 30 worthy.  Will be a keeper for sure!


Day 8

coffee black

wo:  TIU arms routine

m1: ground pork with apple/coco cauliflower

walk 2 miles

m2: leftover cashew chicken (had kale in it:  I also added some spinach to it today for some extra greens)

m3:  steak with large garden salad/balsamic vinegar and evoo/sweet potato with ghee  (planned for later today)


Energy is pretty good.  i am just a tad bit tired, but overall feel good.  I feel like the belly bloat is diminishing, and the dull headache from day 2+ has left.  Not craving junk food either!!

I still don't know if I am eating enough food and enough fat?!?  How do you know?  I have never been a big eater, and have always been a calorie counter.....

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Becky:  Thanks for stopping by!  I am not sure what is holding me back.  My husband is on board.  I guess, I am just afraid to start something new (AGAIN) and not like it. 

I work from home now, and it would be a nice change, but it also scares me to death!  :)

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Day 8 finished as I logged it in earlier. I actually felt more satisfied with the sweet pot in my meal 3. It tasted so sweet! I figured I would check in while I wait for my hubby to get home from work. I aam starting to get hungry for meal 3....

Day 9 is going well. It's only Tuesday though: long week!

Coffee black

Wo TIU booty and abs wo

M1: pork and apple/spaghetti squash with ghee

Walk 2 miles

M2: leftover sirloin steak/ 1/2 sweet pot with ghee/sliced tomato

M3: balsamic chicken/carrots/kale salad with sliced almonds (planned to have soon)

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I hear ya about going back to school and starting over. It is scary because its hard I know what the right decision is! I keep changing between social work, special education or human resources. I should wait until after my husband gets out, graduates, and has his own post military career before we pursue my higher education. I already have a degree so hopefully after he gets out we can manage!


Good job and keep going. I reread It Starts With Food as a boost. I recommend it if you need motivation!

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Day 10 WED

Coffee black x2

Wo. Yoga

M1: pork and apple/coco cauliflowe/spaghetti squash with ghee

Walk 2 miles

M2: balsamic chicken/carrots/large kale salad with almond slivers

M3: salmon cake/large garden salad with apples and pecans/balsamic vinegar/evoo

I was super hungry in the afternoon yesterday. Will watch this to see if I need more food. Made the salmon cakes from the book. This is one of my favorite meals. May some extra to have on hand!!

Sleep has been stellar. I am falling asleep super quickly which has always been an issue for me. Waking up withou the alarm clock and have been getting on average 8 hrs a night.

Today, I wasn't feeling my wo so I stopped the DVD and did some stretching instead. My calves and feet have been aching me since the start of the whole30

Trying to listen to my body, instead of abusing it. Off to walk the dog before it gets to hot here today!


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Quick check in:



coffee black

m1: pork and apple/coco cauliflower/squash with ghee

m2:  salmon cakes/kale salad

wlak 2 miles

snack:  larabar SUPER HUNGRY

m3: ground beef/onion/cabbage/kale salad with almonds


So I ended up needing a snack between meal 2 and 3 to hold me over. 


FRIDAY 9/13 DAY 12

coffee black x2

m1: pork with apple/1/2 sweet pot with ghee

walk 1.5 miles

m2: ground beef/onion/cabbage/kale salad with almonds

m3: meatza pie wtih misc veggies on top/garden salad (planned for later)

Feeling less hungry today. 

Just went food shopping to get ready for another week ahead.  I have my menu all planned for next week and will do food prep on Sunday. 

Going to maybe chop my hair tomorrow.  Going to someone new so I am a bit nervous but am wanting/needing a change!!! My husband likes my hair short.....


ALMOST at 1/2 way mark!!

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check out theclothesthatmakesthegirl.com.  I believe the coco cauliflower recipe is on her site.

Her book WELL FED is a must if you plan on sticking with paleo eating.  I think all but one recipe in her book is whole30 approved.  There has not been one thing I haven't liked out of her cookbook.  Well Fed 2 is due out later this fall.


Fridays meals went as planned.  The meatz pie was pretty yummy too.  (another well fed recipe)  No leftovers, so I was lucky I had some extra food made for today.



walk 2miles

coffee black 2x

m1:  sausage/broccoli/onion/pepper with ghee

m2: ground beef/cabbage/onion

m3: grilled salmon/broccoli/garden salad (planned)


Its a beautiful fallish Saturday here.  Been trying to soak up some of this beautiful weather. 

Food prep is on deck for tomorrow morning, and a few errands to prepare for the week ahead.

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Monday 9/16 day 15


1/ way point.  Feeling a bit tired today though (boo!) I am also VERY HUNGRY today!!  Thought I would check in here and hope that this will pass.....


Sunday went as planned.  Up early to do some food prep for the week  eats were as follows:

coffee black x2

m1:  sausage/coco cauliflower

m2: salmon cakes/salad with balsamic and evoo

m3:  roast chicken/ 1/2 sweet pot with ghee/roasted broccoli

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Wo: TIU arms/abs

M1: coffee black/balsamic chicken/carrots/spinach/broccoli

Green tea

M2:drumsticks:2/kale salad

Green tea

M3: seafood chowder/spinach salad with evoo/ balsamic

Had the green tea because I was freezing all day!!! Needed to warm my bones.

Wed 9/18. Day 17

Coffee black

M1: Larabars ( was running late)

M2:balsamic chicken/spinach & carrots

M3: leftover chowder (planned)


Nothing new to report. Plugging away!!

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Day 17 was completed with at meal 4 of avacado stuffed burger and a large garden salad with evoo and balsamic vinegar.  The stuffed burger has avacado, sun dried tomato, and lemon:  was rather tasty!!


Today, I have been running around all day to get some misc stuff done for my husband/work.  It is a gorgeous fall day here, so I am enjoying the time out of the office!


I have been slacking a bit on my wo's this week.  Need to step it up!!


Day 18

cofee black x2

m1: larabar

m2: avacado burger/1/2 sweet pot with ghee/broccoli

m3: stuffed peppers with ground turkey and other misc veggies/gargen salad with balsamic (on the plan)

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Lost track of when I was here last!

Sat day 20

M1coffe black/balsamic chicken/coco cauli


M2 burger bunless/salad

M3 blackened salmon/garden salad with veggies

Did some food prep to get the week started. Made some pork and apple for meal 1. I have had a hard time getting down chicken! Roasted some broccoli and made some sweet pots and squash to mix up the veggies a bit more too.

Making eggplant and pork from well fed ( forgot the name of the recipe). Looks yummy. Think I will cut up some cakes and tomatoes from the garden for a side.

Weekend flew by .....

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