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Egg ideas for recipes/freezing/casseroles?


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Hi Fellow Healthy Eaters...


I have a wonderful problem, the Cage Free Eggs at the store yesterday were on "clearance". $.52 a dozen, so yeah I bought 8 cartoons because $4, right? But now I would love a few ideas with what to do with them. The sale was because the best use date is this weekend (2 days away). I am making  Paleo Hungry Man casserole tonight (Sweet Potatoes, meat, onions, with eggs poured over top). http://paleopot.com/2012/02/hungry-man-sweet-potato-casserole/ If we like it I can make more and freeze it, it takes 8-10 eggs. My hubbie and I eat about 6 eggs a day and I will be feeding more to the kiddos for sure these next few days but....


How long would you use cage free eggs after the best use date?

Anyone have any egg recipes that freeze and reheat well?


Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to chime in...


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If you stir them up first (outside the shell) they can be frozen, then thawed when you are ready and beaten into any dish that calls for them. http://whatscookingamerica.net/Eggs/FreezingEgg.htm


My CSA farmer revealed that even when the eggs "expire" in the store, they are sent out to be repackaged with a new date. They actually last quite a long time.


Some swear by the trick of floating an egg -- if it floats, it's past its prime. Though not necessarily "rotten".

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