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I've recently been struggling with restaurant servers. Here's how the exchange goes:

Me: I'd like a cup of decaf, please.

Server: We don't have any made; I'll have to make some. Do you want me to do that?

Me (feeling mind boggled): Well, yes.

I don't understand why this is okay. I'm waiting for a server to tell me that she doesn't have my steak cooked and do I really want one cooked? I waited tables for several years at a nice restaurant (but equivalent to the caliber of restaurants where I've experienced this exchange) and that would *never* have been an okay thing to say to a patron.

It does effect the tip I leave (and since I have waited tables, I generally try to tip generously and look past minor mistakes).

Just a decaf frustration.

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Maybe they're used to people not wanting to wait? I've been a decaf drinker for a long time, and usually when someone asks me something like that it had a "it'll take a while, are you sure you want to wait" type of phrase attached to it, so I wouldn't get mad at them for not appearing immediately with it.

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